Waterfalls, beaches and natural pools: discover the most enchanting scenarios in Turkey with incredibly crystal clear waters

THE Turkey It is a destination that surprises with the diversity of places to visit and be enchanted by stunning landscapes. The country displays some of the most beautiful and exotic scenery on the planet such as beaches, deserts, forests and mountains. Before plan a trip to the country, it is worth the incredible places with crystalline waters to visit in Turkey, which enchant tourists with their exuberant beauty.

The agency guide in turkey, one of the most recommended on TripAdvisor and an expert on Turkish destinations, helped us create a list of 6 places in the country that have incredibly crystal clear waters. Based in Istanbul, the company has a team of guides who speak Portuguese, in addition to carrying out personalized tours through various Turkish destinations according to the profile and preference of each traveler.

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Turkey: which places have crystal clear waters?

Butterfly Valley

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Butterfly Valley is a beach located in the small village of Faralya and is accessible only by boats departing from Oludeniz, in the southwest of the country. In the midst of two imposing cliffs, the place is a paradise with crystal clear waters and white sand that also has unusual and colorful butterflies, which spread in more than 100 species, making the atmosphere even more magical.

Don't expect a big hotel structure in Butterfly Valley, since the place is a preserved oasis with rustic structure and a lot of tranquility. In addition to the beach, it is possible to walk through the mountains, into the valley, and find beautiful waterfalls and even more nature to be dazzled by. You can already see that crystal clear waters are not lacking in this wonderful place, right?



Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle” and is located about 600 kilometers from Istanbul. The name lives up to the all-white scenery that seems, at first, covered by snow, but the cold passes far away. The fairytale-like atmosphere is actually a consequence of the limestone formation that gives the mountains a surreal appearance.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, this true natural wonder is about 2700 meters long and 160 meters wide. the incredible pamukkale it still has warm waters that flow gently from the top of the hills and give rise to incredible thermal pools of bluish tones. In addition to being dazzled by the landscape, it is possible to swim in some of the so-called “travertines”, names given to these stunning natural pools, and relax a lot.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Located on the southern coast of Turkey and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, antalya or Antalya, is the gateway to the famous and stunning Turkish Riviera. With an excellent hotel and tourist structure, it is a very popular place because of its beaches with white sand and crystal clear turquoise blue waters that, surrounded by mountains, provide the visitor with a perfect scenic setting.

The city also offers 300 days of sunshine a year and something that makes it even more special: the Düden Waterfalls, an impressive drop that flows directly into the sea, from the top of a cliff over 40 meters high. If you love breathtaking landscapes, Antalya is one of the places with crystal clear waters in Turkey that you should include in your itinerary through the country.


beaches in turkey

Beaches in Turkey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

White houses, flowered balconies, an incredibly blue sea and white sand remind you of Greece, right? Yes, but actually we're talking about paradise called bodrum, at Turkey, located between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. With an air of sophistication and luxury, the city attracts personalities, artists and the upper classes of Istanbul, making it the perfect mix between fun and natural scenes worthy of a movie.

In addition to being one of the best places to enjoy crystal clear waters in Turkey and a busy night, Bodrum also has several attractions for those who enjoy cultural tours, as it is the birthplace of Herodotus, one of the greatest historians of antiquity.

Kursunlu Waterfall

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Kursunlu Waterfall, a few kilometers from Antalya, in the south of the country, is one of those places that seem to have come out of a painting.

Surrounded by a canyon, several waterfalls form a small natural pool with incredibly crystalline waters, where colorful fish, freshwater turtles and crabs swim freely.

The waterfall is located in a large area, which has a restaurant and space for picnics with tables and chairs. Without a doubt, this is one of the places with crystal clear waters in Turkey that you must visit.


beaches in turkey

Beaches in Turkey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

the incredible Oludeniz, also in the Turkish Riviera region, is a small resort, bathed by the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. This is where the boats depart for Butterfly Valley – so it's worth combining the two places in your itinerary.

The place is known for being home to the incredible “Lagoa Azul” beach, famous for its calm, intense blue waters that form a huge natural pool surrounded by mountains.

To get an idea of how impressive Lagoa Azul is, the place is often included in the list of the 5 most beautiful beaches in the world by various tourist publications, such as magazines, websites and newspapers. The place is also suitable for the practice of paragliding flights, which provide a panoramic view of its natural beauties.

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