For those looking for charming destinations and places to enjoy a weekend for two, Paraná is certainly full of ideal options to relax and disconnect from the routine.

The state is composed of several ethnicities, mainly German, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch immigrants. These peoples formed different colonies in different regions and, therefore, ended up significantly influencing local habits, architecture and customs.

Check 5 cities in Paraná with European characteristics and start packing your bags!

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Castro - Paraná

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Certainly, it is impossible not to fall in love with the small Holanda of Paraná. This is because it is a city marked by tropeirismo and European immigration. The city of Castro has several interesting tourist attractions. The main one, without a doubt, is the Dutch Immigration Mill, considered the third largest mill in the world.



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The largest Italian colony in Paraná is established in the city of Colombo. The destination is surrounded by charming buildings that tell the story of the immigrants who arrived in this region of Brazil at the end of the 19th century. Another tourist highlight in the region are the various typical wineries that, in addition to wine, offer juices, jellies and other products that have grapes as their main raw material. So, if you want to know a little more about this fascinating history, be sure to visit Casa Eugênio Mottin. It is a cultural space that holds much of the stories and memories of the first Italians who arrived in Colombo.


Prudentópolis - Paraná

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Prudentópolis received a large number of Ukrainians who migrate to Brazil and this story is passed on in the various museums, cuisine and buildings installed in the city. With quiet streets and a welcoming climate, the destination has a hospitable people. In addition, it carries several curiosities, such as its churches that until today hold celebrations in the Ukrainian language.

Palm tree

Palm tree

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Those who visit small Palmeira have the opportunity to learn a little more about German culture and disconnect in the charming city with a peaceful atmosphere. The Witmarsum History Museum is a mandatory stop, and it houses objects, photos and various items from the Mennonites, founders of the German colony that settled in the region.

In addition, visitors can try several dishes inspired by German cuisine and learn about the artisanal process of producing cheeses and red fruits present in this part of the state.

São Mateus do Sul

Sao Mateus do Sul - Paraná

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Finally, the city has several buildings with Polish architecture. There are several mansions and chapels built with wood that certainly give even more charm to the city. In addition, those who visit the destination in August have the opportunity to take advantage of Tradycje Polskie. It is a local festival that lasts all month and recalls Polish traditions.

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