Whether for the natural beauties or for the historical value, our country has wonderful churches to fulfill the dream of walking down the aisle.

The music playing, the triumphal entry, a delicate and unforgettable ceremony. Getting married in church is part of the dream of many brides and there is no better place than Brazil to make it happen. Whether for its natural beauty or its historical value, our country has stunning churches, ideal for celebrating the most exciting of weddings.

We've picked out 5 wonderful churches that will make anyone want to get married.

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Church of Our Lady of Sorrows – Paraty RJ

churches to get married in Brazil

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

The Nossa Senhora das Dores Church was built by the women of the aristocracy of Paraty in 1800. Forgotten for some time, it was renovated around 1900 and maintains this format to this day. Despite the “little chapel”, as it is known in the city, having a simple and simple interior, its facade makes up for it by being in front of a breathtaking view, very close to the sea.   

Stone Cathedral – Canela – RS

churches to get married in Brazil

Photo: Rosanetur / Flickr

When night comes, a show of colored lights appears at Catedral da Pedra, in Canela. With this stunning view, tourists and city dwellers alike stop to admire the beautiful and imposing church. It is not by chance that it was elected one of the seven wonders of Brazil in 2010, by the news portal Terra. The church has a tower 65 meters high, and a carillon of 12 bronze bells.

Saint Benedict Chapel – Tamandaré – PE

churches to get married in Brazil

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

The beautiful and charming Capela de São Benedito, nicknamed “Igrejinha da Praia dos Carneiros”, is secular and was built on the sands of Praia dos Carneiros at the end of the 18th century, but it is still in full swing, performing many ceremonies, especially weddings. . And it's no wonder: the chapel is in front of a wonderful sea of crystalline waters, surrounded by several palm trees. The nature around you is exuberant! Currently, the chapel is on a private property and can be accessed from the beach or by boat.

Saint John the Baptist Church of Trancoso – Trancoso – BA

churches to get married in Brazil

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

The “Igrejinha do Quadrado”, as it is known, shares two beautiful and peculiar scenarios: in front of it, a village full of small houses. Behind, a viewpoint that allows a breathtaking and panoramic scenery of one of the most famous beaches of Trancoso. Built in 1656, today the scenery contrasts with the charm of the restaurants, shops and bars that occupy its surroundings. Igreja São João Batista is quite famous for holding weddings and, with high demand, it is necessary to request the date well in advance.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Diamantina – Diamantina – MG

churches to get married in Brazil

Photo: Rogerio Camboim / Flickr

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Diamantina is so imposing that it can be seen from various points of the city. Around it, bars and restaurants leave the building, which marks the main point of the historic center of the city of Minas Gerais, full of life and color. The original Church of Santo Antônio was built in the 18th century and gave way to the current one in 1933. There are still traces of the first construction, such as two baroque wood altarpieces.

Bonus: Capela de São Pedro – Fernando de Noronha – PE

churches to get married in Brazil

Photo: Dante Laurini Jr / Wikimedia Commons

Despite the initial purpose of listing the 5 wonderful churches to marry, we couldn't leave out the Capela de São Pedro. Imagine a tiny little church on top of the hill. Around you, the stunning panoramic view of Fernando de Noronha's scenery. This is the Capela de São Pedro, the simplicity and bucolic atmosphere are contrasted with the nature around it. At sunset, this incredible place becomes even more charming and romantic, perfect for celebrating a wedding.

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