Discover 4 carpooling app options for shared travel, for those who want to travel and save

With the advancement of technology, new travelers have been creating digital platforms that help other backpackers to travel spending less, an experience that in addition to helping the pocket, reducing travel costs, helps the environment with car sharing, adopting a sustainable attitude. as well as cultivating new friendships.

The idea of these applications is to connect people who take a car trip and want to offer the vacant spaces inside the vehicle, and they work in the following way: the traveler enters the route he wants to take, time and day, sending this information to other users who are doing it. the same way.

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The application also allows you to see a list of available offers, opening up a range of route possibilities. Check out some Apps and start planning your next trip:

Bla Bla Car

Startup created in 2006 in France and dominates the European market. According to information on the website itself, more than 20 million members have already joined the platform. Brazil is in the 20th country that most uses Bla Bla Car.

travel ride apps

Travel ride apps. Photo: Disclosure

Free – Android – iOS


The application was created in Israel and arrived on Brazilian soil in 2014, on Wego, the user can pay with a credit card and see if they have any friends in common with the people who offer rides.

Travel ride apps

Travel ride apps. Photo: Disclosure

Free – Android


The system is Brazilian and the user earns miles by giving a ride, being able to exchange them for products and services. Its advantage is the real-time location that allows you to see if your ride is already arriving or not.

Travel ride apps

Travel ride apps. Photo: Disclosure

Free – Android – iOS


The application already has a database with more than 200,000 drivers who offer carpooling, sharing costs, routes and experiences.


Free – Android

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