phenomenon known as bioluminescence creates beaches that glow in the dark: discover 5 of them around the world 

We know there are many paradise beaches in Brazil and in the world. However, did you know that there are beaches that glow in the dark? This occurs on account of a phenomenon called bioluminescence: they are lights caused by reactions that transform chemical energy into light and occur within some algae, bacteria and fungi. In the sea, near the beaches, they cause a festival of colors for the spectator, where the waves are filled with lights.

Check below 5 beaches where you can see this phenomenon up close.

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Okayama, Japan 


Photo: Kin Cheung/AP

In the Japanese region of Okayama it is possible to find what the Japanese call “umi-hotaru”, a species of tiny bioluminescent crustacean, which often “paints” the rocky surface of the bays around the city of Setouchi. Thus, in much of the coast it is possible to observe the phenomenon, which has a vibrant blue color. So this is one of the glow-in-the-dark beaches that you should include in your list.

Aberavon Beach, Wales 

beaches that shine

photo: Andrew Rosser

Aberavon Beach, in the Swansea region, is one of the beaches where the effect occurs with high frequency. Elected one of the best beaches for surfing, due to its high waves, the beach was mentioned in the Boa Praia Guide, published by the Marine Conservation Society.

At 5 km long, it is one of the longest beaches in Wales, and one of the most beautiful in the United Kingdom. In addition, the bioluminescent phenomenon is recurrent throughout the year.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives 


Photo: Maldives Tours

Paradise Asian country, the Maldives Islands are a destination visited by tourists from all over the world looking for their white sand beaches and crystal clear water to relax and enjoy their vacation. In addition, it is also the perfect destination to be dazzled by beaches that glow in the dark.

So get ready to be dazzled by the beauty of the place when it gets dark: there is a species of phytoplankton that, when stirred by the currents, emits a sparkling blue light, which at night shines on the sand and in the waters. The phenomenon happens on almost every beach, but Vaadhoo Island, one of the best known, is where tourists tend to observe it most often.

When observing these lights, visitors have the impression that they are looking at the sky, due to the amount of luminous points. Locals often call the phenomenon the “sea of stars”.

Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico 

beaches that shine

Photo: Disclosure

On a small island in Puerto Rico, there is a very famous beach, known as Mosquito Bay, or Bioluminescent Bay, as the locals call it. This beach on the island of Vieques exhibits the phenomenon of bioluminescence all year round, due to the warm and inviting waters of the Caribbean.

Thus, the visitor takes a boat, accompanied by an official guide, which takes him to a region of the sea where the incidence of plankton responsible for the brightness is high. So, the flashlights are turned off and you find yourself on one of the most incredible glow-in-the-dark beaches in the world. Since 2014 it is no longer allowed to swim in the waters of the bay, a necessary condition for the preservation of the microorganisms responsible for the night show.

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay


Photo: Maria Fuentes / AFP

In the quiet village of Cabo Polonio, in uruguayan coast, the phenomenon of noctilucas, unicellular organisms that emit bioluminescence occurs.
The village, one of the most beautiful beaches in Uruguay, is located 250 km from Montevideo. Bioluminescence can be observed throughout the night, but is more common in the summer months.

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