With environments that explore transparency, discover 6 glass houses around the world to stay and contemplate nature

Gazing at the stars, observing nature, enjoying the natural light of the environment: there are many reasons that make houses built with glass walls and ceilings special.

There are several houses around the world that allow this unique experience of observing fabulous scenery through transparent structures. The coolest thing is that some of these wonders of modern architecture are available for hosting.

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The real estate rental website Vacation Rentals, selected six incredible houses made of glass from around the world for those who want to experience the sensation of living days in close contact with nature without leaving the comfort of their sofa.

New York, United States

Photo: Publicity / AlgueTemporada

It is house located on a farm in the state of New York one of the kitchen walls is made entirely of glass. Can you imagine preparing dinner while watching the trees and snow fall? You can even bring all your friends to enjoy the experience, as the house has five bedrooms and can accommodate up to 18 people.

Total nightly rate: R$4.011. Total rate per person per night: R$223.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Photo: Publicity/ AlugueTemporada

It is stunning mansion located in the province of Puntarenas, in Costa Rica, has an impressive architecture that brings all the rooms of the house together. Privacy is not the strong point of this house, but it is a great opportunity to take a family trip, as the structure allows parents to keep an eye on the children even though they are in another environment.

Total rate per night: R$4.067. Total rate per person per night: R$225.

Massachusetts, United States

Photo: Publicity/ AlugueTemporada

With wooden floors and all external walls made of glass, the feeling of immersion in nature provided by this house in the state of Massachusetts, in the United States, is complete. The place has three bedrooms and sleeps up to eight people.

Total rate per night: $571. Total rate per person per night: $72.

Piedmont, Italy

Photo: Publicity/ AlugueTemporada

Italian architecture, modern design and sustainability. This exotic house in the Piedmont region of Italy, all of its electricity is generated from clean energy and solar panels. Perfect for a very charming and romantic trip, it accommodates two people.

Total rate per night: R$2.087. Total rate per person per night: R$1.043.

Texas, United States

Photo: Publicity/ AlugueTemporada

This house-shaped shed with gigantic glass walls is for those who like space. The venue is great for weddings, parties, corporate events and also family gatherings, and can accommodate up to ten people in three rooms.

Total rate per night: R$2.228. Total rate per person per night: R$223.

Arizona, United States

Photo: Publicity/ AlugueTemporada

In the middle of the Arizona desert, this incredible sloping roof house and entire walls of glass bring the traveler and nature together in a unique way. The house has only one bedroom and is perfect for a couple looking for tranquility and fresh air.

Total rate per night: R$646. Total rate per person per night: R$323.

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