Check out these practical tips and strategies to buy dollars, euros and other currencies cheaper today.

Every international trip brings with it a series of necessary planning that must be carried out to ensure great tours, avoid problems and save as much as possible. Among these issues, one of the main ones is in relation to the best exchange offers. What is the best way to buy dollar and euro cheaper? How do I purchase coins? What is the best period? Which exchange houses are reliable?

With the real devalued against other currencies along with a period of constant fluctuations, finding the best exchange rates becomes an even more important step for those traveling abroad. After all, the price of euro today It could be very different tomorrow. Have you ever stopped to think that saving money when buying foreign currency can guarantee better accommodation, more tours and even extend the period of your trip?

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That's why it's so important and necessary to carry out research in advance and ensure the best exchange rate for your destination country. To help you, we've separated 5 tips to buy dollar, euro and other currencies cheaper. Check out what these strategies are and how you can organize yourself to make the best purchase:

Find out how and where to buy the cheapest dollar. Photo: Vladimir Solomyani

Use foreign exchange comparison and trading platforms

The first tip for buy cheaper dollar is to compare quotes between trusted exchanges. On the 100% online platform good rate, it is possible to compare in real time the quotations of Euros, Dollars, Pounds and many other currencies in several exchange houses in Brazil and check the best offer of the day.

In addition to providing only exchange offices accredited by the Central Bank of Brazil, the good rate allows the user to finalize his transaction directly with the establishment he chooses. The site compares currency values in several cities across the country, allowing the user to find the best quote closest to their region. To improve, some exchange offices also offer a delivery service, taking the money safely and quickly to the customer's residence.

Find the best exchange rate to buy currencies before you travel. Image: BoaTaxa

Change the money little by little

Experts say that one of the best tips for buying euros or dollar cheaper is to acquire the coins little by little. If your trip is not so close, stay tuned for the daily quote to buy coins at different times. This is a way to protect yourself from daily exchange rate variations and, even if you pay more at one time than at another, it is more advantageous than risking buying the foreign currency at once. Do you have a dollar, pound or euro left in your bank abroad? To send this money to Brazil, the best rate we can find is the one offered by TransferWise.

Another positive point is that, in this way, you still gain extra time to gather more money to travel.

Create alerts to ensure the best quote

By creating an online currency alert, you will be notified when the dollar, euro, pound or other foreign currency reaches or closes to the desired value. THE good rate offers the free exchange alert service to know when is the opportune moment to buy euro.

Just register for free so that the tool starts sending alerts for free by email. This way it is much easier and safer to know the most opportune moment to acquire the currency without having to keep an eye on the quotes at every moment. Run and register an alert now, who knows you can't buy dollar today?

Buy coins in cash

Other tip to buy dollar or euro and to save even more, is to take most of the cash abroad. In addition to being the most economical option, it also offers the lowest tax incidence. In the case of credit cards, for example, the charge for the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF) is 6,38% while the same for operations in cash is 1,10%, in addition to other eventual fees.

Another issue that generates uncertainty is that the exchange rate charged will refer to the closing day of your invoice. The recommendation for international travel is that most of the cash is carried with you and that the credit card is used only for emergencies or extra expenses.

Find out the best way to take money abroad. Photo: Artem Bali

Avoid changing money at the airport

If your intention is, in fact, buy euro or dollar cheaper, stay away from currency exchange offices at airports. As interesting as it may seem to change money in your home country as soon as you land, this is not the best strategy. So, for those who want to save money, since these places usually practice much less advantageous quotes.

Did you like the 5 tips to buy dollar, euro and other currencies cheaper? Start searching for the best price to buy euro, dollar or other foreign currency today.

See tips on how to buy dollars and euros cheaper. Photo: Alexander Mils

How to send money to Brazil?

Now that we've seen how to buy dollars and euros cheaper, let's talk about the opposite way. There are different ways to send money to Brazil, but the most common is using companies that send remittances between countries. After all, lately the company that is working with the best rates is the TransferWise, see how it works on the page online quote to guarantee the best value on your bank transfer.

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