Back from Rome: in a few hours of travel it is possible to learn more about the history of Spain and enjoy beautiful cities

Pomegranate it has several of the main postcards of Italy and deserves a few days to be explored with calm and attention to the details of the buildings and the history that permeates the entire city. In addition, the Italian capital is very well located and allows different trips and tours that will only increase your enchantment for the country. And it's also not bad to be able to call Pomegranate home for a few days.

We have separated below the main destinations that can be visited in a round trip from Rome and entering more and more into Italian culture.

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Return from Rome

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Located about 200km to the south, the city is considered a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the third most populous in Italy, after Rome and Milan. Here the beauty of the Tyrrhenian Sea blends with the majesty of the Vesuvius volcano and the contours of the Vomero hills.

The trip to Naples appeals to all audiences because adventurers have the opportunity to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum, devastated by the volcano, and even climb the hills with a cable car that offers a spectacular view of the region. Those who prefer to explore the center can go to the National Archaeological Museum, which holds treasures of Italian history, to the Capodimonte Museum to see up close works by great names in art such as Botticelli, to enter churches such as the Duomo and the Chapel of Pio Monte della Misericordia. , as well as going back in time when visiting the city's palaces (Castel dell'Ovo, Reggia di Capodimonte, Reggia di Portici and Reggia di Caserta),

One of the most popular spots is Via San Gregorio Armeno, which concentrates shops, bars and restaurants, where you will find traditional Neapolitan pizza.

amalfi coast

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The Amalfi Coast is approximately 60km long with about 20 villages and the first historical records date back to the 9th century, when the region began to develop due to maritime trade. In one day it is possible to visit three of the main destinations of the cinematographic region with the colorful houses crammed into the hill that is close to the blue sea.

The first stop is in Sorrento, where the historic center is the main attraction. This is where the Cathedral and Basilica of Sant'Antonino are located, the medieval palaces and the ruins of the walls that used to protect the city.

The next destination is the best option for bathing in the sea and is close by: Positano. Here, in addition to refreshing yourself, you can choose from the various restaurant options and visit the center and the souvenir shops, but don't stop too long, because the third village awaits you.

Arriving in Amalfi, you still have the rest of the afternoon to wander aimlessly through the narrow streets and take a look at the shops scattered around here. The main attractions are the Cathedral of Santa'Andrea, which began to be built in the 9th century, and the Grotta dello Smeraldo, an easily accessible grotto with a heavenly view of crystal clear water reflecting the cave's stones.


Return from Rome

Return from Rome. Photo: Pixabay

The history of this city dates back to 1215 BC and enchants for the extraordinary villages with fountains, waterfalls and lush gardens, the most prominent are Vila Adriana and Villa D'est. While the first was built by Emperor Hadrian to serve as an imperial residence and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its ruins from 2 BC, the second was commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este in 1550 and draws attention for the large number of fountains along the of the big garden.

But downtown Tivoli is also packed with attractions for visitors, such as the ruins of the Tempio della Sibylla, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Bleso amphitheater.


Photo: hirisflower / Pixabay

This medieval town is an excellent choice for those who like to explore and get lost in the narrow streets. Orvieto is considered one of the oldest cities in Italy with over 3000 years.

The ascent to the historic center is via a funicular, but first visit the Albornoz Fortress, built in the 14th century. Today the place houses a public garden, and the São Patrício Well, dating from the 16th century with more than 200 steps that extend 62 meters deep.

Other attractions are the tunnels where the population sheltered during invasions, the Duomo de Orvieto, a cathedral that began to be built in 1290 and took three centuries to complete, and the Torre dos Mouros, which was built in 1200 and also serves as a viewpoint. to observe the region from above.


Return from Rome

Return from Rome. Photo: martieda / Pixabay

This is the charming city where São Francisco de Assis and Santa Clara lived, therefore an excellent option for day trips from Rome for Catholics and those curious about local history. The village is on top of a hill, so be prepared because the entire route will be done on foot.

The main attraction here is the Basilica of San Francisco, a World Heritage Site and home to the saint's tomb. Other highlights are the Plaza del Comune, the Temple of Minerva from the year 1 BC, the Basilica of Santa Clara, the Cathedral of San Rufino and the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, where Saint Francis died.

The tour to Assisi is a dip in the religious world that impresses both for the grandiose buildings and the charming streets flanked by walls made of gray and pink stones.

These are five must-see destinations for those who have a few extra days in Rome, but it's important to have good planning so you don't have any unpleasant surprises. Therefore, the Better Travel Guide recommends that the tours be done with specialized companies, such as Elmocar, which offers services in Portuguese.

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