Exchanging outdoor programs for more reserved and cozy places like friends' houses, restaurants, pubs and even the comfort of their own bed and services like Netflix, in the coldest times of the year, ends up being quite common for São Paulo residents.

When low temperatures arrive in the state, the population stops traveling to the coast and enjoys the cities further inland. Many of these interiors take on a more romantic aspect, combining the unique rustic atmosphere of small towns with the remaining nature of the Atlantic Forest that sprouts in this region of São Paulo. We separate 6 destinations in Sao Paulo great for exploring Winter, being perfect for both couples in love and groups of friends and families who want to enjoy the coldest time of the year.

Cities in São Paulo to visit in winter

Campos do Jordão

The most romantic city in the state of SP is also popular during the winter, in addition to the charming typical Swiss architecture that gives the “air of a small town in Europe” (and every couple loves it), the destination is also the stage for the Winter Festival, with great options with cultural and musical programs.

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The city is also known for its gastronomic variety, leisure options such as train rides and ecological trails, and an ideal atmosphere for enjoying a dinner with wine and chocolate fondue for two.

fields od jordao Geise Architecture


The traditional English village located in the municipality of Santo André, in the ABC region of São Paulo, also has a winter festival that takes place in the months of June and July with presentations of jazz, MPB, blues, bossa nova, choro and instrumental music, in addition to the exhibition of films and attractions for children.

Small wooden houses, a replica of London's Big Ben and a dense fog that always takes over the city during the afternoon, make for a perfect environment to take a nice walk in the bucolic streets of the village and have a hot chocolate in the warm and cozy cafes. scattered at the destination.

Roberto Borella

Santo Antonio do Pinhal

The city of Santo Antônio do Pinhal is located in the heart of Serra da Mantiqueira, just 170 km from the capital of São Paulo. Surrounded by greenery, the small town maintains a peaceful interior climate and offers a diverse gastronomic structure, inns, designer stores and many alpine buildings.

In addition to the mountain attractions, such as the tour of Pico Agudo and Pedra do Baú, the city has workshops and handicraft shops.

santo antonio do pine forest by Renato Satorio

San Francisco Xavier

Wedged between the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira is the friendly city of Santo Antônio do Pinhal, a charming place that impresses with its beautiful landscapes formed by waterfalls and abundant flora.

The destination offers a variety of restaurants from top chefs and very romantic lodging options perfect for enjoying in lower climates.

San Francisco Xavier Manoel Moraes Jr

Joaquim Egidio

The district is very close to the city of Campinas and has a beautiful historic center with buildings from the end of the 19th century, reminiscent of the coffee period in the interior of the state. The city also has roads and railway bridges, period farms and great restaurants located in the countryside with well-prepared dishes such as arowana fillet with banana risotto and curd cheese.

Joaquim Egidio - Natasha Lopes

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