Discover several destinations in Portugal that you have probably never heard of, but need to know on your next trip

Definitely, Portuguese destinations have entered the Brazilian traveler's route, and we increasingly talk here about the main points to visit in Portugal. The country is being tourist destination time, but it must be agreed that we have good reasons for this.

Despite being a relatively small country, some itineraries do not appear in most of the suggestions, as they are much less known. With that, we also want to encourage you to discover another side of Portugal, knowing other scripts outside the “common sense”.

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destinations in Portugal

Dornes Peninsula, in Ferreira do Zêzere. photo: vortexmag

Imagine a village, situated on a small peninsula on the bank of a large river, with a medieval tower protecting the village. This fairy tale or movie setting from the Middle Ages is called Dornes. You might think the tower is small or not so pretty, but it has a unique detail: it's a pentagonal tower. It was built by the Templars to defend Tomar, their “capital” in Portugal. if you know The History of the Knights Templar, you will understand that this almost unknown village has a unique monument.


View of the city of Viseu. Photo: Michael Gorski

This city, considered as the capital of Beira Alta, often passes by the main tourist itineraries. Something unfair for a city with 2000 years of history, where you can still find traces of a defensive wall built by the Romans. Visit the Cathedral and the Grão-Vasco Museum to discover some of the local beauties.


destinations in Portugal

Photo: PAulo Juntas / Wikimedia Commons

They say that Portugal has everything there is in the world, despite being very small. And you ask: do you have a mountain village? Yes. Serra da Estrela is not the Alps or the Sierra Nevada, but if you visit Loriga in winter you will understand how hospitable the Portuguese can be even in a mountain setting.


Golden Buddhas in Bombarral. Photo: Carlos Luis MC da Cruz

Think of a region of small hills, with orchards and vineyards as far as the eye can see, close to the sea, with great food and wines, and ancient stories to tell – from Napoleonic battles to a mysterious church burned and demolished in the early 20th century. With Buddha Eden, the largest multicultural park in Europe, in homage to the great cultures and civilizations of the world. And a few kilometers from Óbidos, Nazaré or Mafra. You can find all this in Bombarral.


Miramar Beach. Photo: Sergei Gussev

Have you ever imagined a church in the middle of a beach, built on a rock beaten by the waves of the sea, but which is never submerged, almost by a miracle? The Capela do Senhor da Pedra is certainly one of the most original and unknown monuments in Portugal.

Miramar beach is close to Espinho, where you can visit one of the biggest casinos in the North region of Portugal. It is true; unlike in Brazil, where you can only play by accessing the netbet or another similar site, in Portugal there are several casinos open to the public, which include a restaurant, concert hall, etc., where you can go and play in a good way.


destinations in Portugal

Portuguese architecture in the Spanish city of Olivença. Photo: Manuel Alende Maceira

Attention: with this article, we don't want to create problems with Spain! Officially, the village of Olivenza belongs to Spain, located in the province of Extremadura. The point is that this village was conquered by Portugal in 1800, and at the end of the Napoleonic wars there was a European treaty determining its return. But Spain never returned it.

Nowadays, the inhabitants of Olivença practically do not speak traditional Portuguese Portuguese, but it is easy to find traces of Portuguese history in the main monuments of the village. Also, even if nobody in Portugal or Spain wants to fight a war over a small village, getting to know Olivença can be a good option on your itinerary. Curiosity: the Portuguese State does not officially recognize this border, to this day.

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