Get to know a little about each of the seven emirates, their landscapes and curiosities before visit this fascinating country

You United Arab Emirates are situated in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula and border Oman and Saudi Arabia. The emirate of Dubai is the best known of them, but there are also six others, which are: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. Dubai has stood out in recent years due to the strong investment it has received, creating the largest and most modern city in the entire territory. 

One factor that attracts travelers from all corners of the planet is the mix between tradition, culture, history and modernity that the emirates offer, so they all deserve to be on the list of destinations to visit in the United Arab Emirates, each with a different characteristic that is worth knowingThe region has beautiful cities, with areas of impeccable natural beauty and historical importance, luxurious hotels and modern attractions for those looking for party or peace. Do you want to fall in love with the country once and for all? We have a list of seven places to visit in the United Arab Emirates. Pack your bags and enjoy. 

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Abu Dhabi

Photo: Artur Malinowski / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Capital of the United Arab Emirates, the emirate of Abu Dhabi increasingly invests in tourism, creating attractions capable of pleasing any type of traveler. The Arab architecture takes care of the religious buildings and mansions, the style is present and very well preserved by the neighborhoods and tourist areas. In older buildings and holy mosques, grandiose works are mixed with modern and futuristic skyscrapers. The big attraction is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a huge mosque and postcard of the capital, but also look for the amusement park there Ferrari World – regarded as the largest indoor theme park in the world. Other legal ready-mades are: the mall Marina Mall, The Heritage Village, where they recreate all the culture and way of life of the people of the desert and the Yas Marina – F1 Circuit, a great entertainment center dedicated to the sport.  


Photo: pj soans / Wikimedia Commons

Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates that make up the country, in all, it is only 260 square km. The coastline formed by the blue sea and the white sand, full of resorts, attract many tourists and residents of the region who seek to spend their weekends in this resort. And don't think that just because it's a small emirate that doesn't surprise tourists, it's no wonder that Ajman is on the list of beautiful places to visit in the Arab Emirate. Compared to other emirates, full of futuristic buildings and ostentation in modernization, what draws attention in Ajaman are its beauties and natural reserve areas. There, look for the tourist attractions: Ajman Beach, Ajman Museum, Ajman City Center and Ajman Fishmarket


Photo: Simon Bierwald / Wikimedia Commons

More modern than traditional compared to the other territories of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has gained worldwide fame for being the most important commercial and tourist center in the Gulf region, and it is not for nothing that it is one of the most beloved destinations by Brazilians. Dubai surprises with its modern constructions and its natural wonder. What is not lacking here is suggestion of itineraries to enjoy. Dubai is certainly a of destinations to visit in the United Arab Emirates. There are several options to 'tourist' this emirate to the fullest, such as: Dubai Creek, Abra no Creek, Dubai Museum, Al Bastakia, Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Mall, Dubai Miracle Garden and the Butterfly Garden.


Photo: Mike “fasmike” Che / Wikimedia Commons

It is the youngest emirate of the seven emirates that make up the country, but even though it is the youngest, it has the oldest mosque in the region. Fujairah surprises with the beauty of its wide and spacious streets, decorated with a unique architecture. The city is not overloaded with huge skyscrapers, which makes it even more comfortable to rest and even more pleasant to enjoy the natural beauties that this place offers. For travelers who want to pass through this emirate, look for, Al Bidya Mosque, Fujairah Fort, Awhala Fort, Al Bithna Fort, Hajar Mountain and Al-Hayl Castle which are the sights that make any traveler want to return to this place.

Ra's al-Khaimah

Photo: Pxhere / Creative Commons CC0


Here you will find the most fascinating sand desert, lagoons, stream and beautiful mountains. This emirate is just 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport. It is still a little known place for tourists, but it offers a view of the Persian Gulf that has never been seen anywhere else, which certainly makes this destination on the list of places to visit in the United Arab Emirates that cannot be missed. The main tourist attractions are: Shopping Al Hamra Mall, a little shopping is always good, right? Jabal Jais, the top of this mountain offers a wonderful view of the city, the Ras Al Khaimah National Museum, the FunCity and Saqr Park and to cool off from the heat, the Ice Land Water Park.


Photo: University of Sharjah / Wikimedia Commons

Ideal for travelers who want to explore the rich Arab cultural heritage, Sharjah has over 20 museums, art galleries and restored historic sites, it is a place where history is rooted in the traditional values of the people. This makes this emirate one of the destinations to visit in the Arab Emirate. Among so many tourist attractions, the ones that draw the most attention are:  Heritage Area, Al Arsah Market, Al-Hisn Fort, Central Souq, Corniche and Al Noor Mosque, these undoubtedly cannot be missed on the tourist itinerary.

Umm al-Quwain

Photo: Peter Dowley / Wikimedia Commons

Umm Al Quwain has a long, hot and arid summer. But that doesn't stop this emirate from developing in terms of tourism, this is because Umm al-Quwain has beautiful beaches, ancient stories and ancient sites that leave travelers in awe. The main sights and activities to visit are:

Dreamland Aqua Park, a delightful water park, UAQ National Museum, a museum that tells the entire history of the United Arab Emirates and Umm Al Qwain Open Beach, which is a beach worthy of being on any itinerary for its wonderful natural beauty.

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