Beaches, waterfalls, caves, rivers, preserved forest and beautiful landscapes can be found in these destinations with nature near São Paulo, ideal for those who love ecotourism.

If you are in São Paulo and are looking for options for destinations with nature near São Paulo, this post will help you a lot.

We seek to highlight, here, cities that offer several options for ecotourism activities, as well as beautiful places to visit. And the best: you can get to each one of them easily from São Paulo.

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nature in Sao Paulo, like its population, is quite diverse. Therefore, you can enjoy beaches, waterfalls, caves, rivers, preserved forests and beautiful landscapes in various parts of the state. That's why it's really worth hitting the road and exploring each of these destinations that we've separated to introduce you to. Ready to get started?

Nature destinations near São Paulo


ecotourism destinations sao paulo

Destinations with nature near São Paulo. Photo: CR Malachi / Wikimedia Commons

Known as the cave park, the Alto Ribeira Tourist State Park (PETAR) is the perfect destination for those who love nature and are especially enchanted by waterfalls. It is 339 km from São Paulo, close to the border with Paraná, and has dozens of waterfalls, rivers and imposing caves.

At PETAR waterfalls they reach up to 70 meters in height and are great for bathing and also for cascading and abseiling. The most famous are: Waterfall of Andorinhas, Waterfall of Betarizinho or Beija Flor, Waterfall of Couto, Waterfall of Arapongas, Waterfalls of Endless, Waterfall of Ouro Grosso Cave and Waterfall Sete Reis.

The caves, in turn, are also impressive for their diversity and grandeur, so much so that the park is home to the cave with the largest portico in the world, Casa de Pedra. There are several trails that lead to these amazing places. Among the caves to visit in Petar, it is worth visiting the Alambari de Baixo Cave, the Ouro Grosso Cave, the Água Suja Cave, the Couto Cave, the Morro Preto Cave and the Santana Cave. , has not yet been fully mapped.

Beautiful island

ecotourism sao paulo

Photo: Thiago Sieiro Cunha / Wikimedia Commons

Located 202 km from São Paulo, the famous Beautiful island It is located on the north coast of the state and has incredible beaches, several trails, waterfalls and views that guarantee an unforgettable trip for those who love nature. In addition, it has an excellent structure and good accommodation options that invite you to spend days there.

It is no wonder that Ilhabela is one of the most coveted destinations on the coast of São Paulo. The archipelago has more than 30 beaches and large mountains covered by preserved vegetation, where you can find beautiful waterfalls.

Among the main ecotourism activities to do in the archipelago, water sports – mainly diving – and trekking stand out. You can also take boat and bike rides or just walk along the seaside promenade.

The main beaches of Ilhabela are: Praia do Jabaquara, Praia da Armação, Praia Pedra do Sino, Praia da Fome, Praia do Saco do Eustáquio, Praia de Castelhanos, Praia do Curral, Praia Grande, Praia da Feiticeira and Praia da Ilha das Cabras .


nature destinations in sao paulo

Destinations with nature near São Paulo. Photo: Patricialaraia / Wikimedia Commons

Another perfect destination to be surprised by nature in the State of São Paulo, Brotas is the ideal place for those who love ecotourism. The city is 240 km from the capital of São Paulo and is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. There you will find several waterfalls and some ecoparks, where you can go hiking, rafting, rappelling, canyoning, climbing and zip lining.

Among the places to visit in sproutsHighlights include Recanto das Cachoeiras – which, in addition to two beautiful waterfalls, has an artificial beach -, Ecoparque Cassorova and Viva Brotas Eco Park, which houses the first zip-line with bicycle in Brazil.

In addition, the city has a very charming center that invites for a good walk. It is home to Parque dos Saltos, where there are three waterfalls that were part of the city's old hydroelectric plant.


Photo: Otávio Nogueira

Listed as a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site, the city of Cananéia is an incredible place for those seeking contact with nature. The first village founded in Brazil, it is located 271 km from the capital of São Paulo, at the southern end of the state's coast.

The city is located in a preserved area, surrounded by mangroves, dunes, sandbanks and Atlantic Forest, and has already been named the best ecological route in the world. Therefore, it is one of the destinations to be surprised by nature in São Paulo.

Among all that is possible to see and do in Cananéia, it is worth visiting its beautiful beaches, especially Praia do Pereirinha, Praia do Marujá, Ilha do Abrigo and Praia Pontal do Leste. Take time, too, to get to know its waterfalls, especially Cachoeira Grande, Cachoeira do Mandira, Rio das Minas and Pitu.

Sao Bento de Sapucai

nature in sao paulo

Destinations with nature near São Paulo. Photo: Henriquecf / WIkimedia Commons

São Bento do Sapucaí is a beautiful city in the interior of São Paulo that has great options for tours for those who enjoy history, nature and adventure. Located 200 km from the capital of São Paulo, the destination is in Serra da Mantiqueira and retains the charm of the countryside.

The city is small, but it is in a privileged region of Serra da Mantiqueira, with many places to visit. Among them is the Pedra do Baú Complex, with several trails – of different degrees of difficulty – that lead to peaks that reveal beautiful landscapes.

It is also possible to visit beautiful waterfalls in São Bento do Sapucaí, such as Cachoeira do Toldi, Cachoeira dos Amores and Cachoeira do Encontro. Finally, it is worth visiting the Ecoparque Pesca na Montanha, which offers several outdoor activities, such as fishing, bird watching, archery and mini golf.

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