Brazilian cities with German heritage: You don't have to go far to feel like you're in one of the most charming countries in Europe

At the beginning of the 19th century, shortly after the independence of the Brazil, the then Brazilian Empire promoted an immigration process to populate the southern region of the country, since Brazilians would not be able to take care of the region alone. It was then that German immigrants began to land in Brazilian lands. They arrived in Rio Grande do Sul at first, and then spread throughout the south of the country.

These immigrants brought only their workforce and their culture, so in order to survive in an unknown land, they created communities that perpetuated German customs to this day. Here we bring you a list for those who want to feel the German air but do not intend to go that far.

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Blumenau – Santa Catarina

With strong traces of German colonization, blumenau it is known for its gastronomy as well as its architecture. Buildings with half-timbered architecture are common. The host city of the Eisenbahn beer in Brazil it also hosts the Brazilian version of Oktorberfest, a famous German festival that takes place in October. The festival is held in Vila Germânica, which is open every year, where you can find craft beers and typical German foods, such as pork knee and chops and duck stuffed with applesauce.

Photo: Vinicius Vini

Photo: Antonio Carlos Bohnke

Photo: via Flickr – andrepfu

Nova Petrópolis – Rio Grande do Sul

Because of the lack of schools at the time when German immigrants arrived in the region of the city of Nova Petrópolis, the teaching centers, created by the immigrants themselves, taught the German culture and language, making the city today a true den of Germanic culture. The Parque Aldeia do Imigrante is an example of this. Built in 1974, all in half-timbered architecture*, the park is made up of Aldeia Bávara, where you can find handicraft stores and colonial products, a ballroom and knitwear stores, in addition to craft breweries that serve craft beer and draft beer and typical dishes. Germans.

Photo: Bruna Antunes Follow

Photo: Thiago Marra

Photo: Francisco Aragão

Domingos Martins – Espírito Santo

Escaping the sun and the beaches of the coast of Espírito Santo, in the mountainous region of the state we find a city colonized by Germans and Italians that is a charm. The city of Domingos Martins preserves European culture in gastronomy, architecture and folkloric parties. Not satisfied with the European charm, in the region of the Pedra Azul district it is also possible to find natural pools, waterfalls, trails and places to practice abseiling, buoy-cross and rafting.

Photo: Marina Machado Vieira

Photo: Marina Machado Vieira

Photo: Roberto Sarti

Pomerode – Santa Catarina

Known as "the most german city in brazil” by the large flow of German immigrants who went there, Pomerode preserves cultural traits of its settlers such as the bands that play typical immigrant marches, choirs interpreting German songs, folk groups that interpret with their costumes and choreographies of the immigrants' dances. In January, there is, annually, the Pomeranian Festival in which folkloric dance presentations are organized with traditional bands and the typical German cuisine is always present.

Photo: Fernando Knebel

Photo: Eliane Oliveira

Photo: Eliane Oliveira

* Half-timbered architecture, is a construction that consists of walls assembled with wooden rods fitted together, in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions, the spaces between them are filled with stones or bricks, typical of German culture.

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