Beautify your room and make it look like a luxury hotel. Simple and inexpensive tips that meet contemporary architectural concepts.

When booking a room, every traveler in the world has the following characteristics: comfort, beauty and value for money. For many, it always sounds expensive to renovate a room to receive guests. Hire an architect, buy articles and furniture at the most reputable stores and spend money on structural renovations.

But, contrary to what many people think, it is possible to build a room with the same values that travelers seek, without spending a lot of money. In fact, these tips will not only provide a low cost, but also an attraction for your new guests. Follow up!

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Choose good bedding

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The first important point to note is which sheets or bedding to choose. This choice is often wrong and can generate a visual that the guest does not like. This visuality will also be registered when advertising the room. In this case, prioritize combinations for the neutral bedding set, which does not have extravagant colors or prints. Both prints and strong colors are difficult to generate a unity with the furniture, as well as the decoration of the walls or objects.

In many stores bedding is cheaper in the case of neutral colors and without many prints. This is also a way to save money when setting up the room. Another important aspect of this requirement is the quality of the sheet. Comfort is very important when choosing accommodation. Therefore, it is worth investing in sheets with at least 200 thread count. These sets are softer and influence comfort. It is possible to find them with very affordable values after a thorough search.

the colors of the walls

The colors for the walls should follow the same requirements for the bedding. Prioritize neutral colors. For the same reason: it's easier to create unity and combinations from neutral colors. Neutrality creates an air of modernity and this makes it easier to decorate with furniture that currently follows this trend.

Still, if there is an interest in investing in colors, take into account that they can create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the environment. Opposite colors, such as orange and blue, are not recommended, as they cause eye strain. As with strong colors. Avoid using dark colors, or those with strong tones. What can be done is to use them in certain sectors, generating amplitude effects. But in this case the costs would be higher. The most recommended are light colors. In addition to the ease of decorating with the other features of the room, they are cheaper and generate a feeling of comfort. Lighter colors also generate the same effect of spatiality, expand the space, in addition, of course, to being cheaper.


This is the aspect in which more will be invested. Looking for quality furniture, even if they are a little more expensive, is worth the investment. These have a more reliable resistance and this would avoid future replacements or repairs, which would lead to more expenses.

Take a good look at the size of the room before choosing furniture. Too much furniture can overwhelm the room and get in the way of getting through it. Taking measurements before making the purchase is essential. After that, value the comfort of these furniture. And in this case, do not save. Cheap can be expensive. A good search allows you to find those with the best cost benefit. 

Finally, create a unit between the furniture and don't forget that they have their uses. Furniture is not decoration!

furniture arrangement

As stated earlier, the arrangement of furniture is essential for your room to arouse the interest of potential guests. She must value the usefulness of the furniture that is there. When arranging them, make sure there is anything that gets in the way of walking around the room, or using any furniture.

In small spaces this work can be more difficult, in this case opt for less furniture. In larger spaces, value its amplitude. It is worth saying that opting for more modern chairs emphasize comfort. It's good to think about the layout of the bed. When very close to places of light, the guest's sleep time can be compromised, this means that you will have to trigger new expenses, such as a curtain for example. It is worth noting the arrangement chosen in the brightness variations. That is, observe the room day and night.

Lighting and atmosphere

Contrary to what is commonly thought, lighting does not serve only to generate light or darkness. Lighting plays a key role in creating an atmosphere in the room. This means knowing how to choose the position of the lighting instruments. Light, for example, influences the intimacy that can be present in the bedroom. Too much light, in addition to bothering the eyes, can generate a feeling of exposure. In rooms with light colors this intensifies.

Another important point is to allow changes in brightness, or atmosphere, through lamps and lamps. It is important to note that this equipment generates future expenses, as well as its physical appearance and how it can match your decor. An important tip is to prioritize natural lighting, in addition to reducing expenses and can also be manipulated through simple materials, such as curtains or other equipment that overlaps the window.


This aspect is one of the most important and most complex to make your room attractive. The decoration carries the sensations that evoke a sensation and this must be taken into account when elaborating the concept of the room. Note simple possibilities, as the fancy can be a point out of the curve and this would get in the way and generate noise even if the choices about furniture or wall colors have been right.

A decoration that contrasts with the characteristics of the furniture are attempts that can often be wrong. An important tip is to notice what sensations the colors, or chosen style generate in you. This is an interesting starting point for choosing decor.

details and storage

This item is important to attract your travelers. Room tidying often follows a certain pattern and this repetition does not attract many guests. Create a spatial dynamic that allows attention to flow from the first images. Think of arrangements that don't leave your furniture always leaning against the walls, or that are not practical. This is the most common output.

Pay close attention to the details that make up your room. This is where the difference can happen. This means paying attention to possible small dirt or stains. Never doubt that this will go unnoticed, guests notice the details. Therefore, always care and attention in your housekeeping.

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