When staying in the capital, you can get to know other beautiful cities on the coast of Santa Catarina. See the day trip options to do from Florianópolis

There are great day trip options to do from Florianópolis that lead to paradise beaches that leave nothing to be desired when compared to the best destinations on the northeast coast.

The coast of Santa Catarina has beautiful places that increasingly attract tourists in the hot months. With more than 500 kilometers in length, the coast of Santa Catarina has beaches for all tastes and ages. There you will find almost deserted stretches of sand, great for those who want to relax, as well as the busiest ones, perfect for those who like to enjoy the seaside.

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And the best thing is that you can stay in the beautiful capital of the state, enjoy everything it has to offer, and even get to know some of the most beautiful beaches in the region in day trip tours from Florianópolis.

Want to know more? So, see this selection with the most beautiful cities on the coast of Santa Catarina to visit and be enchanted. Leaving Florianopolis, you can easily reach Garopaba, Praia do Rosa, Guarda do Embaú, Balneário Camboriú and Bombinhas, some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Day trip to do from Florianópolis

Between the day trip options to do from Florianópolis, there are wild, urban, quiet or trendy beaches. In addition, there are those where the sea has strong waves, ideal for surfing, as well as portions of sand bathed by calm seas, where there are many natural pools. Just choose the one you like best.   


return trip from florianopolis

Photo: Moises João Lopes / WIkimedia Commons

Located 75 km south of Florianópolis, the city of Garopaba It has 10 beautiful beaches, among them some of the most beautiful in Santa Catarina. They are: Gamboa, Siriú, Garopaba, Preguiça, Vigia, Silveira, Ferrugem, Barra, Ouvidor and Vermelha.

Garopaba is known as the surfing capital due to the strong waves on the beaches of Silveira and Ferrugem. But there are also quieter options for those who want to bathe in the sea.

In addition, in Garopaba you can see whales, which look for the region to breed. To top it off, this destination is a great choice for those who like to hike and have contact with nature. The city has lakes, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and cliffs.

To get to Garopaba from Florianopolis, it is necessary to follow the BR-101 and then access the SC-434 for 15 km to the city. 

Praia do Rosa

Photo: Renato Alves da Costa / Wikimedia Commons

About 90 km away from the capital of Santa Catarina, Praia do Rosa is one of the options for hits and returns to do leaving Florianópolis. The beautiful beach has a look that mixes mountains and beach and is the postcard of the municipality of Imbituba. There, rusticity reigns both in the streets and in the houses and inns. The roads are dirt and the sea is beautiful.

Praia do Rosa has a half moon shaped shore, with white sand and crystal clear waters. surrounded by Atlantic forest, is one of the most preserved stretches of sand in the state. In its left corner, the sea is rough and has strong waves that attract tourists. The right side is quieter, with the Ibirapuera Lagoon that flows into the sea and a perfect environment for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

As in its neighbor Garopaba, Praia do Rosa receives, between July and November, the whales that visit the region to give birth and breastfeed their calves. Therefore, it is known as the Nursery of Right Whales.

To get to Praia do Rosa from Florianópolis, just follow the BR-101 to KM 274.

Embaú Guard

Day trips from Florianópolis. Photo: Ulysses Job / Wikimedia Commons

Another stronghold of surfers in Santa Catarina, a Embaú Guard it is a beautiful stretch of sand with blue sea and perfect waves. Located in the municipality of Palhoça, it is 50 km from Florianópolis.

The beach is bathed by crystal clear waters and has a strip of white sand between the sea and the Rio da Madre. Its exuberant beauty makes it one of the best beaches in southern Brazil. In addition, Guarda do Embaú has several nice tours, including the Pedra do Urubu trail. You can also visit its neighbors Praia da Pinheira and Prainha.

To get to Guarda do Embaú from Florianópolis, take the BR-101 by car. In Palhoça, it is necessary to cross the Rio da Madre to reach the beach.

Camboriú Bathhouse

Florianopolis day trips

Photo: Balneário Camboriú City Hall

Located 86 km from Florianopolis, Camboriú Bathhouse It is an amazing destination to discover. The coastal city has the appearance of a metropolis and is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beach without being far from the hustle and bustle of a big city. 

There you will find beaches with incredible beauty, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and great tourist infrastructure. The Praia Central beachfront is full of large buildings, for this reason, many call it the Brazilian Dubai. Avenida Atlântica brings together restaurants, bars and shopping malls and runs along the entire central waterfront. In parallel, Avenida Brasil is the center of local commerce.

In addition, Balneário Camboriú has many places to visit besides the beaches, such as the zoo, the Christ and the natural park. Therefore, it is interesting that you do a good planning before heading there. To get to Balneário Camboriú from Florianópolis, just follow the BR-101.


Florianopolis day trips

Day trips from Florianópolis. Photo: Ieda Funari / Wikimedia Commons

THE Bombinhas bathhouse is another option of hits and returns to do leaving Florianópolis. With its 39 beautiful beaches, islands and viewpoints, this destination impresses with its beauty and diversity. There, the sea has clear waters and the climate, most of the year, is warm.

In addition to the perfect beaches for relaxing, Bombinhas has excellent infrastructure and offers activities that bring tourists closer to nature. Among them, diving in clear waters and trails through the Atlantic Forest.

situated in Green Coast and Sea de Santa Catarina, Bombinhas is 78 km from Florianópolis and can be accessed via the BR-101.

Did you like our tips on day trip options from Florianópolis? Include these cities in your itinerary when visiting the capital of Santa Catarina and make your travel experience even better.

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