Planning a trip to the capital of Ceará? Discover incredible attractions to discover in a 4-day itinerary in Fortaleza

Strength is one of the most exciting capitals to visit in Brazil. There is no way not to get involved by the cosmopolitan and at the same time peaceful atmosphere of the city, which stands out for the natural and cultural beauties that appear in its streets and avenues.

The capital where the sun shines practically all year round has numerous attractions, as perfect places for shopping, great restaurants, beautiful beaches, a wide and prepared hotel chain, in addition to a friendly and hospitable people. Check out a 4 days itinerary to like the best of Fortaleza, including tips that deviate from the conventional tourist routes.

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Itinerary in Fortaleza – Day 1

the first day in Strength can be booked to get to know the main attractions of the central region of the city, such as the traditional Fortaleza Central Market, which brings together almost 600 stores full of handicrafts and typical products at very interesting prices.

Very close to the Central Market are also Our Lady of Assumption Fortress, the imposing Metropolitan Cathedral it's the Public ride, the most beautiful square in the city. the old Public Chain (EMCETUR) today its cells are occupied by small shops, a second option for those who want to guarantee souvenirs and handcrafted products.

Fortaleza Central Market. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Finally, be sure to check out the Dragon of the Sea Cultural Center, one of the most famous tourist spots in the city that brings together cultural attractions such as theater, cinema, space for musical performances and where the Planetary, The Museum of Contemporary Art it's the Ceará Culture Museum. In the late afternoon, the space is ideal for enjoying a bohemian and artistic atmosphere in some of its restaurants and cafes.

Dragon of the Sea Cultural Center. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Want to enjoy a traditional night in Strength? THE Pirate Bar It is especially hot on Mondays (it is worth adjusting the script to include this attraction on this specific day of the week), where forró goes wild, as well as a typical northeastern square dance that gets everyone dancing. The atmosphere is very charming, relaxed and in front of the Iracema Beach.

Itinerary in Fortaleza – Day 2

Our suggestion for the second day in  Strength a little away from the conventional tourist routes, but it is perfect for those who love history, nature and coffee. Less than three hours from the capital of Ceará, in the heart of the hinterland, there is an oasis full of green and mild temperatures known as Baturité Massif. 

It is there that old houses and centenary farms are hidden that open their doors to tourists, a project known as Green Coffee Route. A tip is to follow the trail carried out by the  Aguas Finas Site, which since 1939 has been improving its coffee production and today produces the Coffee maned.

Trail in Águas Finas Site Photo: Guia Viajar Melhor

The coffee is planted next to the native forest of the region, free of pesticides. During the walk, of approximately 1500 meters, there is no lack of hospitality and contact with nature.

4 days itinerary in Fortaleza

Sítio São Luís, in Serra de Baturité/CE. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Continuing the tour, pay a visit to the São Luís site, a legitimate colonial mansion, the result of the heyday of coffee in the region, which is maintained by the same family to this day.

Stories of the coffee cultivation tradition are revealed while the visitor is inserted into the historical context of the time. The tour offers, in addition to the information and incredible architecture of the charming place, an afternoon coffee with cake, homemade bread and fresh ricotta, all produced right there, in the best “grandma's house” style.

Itinerary in Fortaleza – Day 3

There is no way to go to Fortaleza and not go to the beach. Book the third day to discover three of the most beautiful in the region: broken Canoe, Praia das Fontes and the Morro Branco beach. The rustic look and beauty of broken Canoe, just over two hours from Strength, always surprise those who visit it for the first time.

Despite the hippie atmosphere, broken Canoe reserves kiosks with an incredible structure, such as the Arrive More Beach which offers swimming pools, lounge, shop, in addition to delicious meals and snacks. A buggy ride through the dunes is a must to enjoy the incredible scenery from above and even make a special stop to venture out on a zip line.

Structure of Chega Mais Beach in Canoa Quebrada. Photo: Better Travel Guide

next to broken Canoe is at Praia das Fontes, which brings together a set of colorful cliffs and freshwater lakes perfect for relaxing and enjoying true moments of peace. already the Morro Branco beach reserves dunes, impressive cliffs and handicraft shops, in addition to allowing an incredible buggy ride that travels through the natural beauties of the scenario. There is no way not to spend hours admiring these beaches of unique beauty.

