Outside of the most popular itineraries in Latin America, check out our tips on 6 different destinations that will make you fall in love with Uruguay, our charming neighbor

If you want to take an international trip off the beaten path and, here, close to Brazil, check out our tips on these 6 destinations differences that will make you fall in love with Uruguay.

Small but charming, the Uruguay is one of the destinations in Latin America dear to Brazilians. But when we hear about our neighboring country, usually, only its capital Montevideo and the famous Punta del Este stand out.

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However, in the vicinity of the two best known cities, there are excellent options for super cool places to visit, which offer beautiful landscapes, great attractions and impressive historical scenery.

These destinations to discover in Uruguay can be visited on day trips from Montevideo or Punta del Este. But, so beautiful, they deserve you to stay a little longer to enjoy everything they have to offer.

Beaches with warm and agitated waters, viewpoints that reveal incredible views, rustic villages and historic buildings are some of the attractions that you will find in these places. So, pay attention to all our tips and build your itinerary through the amazing Uruguayan lands.

Different destinations to visit in Uruguay

Ready to discover the 6 different destinations that will make you fall in love with Uruguay? So, read on and see how many cool places to visit, whether on a day trip or a trip for a few days.


destinations in uruguay

Photo: Gerardo Silveira / Wikimedia Commons

Located close to the famous Punta del Este, the city of Piriápolis is a charming resort with an interior feel. With more than 20 km of beaches with warm waters and white sand, it is a great option for a day trip from Montevideo and Punta del Este or even for a few days' accommodation.

In addition to the beaches, Piriápolis has many very interesting attractions, such as historical places, ecological tours and cerros (hills) with incredible viewpoints. Among the most famous sights are Rambla de los Argentinos, Cerro de Santo Antônio, Cerro Pan de Azúcar and Castillo de Piria.

Villa Serrana

Photo: Claramar / Wikimedia Commons

About two hours away from Montevideo, Villa Serrana is located in the department of Lavalleja and is a great option for those who enjoy nature and tranquility. The village surrounded by native forest, magnificent rivers, rocky cliffs and many fields is one of the different destinations that will make you fall in love with Uruguay.

Lovers of ecotourism and adventure tourism will find Villa Serrana the ideal setting for trekking, abseiling, climbing and zip lines. In addition, the village is great for horseback riding and walks in its various valleys. Just as it pleases – and a lot – those looking for peace and beautiful views.

José Ignacio

destinations in uruguay

Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius / Wikimedia Commons

Another beautiful – and little known – resort in Uruguay, José Ignacio is almost an extension of Punta del Este and is 160 km from Montevideo. Former fishing village, today José Ignacio houses luxurious hotels in the midst of the simplicity of the place, which preserves the tranquility and rusticity.

The beaches of José Ignacio are beautiful: Playa Mansa, to the east, and Playa Brava, to the west. As the names suggest, the first has calm waters and the second, rough seas. Among them is the José Ignacio Lighthouse. Built in 1887, it is the city's postcard and can be visited. From the top of its tower – after facing 121 steps – the visitor has a 360-degree view of the beaches and surroundings.

Cabo Polonio

destinations in uruguay

Photo: Rubedu / Wikimedia Commons

An almost deserted beach with a village without electricity and internet, lit only by its imposing Lighthouse. This is Cabo Polonio, an ecological reserve in the Department of Rocha, 140 km from Punta del Este.

It is the perfect place for those who want to forget about the world and have extreme contact with nature. The place can be visited on a tour of one or more days. There are several charming hostels and inns in Cabo Polonio, as well as some restaurants. There are not many options for tours, it is the destination to go and relax by the sea. 

Colonia del Sacramento

uruguay roadmap

Photo: Diego Delso / Wikimedia Commons

Cobblestone streets, lots of greenery and colonial-style houses are hallmarks of the charming Colonia del Sacramento. Bathed by the immense Rio de la Plata, this historic city is 180 km from Montevideo and is also a great option for a day trip from Buenos Aires. That's because the Argentine capital is just 50 km from Colonia del Sacramento on river boat trips.

Colonia del Sacramento's main attraction is, of course, its beautiful historic centre. The set of streets preserves mansions, with Spanish and Portuguese architecture, which deserve to be contemplated. Another point to visit is the Colonia del Sacramento Lighthouse, which offers a privileged view of the city.

Punta del Diablo

uruguay roadmap

Tour in Uruguay. Photo: Paulo Ramalho / Flickr

A small town on the Uruguayan coast, Punta del Diablo has a rustic, beachfront feel. 290 km away from Montevideo and only 45 km from the border with southern Brazil, it is one of the different destinations that will make you fall in love with Uruguay. It is on the border with the Santa Tereza National Park and was once a fishing village.

Today, Punta del Diablo has many wooden huts, bars and restaurants and three beaches popular with surfers. Its waters also attract right whales, weasels and sea turtles, which can be observed from various points. When visiting Punta del Diablo, you cannot miss its traditional handicraft fair and Laguna Negra, the largest coastal lagoon in Uruguay.

Did you like our tips on different destinations to visit in Uruguay? It is even worth putting together a script that includes more than one of them, given the proximity between some of them. After meeting them, don't forget to tell us how it went.

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