Buenos Aires: check out an itinerary of up to 5 days going through the best tourist attractions in the Buenos Aires capital

Much sought after by Brazilians who want to have their first experience outside the country, the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires surprises visitors with the diversity of attractions, the bustling nightlife, the richness of the gastronomy and the beautiful buildings that give the city an air of European metropolis.

The best way to get to know the city is walking, Buenos Aires is well wooded and has many parks and cozy cafes. It is practically impossible not to want to explore street by street on foot. When traveling to the neighborhoods is too far, taxis can be a great option as they are quite cheap most of the time. If you prefer, use the “subte”, the Buenos Aires subway.

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#DDay 1 – Buenos Aires by neighborhood: Plaza de Mayo, La Boca, San Telmo

Photo: matcuz / Pixabay

Plaza de Mayo is the historic and political center of Buenos Aires and is home to some of the city's tourist attractions such as the Casa Rosada, the Metropolitan Cathedral Church and El Cabildo, an important building where the May Revolution of 1810 was declared.

It is in the neighborhood of La Boca that one of the main postcards of Buenos Aires is located: Calle Caminito. The strong colors of the friendly street is one of the most visited destinations in the city, there dozens of artists and painters exhibit their arts. The neighborhood is also very famous for being home to the Boca Juniors stadium, one of the most popular clubs in Argentina.

The third stop is the San Telmo neighborhood, one of the oldest in the city. San Telmo is famous for its antiques fair held on Sundays in Praça Dorrego. Enjoy the late afternoon to visit the colonial houses and the famous cafes, where the bohemians of Buenos Aires can drink a beer to the sound of tango, still very present in the place.

#D Day 2 – Downtown, Puerto Madero

Photo: CC0 / Public Domain

Downtown Bueno Aires is also great for long walks. Avenida 9 de Julho is known worldwide as the widest street in the world, home to the Obelisk, built to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city's founding. Florida Street is one of the busiest and has hundreds of souvenir shops, tour agencies and galleries. Next door is Praza San Martín, one of the largest and most beautiful squares in Buenos Aires, on sunny days many Argentines take advantage of the beauty of the neighborhood to have picnics and outdoor activities there.

In the afternoon, the suggestion is to visit the most sophisticated part of Buenos Aires, the neighborhood of Puerto Madero. In the neighborhood there are offices of large companies, famous bars and restaurants, luxury hotels, museums and even a floating casino.

All streets were named after great women famous in the field of science, arts and politics. Among the attractions are the Fountain of the Nereids and the beautiful “Puente de la Mujer”, a huge building that rotates 90° to give access to the boats that anchor in the port.

#D Day 3 – Recoleta, Palermo + Tango Night

5 days itinerary in Buenos Aires.

5 days itinerary in Buenos Aires. Photo: Phillip Capper / wikimedia Commons

The Recoleta neighborhood is made up of palaces, the famous Recoleta Cemetery (where Evita Perón is buried), the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Nossa Senhora de Pilar Church and the large steel sculpture in the shape of a flower – Floralis Generica Monument – which opens and closes its petals depending on the time of day. Another strong point are the elegant restaurants, take advantage of the visit to the neighborhood to try the best of the local cuisine.

Palermo is the largest and most traditional neighborhood in Buenos Aires and is divided between Palermo Chico, Bosques de Palermo, Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood.

Palermo Soho is the design center of the city, every Saturday and Sunday there is a clothing and accessories fair in Plaza Serrano. Bosque do Palermo is located on Av. Libertador and on Av. Sarmiento, the park has more than 80 hectares of centuries-old forests in addition to two artificial lakes surrounded by vegetation, with birds and aquatic plants.

In Palermo Hollywood there are many offices of television channels and film producers. The night is very lively in this part of the neighborhood, many young people tend to frequent the restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The tip to enjoy the night is to visit some typical Argentine tango house, for the most enthusiastic we recommend Esquina Carlos Gadel or Seiñor Tango, both are very famous in the city.

#D Day 4 – Delta do Tigre

5 days itinerary in Buenos Aires.

5 days itinerary in Buenos Aires. Photo: Pxhere / Creative Commons CC0

The city of Tigre is located in a part of the Paraná River Delta. The area is made up of many rivers, streams and islands. In the city of Tigre there is a river station, where you can take a boat for a trip around the islands. There are different types of tours. Both the boats and the prices and schedules are different, in all of them it is worth the bargain to get better values.

The tour is very peaceful and beautiful, on the way the boats pass in front of the Naval Museum and on the MAT, the Tigre Museum of Arts. On many islands, there are campsites and picnic areas where you can spend the day. For other tips on what to do when in Tigre look here.

#Dia 5 – Shopping in Buenos Aires

5 days itinerary in Buenos Aires.

5 days itinerary in Buenos Aires. Photo: Pedro Angelini / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Buenos Aires has many good places for shopping, if you have a little money reserved just for that, we recommend a day to enjoy the dozens of outlets, malls and the famous leather stores, all at very affordable prices.

The outlets can be found in different parts of the city, but most of the options are on Córdoba Avenue, Aguirre Street and Gurruachaga Street. Murillo street, located in Villa Crespo, is the perfect place to buy leather clothes in Buenos Aires. Jackets, coats and other items are sold directly from the factories and prices are generally cheaper than in other cities.

Other fairs are very popular for those who want to shop, such as the San Telmo Antiques Fair with many paintings, jewelry, souvenirs and books, or the Plaza Serrano fair with various items for decoration and antiques.

+ info:

San Telmo Fair
Address: Defensa 1098, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Every Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

National Museum of Fine Arts
Av. del Libertador 1473, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tuesday to Friday 12:30 to 20:30
Saturdays and Sundays 9:30 to 20:30

Recoleta Cemetery
Address: Junín 1760, 1113 CABA, Argentina
Monday to Sunday 7:00 to 15:30

Senor Tango
Address: Vieytes 1655, 1275 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54 11 4303-0231

Carlos Gardel Corner
Address: Carlos Gardel 3200, Abasto, Buenos Aires – Argentina
Tel: +54 11 4867-6363

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