French castles reveal a world full of sophistication, history, beauty and magic to discover very close to Paris

Do you appreciate history, culture and architecture? Are you passionate about the artistic grandeur of the Renaissance and love the imposing look of the medieval style? Are you enchanted by scenarios that seem to have come out of fairy tales? If you answered yes and you want to know the France, you can't miss visiting some beautiful historic castles that are just a few hours' drive away. Paris.

The surroundings of the French capital keep an incomparable historical heritage and exceptional heritage that can be appreciated in the many well-preserved castles in the region.

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Whether to enjoy a romantic walk, have a picnic in its gardens or explore the rich legacy of the monarchs who inhabited these imposing buildings, discover 5 castles near Paris that you must visit.


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THE Royal Castle of Fontainebleau is located in the central region of the city that bears the same name and is about 60 kilometers from Paris. The sumptuous Renaissance building was the residence of several monarchs and keeps the marks of each dynasty that passed through until the present day.

The palace served as a royal residence for at least eight centuries, so it has a unique heritage. Be sure to visit the François I Gallery, the Museum of Napoleon I, the Church of the Trinity, the ballroom and the two boudoirs – small rooms used exclusively by ladies – that Louis XVI gave as a gift to his wife Marie Antoinette.

With more than 1500 rooms, the building houses a collection worthy of royalty, with rare pieces of antique furniture and works of art. The external area has 80 hectares and reveals gardens, koi pond and fountains of sublime beauty that you can discover aboard a canoe or carriage.


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It is not necessary to emphasize the importance of the beautiful Castle of Versailles, located 24 km from the center of Paris. A must for anyone visiting the city of light, it is the ultimate symbol of absolute French royalty and its extravagance. Built in the 17th century by Louis XIV, today it is one of the most beautiful and famous palaces in the world.

There are countless halls and rooms to visit in versailles and all impress with the luxury and ostentation of the time. Some unmissable points to visit are the Gallery of Mirrors, with sumptuous chandeliers and golden decorations, and the King's Room, a complex of halls where the most important events of the palace took place.

In addition to visiting the interior of the castle, you will be able to appreciate the geometry of the gardens designed by André Le Nôtre, with different designs and colors. A good opportunity to go for a walk and be dazzled by unexpected corners that always surprise.


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THE Pierrefond Castle is just over an hour's drive from Paris and, like the Château de Fontainebleau, was inhabited by several monarchs, which made it so peculiar and charming. Until the architect Viollet-le-Duc completed the restoration of Napoleon III in the late 19th century, the castle of Pierrefonds was in ruins.

Almost 30 years were needed to complete the work. And the result was wonderful: drawbridges, medieval towers and a fortress are part of the architectural ensemble. walk by Pierrefond it's like taking a magical journey back in time to the knights. Very close to the castle is the forest of Compiegne, don't miss the opportunity to take a walk there.


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The beautiful and imposing Vaux-le-Vicomte Castle is located in a park of the same name which is about 50km from Paris. Boasting classic architecture, the construction took 20 years to complete and was completed in 1661, when it was donated to Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finance under the reign of Louis XIV. The design was so beautiful that it inspired the monarch to design the Palace of Versailles.

In addition to the Fouquets' private quarters, on the ground floor it is possible to observe a baroque interior present in the Great Square room, Sala das Musas, São dos Jogos and in the fabulous Quatro do Rei, where the ceiling is decorated in gold. During the tour, you will also get to know the places occupied by the servants, the basement, the cellar, the kitchen and other rooms that allow us to experience the daily life of the common people who lived there.

To finish the visit, walk through the more than 100 hectares of the castle's external area to appreciate the beautiful garden designed by the famous André Le Nôtre, also responsible for the Varsailles garden. There are statues, colors, lakes and colorful geometric shapes, a true show close to nature..


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THE Château de Breteuil it is a privately owned castle that has always belonged to the same family. Located about 35 meters south of Paris, it houses a magical world that seems to have come out of fairy tales, which makes it perfect for an outing with children.

With different environments, the castle houses more than 50 wax characters from the Grévin Museum, such as replicas of Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and Marcel Proust. In addition, Perrault's children's classics are also present in these stagings.

It is possible to see up close replicas of iconic characters such as Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, among others. Several recreational activities are carried out with children, which makes the environment truly magical. And, for us, adults love it too.

How to visit the castles near Paris?

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