A trip on the high seas to enjoy all the beauties of Rio de Janeiro can be inspiring. Discover 6 destinations to rent a boat and enjoy scenarios you've never seen!

Some of the most impressive landscapes in Brazil can be found along the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Beautiful by nature, the coast of Rio de Janeiro offers spectacular scenery, with blue waters surrounded by hills with exuberant native forest.

In addition, part of the beach destinations in the state have a great structure, with good restaurants and trendy places. On the south coast, the highlights are the charming Paraty and Angra dos Reis, on the so-called Costa Verde. To the north, the sophisticated Costa Azul is home to the unforgettable cities of Arraial do Cabo and Búzios. Not to mention the capital itself, which includes the famous Copacabana and beaches like Ipanema, Barra da Tijuca, among others.

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However, if the coast of Rio de Janeiro is already known for its unique beauties from the perspective of those who admire it from the sand, then imagine sailing on its practically translucent waters and enjoying almost private natural pools? This privileged angle of total immersion with nature can only be achieved when renting a boat in Rio de Janeiro.

And, contrary to what many think, it can be very easy to fulfill this dream. To get an idea, it is possible to carry out the Boat rental in Angra dos Reis, Paraty, Arraial do Cabo and much more. We will explain how the service works and indicate 6 perfect destinations for sleeping on the high seas. Check out:

How does boat rental in Rio de Janeiro work? 

destinations boat rental RJ boat rental RJ boat rental in Rio de Janeiro boat rental in Paraty speedboat rental in Angra dos Reis

Photo: Publicity/Click&Boat

Renting a boat and experiencing all this experience may seem, at first, something inaccessible. However, having a vessel just for you, family or friends is easier than you can imagine. The Click&Boat platform offers different types of boats to choose from in a simple and intuitive way, as well as choosing a hotel to stay.

To rent a boat, it is necessary to access the platform and perform a simple registration. Then, you need to choose the destination where you want to navigate and include the dates of the experience. In addition, it is possible to choose the desired nautical transport model: speedboats, catamarans, sailboats, yachts and even floating houses that are available on the platform. There are several options, just choose the one that best suits your profile and your itinerary. The reservation is made online, quickly and conveniently, and you arrange the key delivery details directly with the boat owner.

Remembering that to drive nautical vessels it is necessary to carry the “Arrais”, a kind of “driver's license” for boats. If you or another passenger does not have this license, it is possible to hire a captain along with the boat rental, who remains as a guide throughout the trip.

Why rent a boat in Rio de Janeiro? 

destinations boat rental RJ boat rental RJ boat rental in Rio de Janeiro boat rental in Paraty speedboat rental in Angra dos Reis

Photo: Publicity/Click&Boat

THE boat rental in RJ in addition to a unique experience, it also allows you to have total autonomy to explore the beauties of the coast of Rio de Janeiro, without haste and at your own pace. If by land the beauties are already many, just imagine the possibilities of places that you can discover sailing through the crystalline waters of the region? If that still doesn't convince you, we've listed some reasons below:

  • Water Activities: Renting a boat gives you the possibility to practice, for example, snorkeling, fishing, diving and other activities in the water.
  • Special occasions: Whether to celebrate a romantic date or even have a different party with friends or family, renting a boat is a fun and irreverent way to celebrate.
  • Social distancing: Boat rental in RJ allows responsible tourism in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, since small groups of people stay on an isolated boat and away from agglomerations, with complete privacy.
  • Comfort and sophistication: A boat offers glamour, comfort and creates moments that will be treasured forever. Have you ever imagined renting a sailboat in Paraty or a speedboat in Angra dos Reis?

Destinations to rent a boat in Rio de Janeiro

Now that you know that it is possible to rent a boat in Rio de Janeiro to have fun, relax and explore places from a new perspective, we are going to show you 6 ideal destinations to sleep on the high seas. You will see that the possibilities are endless!

