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There are so many attractions, that selecting at least 5 of them is not an easy task. Highlighted as the main ecotourism destination in Brazil, Beautiful, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is one of those perfect destinations for family trips or groups of friends. No cliché! This is one of those trips that you make already thinking about returning. The region is a true sanctuary of exuberant natural beauty. The cradle of the waters mixed with the preserved life of the Pantanal region provides visits to waterfalls, spas, trails and dives in natural aquariums full of life.

natural aquarium

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Bonito is known worldwide for the variety of activities aimed at ecotourism and for its diving spots in fully preserved natural aquariums. The tours please visitors of all ages who seek to relax in its fresh and clear waters. At the Natural Aquarium, formed by the Baía Bonita river, the visitor is guided on a tour to discover one of the main postcards of the city in a fun-filled dive, with the right to observe animals in a landscape that forms a natural aquarium created by nature. .

Diving in Bonito. Photo via: Andarilho da Luz

Mysterious Lagoon

Lagoa Misteriosa is another unmissable spot for those looking to dive in one of the most crystalline waters in Brazil. In the municipality of Jardim, very close to Bonito, a kind of deep blue well allows for a surprising walk in an almost wild setting. Diving can be done with a snorkel or with scuba gear that makes it possible to reach greater depths during the tour. See the video:

Sucuri River Float

We've already talked about the Floating on the Sucuri River, a true natural aquarium with crystal clear waters full of aquatic life. During the float, the visitor explores the preserved beauties of Bonito, in an itinerary that begins with a walk to a viewpoint and then goes on to a visit to the source of the Sucuri River for diving. The route covered is approximately 1,900 meters floating in these clear waters in the midst of nature. See the video:

Macaws Hole

Suitable for the whole family, the trail to Buraco das Araras is a walk for contemplation of animals and observation of local nature in its true essence. In addition to the Macaws that color the region, several animals can be seen during the walk, including other birds and mammals of the Brazilian fauna.

Observation of macaws and other species in Buraco das Araras. Photo: Giancarlo Merighi

Anhumas Abyss

One of the main places to visit in Bonito, Abismo Anhumas allows you to dive into a deep lake with clear water, located inside a cave. Access is only possible through a negative rappel of 72 meters high that reaches the attraction. The day before the visit is also offered a mandatory training where the visitor learns some techniques to enjoy even better the tour in one of the most sought after diving spots in Brazil.

A cave dive, discover the Anhumas Abismo in Bonito. Photo: Caio Vilela

Other tours and must-see places to visit in Bonito:

  • Capela Lake spa
  • Eco Porto da Ilha
  • beautiful island
  • Figueira beach
  • Mouth of the Jaguar
  • Rio do Peixe waterfalls
  • Serra da Bodoquena Waterfalls
  • Mimosa Resort
  • horseback riding
  • cross buoy
  • Tree climbing

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