Filled with stunning natural scenery and must-see attractions, these destinations in Santa Catarina need to be part of your travel plans.

Are you looking for amazing places to visit in the south of the country? Then this post is for you! Our intention here is to introduce you to 5 destinations in Santa Catarina that are not among the most visited, but that you need to include in your travel plans urgently.

You may even have heard about some of them. But here, you will understand why it is worth knowing them. There's no denying that Santa Catarina It is one of the most beautiful states in Brazil and you can be sure that, in any of these destinations, you will find beautiful landscapes, unmissable attractions and many experiences to live.

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Check out which are the destinations you need to know in Santa Catarina

We have separated options for destinations for those who love nature, enjoy historical-cultural tours or are those who do not want an adventure. Check it out!

british castle

attractions in santa catarina

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To start, let's talk about an unmissable attraction that you need to know in Santa Catarina: the persevere castle. The place looks like an English movie set: an imposing building covered by stones, surrounded by a beautiful garden, in front of a lake.

The British castle was conceived, of course, by a group of Englishmen, and began to be planned in 1998, being completed in 2006. It was made with inspiration from films, research and several trips to England, which were even used to look for objects that, today, make up the decoration.

At first, the castle was not included in tourist itineraries and was used for events and photo shoots. But in the last year, it has gained prominence on Instagram and started to receive more and more visitors.

Persevere Castle is a little piece of England in the countryside of Santa Catarina, in the city of Cocal do Sul, which you need to know before you die. Believe me, you will be impressed by the richness of detail in the environments, which recreate important English scenes in its four floors and 20 rooms.

Botuverá Grotto

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The largest cave in the south of the country, the Gruta de Botuverá is located in Santa Catarina and is 1,200 meters long, and is also considered one of the largest in Latin America. Inside there are true works of art carved by the dripping water over 65 million years, among speleothems, stalactites, stalagmites, travertine, crevices, alleys, curtains, among other rock formations.

In total, the Botuverá Cave has nine rooms open to the public. The most famous is the Salão das Orquídeas, filled with aragonite flowers, a type of stone. The other six galleries are closed to preserve the animals that live there, seven species of bats and 35 invertebrate animals.

she stays in Botuverá Caves Park which has other smaller caves, a large area of native flora and a waterfall, in addition to a great infrastructure that includes the Museum of Italian Immigration, restaurant, parking, toilets and several grills.

Serra do Rio do Rastro

Santa Catarina places

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Considered one of the most beautiful in the world, Serra do Rio do Rastro is a winding road that runs through an incredible landscape, made up of waterfalls, caves and canyons. That's why it's one of the destinations you need to know in Santa Catarina before you die.

Incidentally, the Serra do Rio do Rastro It is a great tourist route to do by car. The road connects the municipalities of Bom Jardim da Serra to Lauro Muller and has 256 curves over 35 kilometers in length. Therefore, it is a path to walk slowly, while admiring the impressive view.

It is also worth stopping at the various viewpoints along the road. At one of the highest points, there is a viewpoint at about 700 meters of altitude that allows you to see the Laranjeiras Canyon, the Funil Canyon, the Pedra Furada and the Barrinha Waterfall.

Corupá Waterfall Route

Santa Catarina destinations

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The Corupá Waterfall Route is a tourist route that allows you to discover 14 waterfalls formed by the Rio Novo. Among them is one of the largest waterfalls in Santa Catarina, Salto Grande, 125 meters high.

Known as Passa Águas Trail, the route is made up of the following waterfalls: Cachoeira do Suspiro, Cachoeira da Banheira, Cachoeira dos 3 Patamares, Cachoeira da Pousada do Café, Cachoeira do Repouso, Cachoeira do Remanso Grande, Cachoeira da Confluence I, Confluence II Waterfall, Corredeiras Waterfall, Tombo Waterfall, Palmito Waterfall, Surpresa Waterfall, Boqueirão Waterfall and Salto Grande Waterfall.

Currently, bathing is only allowed at Cachoeira da Confluence. The path between the waterfalls is made up of signposted trails, with bridges, stairs and walkways. In addition, the park has snack bars, information center, restrooms, showers and parking.

Campeche Island

Santa Catarina beaches

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Located in the state capital, Ilha do Campeche is one of the must-see places to visit in Santa Catarina. It is so beautiful, it is considered by many as the Brazilian Caribbean due to the emerald sea, with calm and crystalline waters, and the fine white sand. A paradise setting!

The island is 1.5 km from Praia do Campeche, out to sea, and is one of the most popular destinations for those who go to Florianópolis. Its main attraction is Praia da Enseada, one of the best places in Santa Catarina to relax and enjoy the sea. The beach is 500 meters long and, at one end, natural pools form between the rocks and allow for refreshing baths.

But it's not just the natural beauties that make this place so special. Campeche Island has cave paintings dating from 3,500 BC, true historical-cultural treasures that can be discovered through trails in the forest.

Because of the cave paintings, Campeche Island was listed as a National Archaeological and Landscape Heritage by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN).

For this reason, as a conservation measure for the area, entry to the island is restricted to a maximum number of 770 people in low season and 800 in high season. And it is only possible to get there on one of the boats with a landing permit.

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