True paradises on the northeast coast, these 3 natural pools to visit near João Pessoa will make you fall in love with Paraíba and want to come back more often. 

It is undeniable that the northeast coast it is full of paradisiacal settings that leave nothing to be desired for the most famous international beach destinations. And among these amazing places to visit, we want to tell you about 3 natural pools to visit and fall in love with Paraíba.

At Seixas natural pools, Picãozinho and Bessa are excellent options for day trips to do from the state capital, João Pessoa. situated between Coral reefs, the natural pools have crystal clear waters full of colorful fish and are perfect for those who enjoy diving, whether diving or snorkeling.

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Do you want to know how to know these unmissable paradises in Paraíba? So, keep reading this post and find out how to get to the natural pools, when to visit them and what to expect from each one.

Natural pools to visit in Paraíba

The 130 km of the coast of Paraíba hold incredible places that are often outside the most famous tourist itineraries. An example are the Seixas natural pools, Picãozinho and Bessa. Located close to the coast, they are great tour options for those visiting Paraíba.

They are so beautiful that they are compared to the Caribbean and are surprising both for the transparency of their waters and for the marine diversity that inhabits their reefs. Find out below the particularities of each of them and find out how and when to visit them. It is even worth putting together a script that includes these 3 natural pools when visiting Paraíba.

Seixas Natural Pools

natural pools paraiba

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With crystal clear waters in shades of blue and green, the Seixas natural pools are one of the unmissable paradises of Paraíba. Formed among corals a few kilometers offshore from Praia da Penha, they are considered one of the most Caribbean-like places here in Brazil.

Largest coral pools on the coast of Paraíba, in them you can observe various types of colorful fish when diving with a scuba or snorkeling – surface diving. The water depth in natural pools ranges from 1 to 3 meters during low tide. And the best: as the waters of the paraibano coast they are always warm and the weather is pleasant, the natural pools of Seixas can be visited at any time of the year.

To reach them, it is necessary to hire a speedboat or catamaran. The journey is very quick: by speedboat it takes 2 minutes and by catamaran, 15 minutes. But it is important to pay attention to the tide table to visit the Seixas natural pools. This is because the tour is only possible during low tide.

Generally, the boats remain moored for three hours in the natural pools, allowing tourists to enjoy the tour. If you want to stay for less time, the tip is to hire a speedboat to visit them, as they have more flexibility in round-trip times.

Tours to the natural pools of Seixas are hired at Praia da Penha and, to guarantee your spot on the boats, especially in high season, it is worth booking a day in advance.


natural pools to visit in paraíba

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The crystalline and warm waters of the natural pools of Picãozinho make it one of the most beautiful places to visit on the Brazilian coast. Formed on a large reef, they are full of colorful fish and great for snorkeling.

To visit them, it is necessary to hire a boat trip on Praia de Tambaú, at the Association of Tourist Boat Owners of Paraíba (Apetep). It is worth booking the tour in advance, as there is a limited number of visitors who can head to the natural pools per day.

The journey into the sea, of about 1.5 km, takes around 15 minutes and the boats usually stay moored for 3 hours in the natural pools of Picãozinho. You can visit them by catamaran and speedboat.

As well as the natural pools of Seixas, the Picãozinho region can be visited all year round, due to the always pleasant climate and the good temperature of the waters of the coast of Paraíba. But, equally, the visit to the natural pools takes place only during low tide.

the tour at Picãozinho natural pools is one of the most traditional in Paraíba and is a great option both for those traveling with family and for those traveling alone or with friends.

Bessa Natural Pools

Seixa's natural pools

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Also known as Caribessa, the natural pools of Bessa are 900 meters from the north shore of João Pessoa. Located in the middle of a coral formation, they have warm and crystalline waters, in shades of green and blue. Full of colorful fish, the natural pools are excellent for diving, whether diving or snorkeling.

The setting is paradisiacal and, due to the proximity to the beach, the place is a great option for a family outing. The natural pools can be visited by boat or kayak. Generally, the tours last from 2h to 2h30 and take place only during low tide.

Another advantage of the location close to the beach is the structure offered to visitors. Bessa beach has some kiosks and tents and many leisure options, such as kayak rental and stand-up paddle and diving equipment.

In addition, the beach is beautiful, with an extensive strip of white sand and clear and calm waters. Situated in a residential neighborhood, it is quieter than other urban beaches of João Pessoa and the values of accommodation and services are usually more attractive than in other more famous spots in the region.

Liked our tips on these 3 natural pools to visit and fall in love with Paraíba? If it was difficult to choose which one to visit first, don't worry, as they are close, it is perfectly possible to visit all of them in a single trip.

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