The benefits of being immersed in nature are diverse, here are some reasons to “disconnect” for a few days and live better

You must have already noticed how travel Being close to nature has the power to renew our energies, calm us down and bring a comfort different from that found in big cities. As much as we try to distance ourselves from it, we are connected in some way or another with something divine and extraordinary. We are part of something bigger and we are connected with mother nature in different ways.

Although this feeling of comfort is undeniable, it can seem difficult to explain what a few days immersed in nature can do for us. A bath in the sea can be refreshing, as can a cold bath in a waterfall, a hike in the mountains or in the forest.

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Sleeping for a few days at a campsite, listening to the sound of the ocean waves or contemplating the beauty of animals and stars, are just some of the ways we admire the world we are in. The benefits of this are diverse, and recently, some studies have shown how this time away from cities can be enriching for our body, mind and soul.

With these benefits in mind, the blog separated three different studies that show how contact with nature can be the solution to many of our problems and concerns. See what these studies say and schedule a few days to renew your energies.

Spending a few days in nature can make you more creative. Photo: Cameron Vaughan / Unsplash

Traveling to nature can make you more creative

According to studies carried out by psychology professors at University of Kansas and gives University of Utah, both of us U.S, spending a few days in contact with nature can be beneficial, even to improve your creativity and reasoning.

The research was done with participants who took a 4-day nature trail and were prohibited from using any type of technology. The result is impressive: after the trip, the participants were invited to create tasks that require creativity, solving complex and real problems.

The study found that direct contact with nature for 4 days considerably increased the performance of reasoning and creativity, reaching an improvement of 50% in the capacity of those involved. This study was carried out by teachers Ruth Ann Atchley and David L. Strayer. see the article complete originally published in English.

Conclusion: according to the research, this improvement is achieved, as we stop overloading our cognitive functions, avoiding an excess of distractions. While we are in our routine, the noise pollution of urban areas and the excess of activities make it difficult for us to think calmly and creatively. All the time different factors draw our attention, hindering the ability to reason calmly.

Immersed in nature, our ideas can flow in a different way. Photo: Patrick Hendry/Unsplash

Traveling to nature makes you calmer

Another similar study, published in Hindawi, made by a group of scientists of different nationalities, reaffirms the theory presented in the previous research. About 48 Japanese youths voluntarily participated in the test, which involved hiking in the forest in different places.

According to the research, the data collected indicated that walking in the middle of nature guarantees positive influences on our body, scientifically proven. One of the points detected was the cardiovascular relaxation of all participants, considerably increasing the feeling of calm and well-being in a unanimous way. Check out the full study here Publication (also in English).

Being in nature can make you less stressed. Photo: Austin Ban/ Unsplash

clear your mind

the third and last study, carried out by Stanford University, in California, has proven that spending time in contact with nature can have far more health benefits than we realize. The study found that being close to natural environments, such as hiking or camping, can reduce negative thoughts, which can help clear the mind, bringing a different calm.

If you're feeling stressed or with unusual anxiety, taking a few days to look at yourself can be the solution to a better, more productive and lighter life. Did you like these tips? Share with your friends and enjoy what nature has to offer.

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