Beautiful beaches, mountains, historic cities and beautiful waterfalls can be found in the state of São Paulo without going far from the capital. If you are enjoying your vacation in the biggest city in Latin America (or if you live there and need to get out and relax) we recommend 6 tourist destinations to visit in the state.

Amazing trips to do in the State of São Paulo


In the extreme south of São Paulo, the charming Cananéia reserves a range of options for activities related to ecotourism. The municipality, which has a nice historic center, is the gateway to exploring the region called Lagamar, recognized as one of the five largest nurseries of marine species in the world.

The coastline is 200 km long, made up of lagoons, inlets, islands, hills and beaches. Such diversity of ecosystems in a single place (mangroves, dunes, sandbanks and Atlantic Forest) gave the title of Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Among the main tours, the tip is to relax on the beaches watching the gray dolphins, which pass in flocks to attract the attention of tourists. Waterfalls such as Pitu and Mandira are also a great option, after making the most of the local nature, explore the villages in the region and see what the community has to offer, some have delicious spots to taste the local cuisine, while others please with artisanal and agroecological products.

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Located 242 kilometers from the capital, the most “radical” city in the state of São Paulo is known for its adventure tourism. Tours such as rafting, zip lines, tree climbing and trails are some of the options that receptive tourism agencies offer.

But what wins the hearts of tourists are the waterfalls, the region is surrounded by more than 30 waterfalls that measure from 7 to 55 meters. Don't miss out on getting to know Cossorova farm, property that houses two very famous falls. The set consists of two falls – Cassorova (45 meters) and Quatis (42 meters), accessible by stairs and walking. The second is very popular for canyoning.

trips to do in sao paulo

trips to do in sao paulo

São Luís do Paraitinga

Located in Serra do Mar, between Ubatuba and Taubaté, the charming São Luís do Paraitinga has a well-preserved colonial architecture. The city emerged together with 30 other villages to rationalize the occupation of land in the Paraíba valley and today it is one of the largest architectural complexes in the state of São Paulo. One of its main attractions is the Carnival of Marchinhas, which attracts thousands of revelers every year to enjoy the best carnival of blocos in the state in a setting of streets, slopes, squares and mansions with 19th century architecture.

The large number of beautiful waterfalls also attracts many visitors to the municipality, the region with the largest number is in the district of Catuçaba.



Beautiful island

With more than 42 beaches of different styles and abundant waterfalls, Ilhabela is one of the most beautiful spots on the Brazilian coast. The island is famous for the practice of nautical sports, the charm of the villages, with inns, restaurants and handicraft shops are also striking features of the region.

The coast facing the open sea is the favorite place for surfers, divers and adventurers who take advantage of the difficult access to enjoy the wildest and most deserted landscapes of the island. Enjoy the Bonete and Fome beaches. If you also want to enjoy the waterfalls, a good option is Cachoeira da Laje.

trips to do in sao paulo

trips to do in sao paulo


São Roque

Located just 60 km away from the capital, São Roque is known as the land of wine. The city has a 10 km road where you can find all the wineries in the municipality and some restaurants that are crowded on weekends. A great option for a round trip.

trips to do in sao paulo



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