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After some time hiking and practicing trekking naturally you will feel the need to make longer and more difficult journeys. Body and soul begin to ask for a deeper contact with nature, an often mystical connection and an aversion to hotels and services. all inclusive. If you are suffering from these symptoms, the only remedy is to venture out. great expeditions around the world. In case this idea never crossed your mind, today we are going to explain everything you need to know to enjoy an adventure like this in the best way.

What are great expeditions?

Think of the most fascinating landscapes on Earth. Think now that to get there you will need to test some of your physical limits. All the effort is compensated by the inhospitable landscapes that these types of trips provide. Think, too, of several days of letting go of work, problems, and everything else that occupies your own mind. Of course, a trip to the coast can already be a great adventure for some, but when we talk about great expeditions, we are talking about heavy backpacking, often extreme environmental conditions and ecstatic nights camping with the most starry skies of their lives. . Some trips create experiences that last a lifetime. Do you like such an adventure? Discover some of these trekking destinations.

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THE Everest Base Camp, which is at over 5,360m in altitude, is perhaps the most famous example of a trekking expedition. There, the adversities can be snow, wind and a lot of climbing, and the counterpart, in addition to being in front of the largest mountain in the world, is an almost transcendental experience with the number of temples that exist along the way.

But you don't have to go to the Nepal to embark on a great expedition. Options abound. And for you who are looking for a stamp from every corner of the world, here is a suggestion for a trip to the five continents of the planet:

America: Mount Roraima (Brazil – Guyana – Venezuela)

Considered by the Amerindian peoples a sacred mountain, only 5% from the Mount Roraima is Brazilian territory. But in mystical terrain there are no borders, and the circuits that lead to the summit pass through fields of crystals that sprout from the ground, natural “jacuzzi” and even a large lake. And if the day allows for a mist, you will understand why the magic of the place is. Expeditions there usually take between 7 and 10 days trekking, all camping. A long walk through surreal landscapes. The difference between the routes is in the number of days on top of the mountain visiting its attractions.

Photo: Paulo Fassina / Wikimedia Commons

Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

If you think Africa is all savannah, safari and heat, it's time for you to discover the Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest mountain on the African continent is also the highest on the planet located outside a mountain range, with exact 5,895 m of altitude. It is a huge mountain that is home to three dormant volcanoes, and the path to its highest point begins in the rainforests of Kenya and Tanzania, and ends in the summit glaciers. Yes, glacier in Africa! And to better connect with the spirit of the mountain, the road map that Pisa Trekking offers uses a route much less used by travelers. Which is very important, as Kilimanjaro is the most climbed mountain on Earth, with up to 35,000 people walking its trails a year.

Photo: Wolk9 / Pixabay

Asia: Annapurna Base Camp (Nepal)

An alternative to Everest still little known is the Annapurna. It is less difficult, less crowded, less expensive, but no less beautiful. The challenge couldn't be better, on this trip the adventurer brings together a long expedition and a fabulous journey through the indescribable Nepal, in the heart of Asia. Annapurna is “only” the 10th highest mountain in the world, and the mountain massif in which it is found has other peaks with altitudes ranging from 7,200 to 8,000m. The trail to the base camp of this mountain, considered sacred by the Nepalese, is crisscrossed by beautiful valleys, forests, waterfalls, temples and monasteries. A full plate for an immersion trip in the Nepal.

Photo: Arto Marttinen / Wikimedia Commons

Europe: Tour du Mont Blanc (France – Italy – Switzerland)

The most famous mountain massif in the Europe is an invitation for lovers of the outdoors. the trails of Tour du Mont Blanc they have great infrastructure, which is easy to understand knowing that they are in the territories of France, Italy and Switzerland. There are many options for trails with various difficulties. At Pisa Trekking, a tour operator with itineraries for there, the options are of medium difficulty and have excellent operational support. Still, they are only recommended for experienced travelers on long walks. And on top of that, to replenish your energy between each of these stretches, there's nothing better than the restaurants scattered around the villages along the way. Click on the links to see the itinerary.

Photo: SteenJepsen / Wikimedia Commons

Oceania: South Coast Track (Australia)

As well as the trails Machu Picchu were opened by the Incas a few centuries ago, in the South Coast Track you will walk along the path of the ancient aborigines. There will be 82 km of trail divided into 8 days of dunes, forests, rivers and mountains populated by exotic animals that only exist in Tasmania. It is a very particular biodiversity of the Australia, which even has granite stone beaches. Imagine now having the privilege of camping every day in places like this? Yes, here your biggest concern will be to take advantage of paradisiacal scenarios rarely explored by man.

Photo: Macropod / Wikimedia Commons

How can I make a big expedition?

Not all large expeditions need to be carried out in the perrengue. The important thing is to let go of the routine and enjoy the long walks. A great request for those who want to start in this world is the Discovery Trekking in the South of Bahia. There are 9 days of travel, 6 of them sleeping in a tent and waking up in the midst of coconut groves and cliffs on the coast of Bahia. And despite the trekking are 10 to 20 km a day, you can contemplate paradise beaches by the way.

Not to mention that the overnight stay is always in a tent, some expedition itineraries have very comfortable rooms in mountain lodges and refuges. After all, to enjoy adventure you don't necessarily have to like going through trouble, right?!

Bearing in mind that although inspiring, the great expeditions require good physical preparation and planning. No experience will be mystical if you suffer and get hurt, so the most important thing is always to cherish your safety. Another important thing is the equipment. Without a suitable backpack or tent, or the correct cold-protection clothing, your trip could be compromised. But having the basics, the sky is the limit. And if you only need to worry about the condition of your legs, you can count on the Pisa Trekking. For over 30 years, they have been experts in adventure travel in Brazil and around the world, ensuring your safety and comfort. meet on here some of the itineraries of great expeditions and plan your next trip now!

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