4 days itinerary in Fortaleza

Praia do Morro Branco. Photo: Better Travel Guide

When returning to Strength, an unmissable tip of attraction to enjoy at night is the musical Ceará Show, which is permanently on display in the city. The production is exciting and rescues Ceará's popular culture through music, dance and incredible performances.

4 days itinerary in Fortaleza

Musical Ceará Show. Photo: Disclosure

Itinerary in Fortaleza – Day 4

on the last day in Strength, be sure to visit one of Ceará's main attractions, the Beach Park. located in the city of aquiraz, just 26 km from the capital Strength, is the largest water park in the Latin America. There is no lack of fun in this complex with 20 attractions divided between family, moderate and extreme.

THE Insane, one of the most popular rides for those who enjoy adrenaline, it has a free fall descent that can reach up to 105km/h. already the Aqua Circus It is one of the favorite toys among children and features a playful space with a seesaw, swing and slide, all with lots of water and fun.

4 days itinerary in Fortaleza

4 days itinerary in Fortaleza. Beach Park. Photo: Disclosure

In addition to enjoying the park's activities, visitors can enjoy a good structure of restaurants, lounges, the beach and even stay at the resort that is inside the park. There's nothing like spending your energy with lots of dives and butterflies in your stomach on your last day enjoying the beauties of the Ceará. 

Where to eat well in Fortaleza?


Fully Future beach, one of the most popular of Strength, The Crocobeach escapes the simplicity of beach kiosks and presents a super structure. There are swimming pools, bars, restaurant, bungalows and the famous crab, a typical snack from the region that is present at happy hours. During the night, humor and forró shows enliven the public.

Crab at Crocobeach. Photo: Disclosure

Coconut Bamboo Beira Mar

On the edge of Fortaleza, the coconut bamboo maintains a charming and rustic atmosphere, with live music and a wide variety of seafood dishes. A good request is the mediterranean shrimp, which takes creamy rice, sautéed shrimp and potato straw.

Where to stay in Fortaleza?

Strength It has a wide hotel network both in its urban perimeter and in nearby beaches and cities, which also offer good stays, comfort and luxury. There are options for tastes and pockets.

Holiday Inn

THE Holiday Inn It is located right in front of Praia de Iracema, one of the most beautiful in the city. With an impeccable structure, swimming pool, comfortable rooms and various services available, the unit has all its 273 apartments overlooking the sea.

Holiday Inn in Fortaleza. Photo: Disclosure.

Hotel Parque das Fontes

THE Hotel Parque das Fontes  is located in Beberibe, about 85 km from Fortaleza. It is an ideal complex for those who want to have fun with the whole family and has all-inclusive restaurants, pet space, swimming pools, lake, indoor tennis court, sea views and a very complete Water Park for a lot of fun.

Hotel Parque das Fontes. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Dom Pedro Laguna

One of the most luxurious and exclusive resorts in Brazil is located on the east coast of Ceará, 45 km from Fortaleza. Located on the seafront of Marambaia beach, the Dom Pedro Laguna exudes sophistication with luxurious accommodations, a swimming pool and the only 18-hole golf course in Ceará.

Dom Pedro Laguna Resort, located on the Riviera de Aquiraz. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Transport in Fortaleza

Strength, like any big city, tends to have slow traffic on its main avenues, especially during peak hours. Depending on the location of your accommodation, some possibilities of attractions can be seen on a walk.

Public transport in the city is very cheap and there are buses at several points, but the long journeys and the interaction terminals can be of little benefit for those who are on a tight schedule. One tip is to rent a car or hire a transfer service with agencies that operate in the capital and take tourists to the main attractions. One tip is the receptive Ernanitur which offers several possibilities for tours with great comfort and guides in the region.

4 days itinerary in Fortaleza. Strength. Photo: Disclosure

And you, have more tips to include in this script by Strength? Share with us!

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