Time to gather family and friends to celebrate the holidays and the year gone by, Christmas and New Year's are great reasons to pack your bags and enjoy the long holiday in some paradise. For those who have not yet planned the trip, we have selected 30 destinations to enjoy the New Year in style. Whether jumping 7 waves on a popular beach or enjoying the scenery with your family in the mountains, enjoy the summer to discover the beauties of our country. Check out:

Big Island (RJ)


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Lawn (LOL)

christmas light on lawn

Embaú Guard (SC)


Florianopolis (SC)


Boipeba (BA)


Christmas (RN)


Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Rio de Janeiro

Campos do Jordão (SP)


Beautiful island (SP)


Búzios (RJ)


Port of Chickens (FOOT)


trancoso (BA)


Maceió (AL)


Camboriú Bathhouse (SC)


islets (BA)

end of year trips

Cable camp (RJ)

end of year destinations

Strength (EC)

destination for the end of the year

Kite (RN)


safe harbor (BA)


Jericoacoara (EC)

trips to do at christmas

Angra dos Reis (RJ)


Maraú Peninsula (BA)

Taipus de Fora Beach Natural Pools

savior (BA)


Aracaju (SE)


Beautiful (MS)


Itacare (BA)


Cambará do Sul (LOL)


salty sea (SP)


Guarapari (ES)

end of year destinations

Praia do Rosa (SC)

end of year destinations


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