Rent a boat in Angra dos Reis

destinations boat rental RJ boat rental RJ boat rental in Rio de Janeiro boat rental in Paraty speedboat rental in Angra dos Reis

Photo: Publicity/Click&Boat

Sophisticated and surrounded by natural beauty, Angra dos Reis is the perfect destination for nautical tourism. That's because the place, which is an archipelago, offers a sea with a color that oscillates between blue and green, exuberant marine life and more than 360 islands to explore aboard a vessel.

Among them is Ilha da Gipóia, one of the largest and busiest, ideal for those looking for something more lively. For those who prefer peace and quiet, it is worth a visit to Cataguás Island, an excellent option for diving. In this case, the speedboat rental in Angra dos Reis can be a good option, since it is a motorized boat and allows more speed and comfort to see everything the region has to offer.

Rent a boat in Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Pixabay

Of course, the Marvelous City would not be out of this list, as it is even more beautiful when admired aboard a vessel. Rio de Janeiro offers many possibilities of places to explore on the high seas, some of which can be explored from Guanabara Bay or Marina da Glória. There are islands, natural pools, coves and a breathtaking view of some of the most famous Brazilian tourist spots. The capital of Rio de Janeiro can also be the perfect starting point to explore other destinations mentioned here.

Boat trips in Arraial do Cabo

destinations boat rental RJ boat rental RJ boat rental in Rio de Janeiro boat rental in Paraty speedboat rental in Angra dos Reis

Photo: Publicity/Click&Boat

The beaches of Arraial do Cabo are impressive at first sight. It is not for nothing that the municipality bears the nickname of the Brazilian Caribbean, such a similarity of the blue tonality of its waters with those of the islands of Central America. This is due to its privileged location, situated on a peninsula, which offers beautiful beaches surrounded by a strip of fine white sand. Many of them are only accessible by boat, such as the beautiful Praia do Forno and the famous Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, a perfect stop for diving.

Boat and boat rental in Buzios

Photo: Pixabay

Undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to explore consolidated Búzios is through boat rental. The region offers beautiful beaches that are often not accessed, as they are isolated and surrounded by mountains, so navigating to them is a unique opportunity. Its waters with calm seas and pleasant temperatures are inviting for strategic stops along the way, such as the peaceful Praia dos Ossos and the incredible Porto da Barra, in addition to the bustling Ferradurinha.

Boats, sailboats and motorboats on Ilha Grande 

destinations boat rental RJ boat rental RJ boat rental in Rio de Janeiro boat rental in Paraty speedboat rental in Angra dos Reis

Photo: Alexandrefutata / Flickr

Ilha Grande, which belongs to Angra dos Reis, is worth a special mention, as it has more than 100 incredible beaches to discover, some of which are always mentioned as the most beautiful in Brazil. With a dense and preserved vegetation, trails, waterfalls and a lot of tranquility, the destination hides good doses of paradisiacal scenarios.

As it is an island, the use of the boat is essential to carry out the tours, especially those that involve diving, since its waters are incredibly crystalline. Be sure to visit Praia de Lopes Mendes and Praia do Aventureiro, which offer scenarios worthy of a movie.

Sleeping on board in Paraty

Photo: Pixabay

With a look full of colorful houses and cobbled streets, charming Paraty is a delight for those who love history and culture. However, the city of Rio de Janeiro hides beauties that go beyond the mainland. Its islands and hidden beaches reveal a sea of incredibly blue waters, colorful fish and perfect spots for a private dive. Pouso da Cajaíba, for example, maintains the simplicity and rusticity of a fishing village and delivers incredible beauties. Other options are Vila Trindade, Ilha da Pescaria and Praia do Jurumirim.

Now you have plenty of reasons to plan a unique experience sleeping on the high seas or traveling aboard extremely comfortable and safe boats, even for larger families. Did you like these tips? Plan your trip quickly with the Click&Boat platform and for more tips, follow their page on Facebook.

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