With its privileged location right in the center of the country, Rome can be the starting point to discover other beautiful Italian destinations on a day trip.

The old saying goes that “all roads lead to Rome”. who is already in Pomegranate, luckily, you can also get to know several destinations very close to the Italian capital in just one day trips.

Being located in the central region of the country, Pomegranate It is the perfect base for those who want to know a little more about Italy. Savor an authentic pizza in the bustling Naples, enjoy the bucolic climate while tasting good wines in the region of tuscany or be impressed by the charm of the colorful houses in amalfi coast are some interesting possibilities for those who want to explore other places on a day trip from the Italian capital.

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The third most populous city in the Italy and the birthplace of pizza is just over 200 km from Rome. Capital of the Campania region, the bustling Naples it has a historic center with sumptuous buildings such as the Duomo, the city's main church. The Compesso Museale di Santa Chiara is formed by a basilica, a double monastery, a crypt and an archaeological museum that reveal a beautiful architectural ensemble.

In Naples it is also possible to see some medieval castles such as the Castel Nuovo, from 1279, which served as a royal residence and which currently houses a museum. It is in Naples that you will try the traditional Italian pizza, which has a thin and shapeless crust, in addition to a very characteristic sauce. The Archaeological Museum of Naples conserves objects and provides information about the areas destroyed by the Vesuvius volcano in Pompeii.

Speaking of which, for those who want to stretch out on the tour, a tip is to go to Naples in the morning and, in the afternoon, see the impressive ruins of Pompeii in person. Get ready to walk and come across relatively preserved buildings. It is possible to observe the streets and the old buildings, accessing the interior of some of them, a unique experience.


Approximately 45 minutes from Pomegranate it is Tivoli, another charming option for a day trip visit. The most interesting thing about this itinerary is the possibility of getting to know two beautiful monuments that are considered World Heritage Sites, Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana.

At Villa d'Este you will have the chance to be dazzled by the beautiful fountains that beautify the place and its Renaissance gardens. Villa Adriana, a huge residential complex built by Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD, is known for its architecture and beautiful green spaces.

amalfi coast

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Photo: kirkandmimi / Pixabay

Approximate distance from Rome to Amalfi Coast is 274 km. Located in southern Italy, this region is a real consumer dream for everyone who travels to the country. They are beautiful landscapes in a setting that mixes the incredible blue tone of the sea with colorful houses.

Several cities make up this region and sorrento it's one of the biggest. Like the others, it has many ups and downs ideal for a walking tour and stunning views. If you want a little fun, there are several restaurants and pubs that get very busy at night.

Positano is the city where it appears in almost all the publicity images of the amalfi coast. Very cute, it looks like it came out of a fairy tale book with so many charming houses, alleys and alleys. already the incredible Almalfi is a very important port city in the Mediterranean, with several attractions such as the church Duomo di Sant'Andrea, one of Italy's postcards.


the medieval assisi, in the Umbria region, is approximately a 3-hour drive from Rome. So leave early to discover the birthplace of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of Italy. One of the most important points of pilgrimage for religious, the small town has several medieval buildings that occupy the streets, such as the Basilica di San Francesco (San Francisco) and the Basilica di Santa Chiara (Santa Clara).

Assisi is also very charming, so be sure to stroll through the beautiful buildings and stone houses, alleys, alleys, squares, walls and fountains that are scattered throughout the city and, at the end of the day, taste an incredible wine.

southern tuscany

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Photo: Bischoff49 / Pixabay

A lot of people don't know, but the tuscany, Italy's most romantic region, can also be included in a day trip from Rome. In visits that contemplate the South, it is possible to visit charming medieval towns that are well known for their wineries and for the production of typical products such as Pecorino cheeses, salami, among others.

In addition to tastings, it is also possible to be dazzled by incredible scenarios, such as flowering fields of sunflowers and beautiful mountains. In Montepulciano, you will be enchanted by historic buildings, charming little houses along the cobblestone streets and taste the famous Vino Nobile of Montepulciano.

very close to there Montalcino, where the famous Brunelo de Montalcino wine is produced, one of the most precious in the world. End your tour at pienza, designed by Pope Pius II to become an ideal city, was built according to Renaissance beauty standards. It is also where the famous “Pecorino di Pienza” is found, produced with sheep's milk and owner of an incomparable flavor.  

Castelli Romani

You Castelli Romani they are small and charming towns that boast green areas, lakes, ruins and Roman castles, where emperors and wealthy families used to escape the heat of Rome during the summer. The region is also famous for its wineries, where tastings are possible.

Castel Gandolfo, in addition to being one of the most charming cities in Italy, is famous for hosting the apostolic palace, summer home of the Popes. The space is currently open to the public for visitation. Already in airiccia you will have the opportunity to taste the famous porchetta, a typical dish of the region with very tender and succulent pork seasoned with fine herbs and other spices.

northern tuscany

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Northern Tuscany is also a viable option for a day trip from Pomegranate. siena It is one of the cities worth visiting, as it is made up of medieval buildings that give tourists the sensation of being transported back in time. Another nearby option for a visit is Monterioggini, a charming fortified town full of charming places.

Finally, the graceful San Gimignano It is a small village nestled among the Tuscan hills that can be visited in a few hours. The city is famous for the large number of medieval towers it has, which symbolized power among the richest families in the region.

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