Knowing Bonito in 3 days is possible? Discover where to go and what to do on a quick trip through the Brazilian ecotourism capital

"Beautiful It was beautiful when you arrived.” It is in this warm way that the City, located southwest of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, welcomes your visitors. A world center of tourism, among its beauties, the blue water lagoons, the transparent water rivers, the wealth of fauna and flora, caves, caves and waterfalls stand out.

We have planned 3 unmissable days to spend in Beautiful, one of the cities with the largest number of natural attractions in Brazil and a highly preserved ecosystem. The destinations include a lot of nature, trails and fascinating beaches, in addition to all the infrastructure that the region offers.

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Tours can be taken with the São Jorge agency, which offers private services and bilingual guides that will give you full time support.

On the first day, you will enjoy a tour through the Rio da Prata, which is reached by means of a trail in the middle of the forest, passing through a natural reserve with rich fauna and flora where it is possible to see different types of vegetation and, who knows, find a diversity of species of native animals . The river has a pool of crystalline water along which it is possible to dive and float, be carried by the currents of the waters and have contact with an entire underwater universe, with fish, schools, aquatic plants and even snakes.

Another attraction is the Buraco das Araras, a walk around an incredible geological formation, a cavity that was formed through the collapse of rocky blocks that can be observed through viewpoints. At the bottom of the 100 m deep hole there is a greenish water lagoon surrounded by forest that shelters alligators, more than 150 species of birds, including scarlet macaws and toucans, and several mammals. The site was only discovered in 1912 by a group of men who worked in the surroundings, it was the scene of several stories of death in the region, coming to be known as “open-air cemetery”, and a place of depredation and abandonment.

River of silver. Photo: Luciana Perez

Macaws Hole. Photo: Christian Malevic

On the second day, one of the tours is through the postcard of Beautiful: the Blue Lake Grotto. It is so known because the lake water is so transparent that it is blue. It is not possible to enter the lake, as its preservation is related to the existence of fossils and the habitation of a prehistoric crustacean, but the arrival to the cave has an exuberant landscape and the descent of a steep staircase with 300 steps.

The second adventure of the day is in the Boca da Onça complex, a mix of ecosystems that has a trail of about 5 km that gives access to breathtaking waterfalls. The walk takes place in the midst of preserved forest, with natural pools and waterfalls along the way to the Boca da Onça waterfall, the highest waterfall in the world. Mato Grosso do Sul.

The attractions are located inside a farm in the city of Bodoquena. There is a shuttle that leaves from Beautiful, but it is possible to contact a tour company.

Blue Grotto. Photo: Jorge Pena

Boca da Onça Complex. Photo: Tristan Blakers

The third and last day reserves the Lagoa Misteriosa, in the city of Jardim, 1 hour from Beautiful. It is more of an isolated place in the midst of nature, with crystalline waters of different shades of blue and with unknown depth. There it is possible to hike, float and scuba dive. The site was closed for 6 years due to the lack of ecological guidelines for local preservation, but since 2011 it has been in operation.

Finally, the Sucuri River, located on a farm, is named for its shape when seen from above and for harboring some anacondas. The site also has impressively vast fauna and is rich in fish diversity. The transparent waters, considered several times the clearest in the world, favor the practice of floating and diving, and the descent can be done by boat.

Mysterious Lagoon. Photo: Pedro Coser

Sucuri River. Photo: Rodrigo Holanda

To stay close to the most coveted natural attractions in Bonito, a cozy option is the Pousada São Jorge. The accommodation is located in the city center and has easy access to bars, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations.

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