Discover four well-located hostel options to make the most of your trip to Rio de Janeiro

Bohemian neighborhoods, beaches full of activities and well-located hostels close to the main tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro It's everything you need to enjoy your trip even more. But you still haven't decided where to stay? Choosing a strategic accommodation, with easy access to the beaches and the subway, can bring greater savings, security and convenience to your stay in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Certainly, most of the attractions are concentrated near the south zone, in the center or in its surroundings. It is in this region that most tourists choose to stay. Beaches like Copacabana, ipanema and Botafogo are the most requested by travelers arriving in Rio de Janeiro.

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As it is the most touristy area of the city, the police are more active, guaranteeing a safer place for Brazilians and foreigners who chose the Rio de Janeiro as a vacation destination. In addition, most events, nightclubs, bars and restaurants are also located in these surroundings. That is, just walk a little along the edge of ipanema and Copacabana to see the multitude of hotels and hostels that the most touristic city in Brazil offers.


Find hostels in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Wikipedia

Despite the wide range of hotels, the advantage of staying in hostels in Rio de Janeiro is great, in addition to the economy that these accommodations allow, this is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world, make new friends and find the ideal company to enjoy the parties, trails, tours and beaches in Rio. Therefore, we decided to help you when planning your vacation. We separate four hostels well located in the Rio de Janeiro that serve different profiles of travelers.

El Misti Ipanema

Located less than 200 meters from the beach most desired by tourists, the unit El Misti Ipanema it is extremely modern, with options for shared or private rooms. Few hostels in Ipanema offer single rooms in a very relaxed atmosphere. Becoming an interesting differential for those who want to have more privacy at bedtime, but do not give up meeting new people and enjoying a well-located accommodation with affordable prices for all audiences.

Just a few meters from the beach, the hostel El Misti Ipanema it is also close to the Nossa Senhora da Paz subway station, surrounded by bars, restaurants, markets, pharmacies and fast food chains. Furthermore, ipanema is considered one of the best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro, as it is between Copacabana and Leblon. In fact, other points of interest for tourists and mandatory stops for anyone visiting the city.


See tips for hostels in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Assy/Pixabay

Where it is?
R. Joana Angelica, 44 – Ipanema
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El Misti House

Another well-located hostel option in Rio de Janeiro is the El Misti House, located in the heart of Copacabana, one of the main neighborhoods in Rio. This unit is close to the Siqueira Campos subway and just three blocks away from the beach, where there are kiosks on the seafront perfect for taking a dip, meeting friends, enjoying snacks, drinks, cold beer and chatting in the air. free. If you are looking for a lively hostel, with parties and an inviting structure, you will certainly feel at home in this unit of the chain. El Misti Hostels.

Surprisingly, the hostel was designed in a large house, with common areas that become an invitation for those who want to relax before and after the tours. Enjoy your stay and enjoy the parties that take place in the hostel itself and in its surroundings. THE staff is super lively and loves to receive travelers from all over the world who want to share the best of Rio de Janeiro: the carioca spirit and its unique way of enjoying life.


Hostels in Copacabana, safe and well located. Photo: Wikipedia

Where it is?
R. Silva Castro, 49 – Copacabana
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El Misti Rio

In a three-story building, the El Misti Rio is one of the largest hostels in the chain, offering large rooms that can be shared or private. On the top floor, a terrace makes the roof an excellent space for guests to socialize, ideal for organizing the next day's outings and fraternizing with other tourists.

It concentrates travelers from all over the world who love parties and organize themselves to go on tours, tours, go to the beach and other activities around the city. After all, enjoying the nights in Lapa, the parties in Ipanema and Copacabana beach are just some of the attractions that await you on this trip. Still haven't chosen where to stay in Rio de Janeiro? This hostel in Copacabana, in front of the Siqueira Campos subway, may be your best option!


Hostels near the beaches of Rio de Janeiro

Where it is?
R. Tonelero, 197 – Copacabana
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El Misti Suites

For those who prefer to stay in a private room, but want to travel on a budget, the El Misti Suites might be the right unit. It is also located in Copacabana, that is, you will be staying in one of the best neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, close to different shops and subway stations in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

This unit has only five private rooms, two of which are suites. Certainly, the structure is simpler than the others. However, it can be a budget accommodation option if you want a modest accommodation, but don't give up being in a good location.

Where it is?
R. July 5th, 17th – Copacabana
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