Planning to travel to the Asian islands? Check out our selection of the 5 best islands in Asia and enjoy the best of the continent

In addition to its thousands of temples and its exotic culture, Asia also has several paradise islands scattered throughout the continent.

Transparent waters, fine white sands next to different rock formations, draw so much attention from travelers that some of the islands mentioned have already become the scene of a Hollywood movie.

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Check out 5 paradisiacal lists to visit in Asia:

Phuket – Thailand

Considered the most beautiful island in Asia, and for many the most paradisiacal on the planet. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, and it is home to the famous Patong Beach.

Many remember this name for the tsunami that devastated the region and killed more than 200,000 people in 2004. But after what happened, the island was completely rebuilt and, as always, enchanting tourists who visit it.

islands in asia

Photo: Pixabay

Boracay – Philippines

Receiving over 800,000 tourists every year, the trendy island of Boracay in the Philippines is coveted for its rock formations and crystal clear waters.

Boracay is also known as Ibiza of the Philippines for having a very busy night, if you just want to relax and rest, don't worry, Yapak Beach, one of the most famous on the island, is the ideal place for you.

southwest asia

Photo: Pixabay

Maldives – Island of the Maldives

Dream of consumption of any living being, the Maldives islands seem to be an unreal place. Its landscape is perhaps one of the most beautiful on the planet.

The Maldives archipelago has more than 1200 islands and 26 atolls, which form a country of singular beauty. The unique natural beauty of this country attracts many honeymooners.

southwest asia

Photo: Pixabay

Kalapai – Malaysia

Kapalai is an island in Malaysia, known for its fantastic bungalows situated under very transparent waters. The island is just 15 km from Sipadan and was once a beautiful island 200 years ago, but now it is just a sandbar.

Erosion has lowered the island to sea level and the tourist village now sits on the edge of extensive Ligitan reefs. All buildings are on stilts on the reef.

asian islands

Asian Islands. Photo: Pixabay

Bali – Indonesia

Bali is one of the more than 13,600 islands that exist in Indonesia and that enchant tourists with their picturesque and unique coastline. The main beaches in the region are Jambaran, Semaniyak and Kuta and all have the 'traditional' greenish sea with fine white sand. In addition to the coast, the island is known for its religious temples that have given it the nickname “Island of a Thousand Temples”.

The big boiling point in local tourism was when Bali served as the shooting location for the movie “Eat, Pray and Love”. After that, she became a pilgrimage center for tourists in search of “inner peace”, as did the character played by actress Julia Roberts.

asian islands

Islands in Asia. Photograph: Pixabay

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