Charming cities and stunning landscapes, full of unmissable attractions, await you in these destinations that will make you fall in love with Goiás

That the Brazilian cerrado has beautiful places, there is no doubt, and the state of Goiás was privileged by some of the most incredible scenery in this region. And you, of course, can't leave them out of your travel plans. To inspire you, we will list the 7 destinations that will make you fall in love with Goiás.

Get ready to discover charming and well-structured cities, in addition to stunning landscapes, filled with unmissable and unique attractions. There are options for all tastes and, we are sure, you will want to visit each one of them.

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So, let's get straight to the point. Check out what are the most sensational destinations that you need to know when traveling to Goiás.

Destinations to fall in love with Goiás



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A little city in the interior of Goiás, with the face of a village, Mambaí is privileged by an exuberant nature and, therefore, is the perfect destination for lovers of ecotourism. There you will find waterfalls and caves with incredible scenery.

Mambaí is located in the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of the sources of the Rio Vermelho and is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, beautiful rivers and stunning landscapes. The highlights are the Funil Waterfall, the Blue Pond, the Paraíso do Cerrado Waterfall, the Alemão Waterfall and the Borá Cave.

With so many spectacular scenery, the city has become one of the most sought after destinations for adventure sports, such as rappelling, zip lining, buoy cross, and pendulum. An unmissable attraction in the region, for example, is the zip line at Lapa do Penhasco.

The city is 500 km from Goiânia (GO), but the nearest airport is Brasília (DF), 300 km away.

Veadeiros Plateau


Photo: Aline Fortuna/ Wikimedia Commons

Located in the northeast of Goiás, the Veadeiros Plateau It's an amazing place to get to know, especially if you like to be in contact with nature. Surrounded by canyons, the region is also full of beautiful waterfalls and unique scenery, formed from the action of time, that are not found anywhere else. So much so that some of them are surrounded by mystery and even a little mysticism, like the Valley of the Moon, with unique rock formations.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Chapada dos Veadeiros that it is even difficult to choose what to do first. The numerous waterfalls offer refreshing baths, while the landscapes invite you to stop and contemplate their beauties. For the more adventurous, there is also no lack of leisure options, such as tree climbing, canyoning, rappelling, zip lines and horseback riding.

This region is protected by Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, which has more than 240 thousand hectares of preserved forest and encompasses eight cities, being the main support bases Alto Paraíso de Goiás, village of São Jorge and Cavalcante.

Earth Ronca

cities to visit in mato grosso

Photo: Caio Ribeiro / Wikimedia Commons

Also located in the northeast of Goiás, in the middle of the Central Plateau of Brazil, the Terra Ronca State Park is another must-see for ecotourism lovers. The region is home to more than 200 caves that reveal surreal scenarios and form one of the largest complexes of its kind in Latin America.

It does not stop there. The park also has many waterfalls and stunning landscapes, rich in flora and fauna. The name Terra Ronca comes from the “snoring” that the waters of the rivers make inside its caves. In fact, in some of them, the entire expedition is carried out along the river beds.

The caves are surprising for their grandeur and beauty. To get an idea, the Terra Ronca State Park it houses the 30 largest in the country and the largest of them, Terra Ronca, is over 90 meters high. Among the highlights are the Angelica Cave, which is 14 km long, and the São Bernardo Cave, which was formed by the Palmeira River.


mato Grosso cities

Photo: jcdf / Wikimedia Commons

goiânia is also one of destinations that will make you fall in love with Goiás. Fully planned, the city is the Brazilian capital with the highest number of green areas per inhabitant. There are parks all over the place – and there are many –, each one with its own particularity and many options for physical activities and family outings.

In addition, Goiânia is well equipped and offers attractions for all types of travelers, from those who prefer outdoor walks to those who prefer to travel for shopping. By the way, the city's fairs are famous and appeal to all tastes. For those who prefer cultural tourism, there are several museums and cultural centers.

It is also worth trying the delicious dishes of Goiás cuisine in the many restaurants and bars around the city. Therefore, when traveling to Goiás, take time to get to know its beautiful capital.



Photo: Pixabay

Deep in the interior of Goiás, the small Pirenopolis enchants for its cobblestone streets and colonial buildings and attracts tourists from all over for its incredible natural beauty. The city is surrounded by rivers of crystal clear water that form beautiful waterfalls. And the best: most of them have easy access and great structure to receive visitors.

Affectionately known as Peri, the city is the perfect destination for ecotourism lovers and for those looking for a quiet place to enjoy nature. In addition, it is a great place to learn more about the culture and history of Goiás, through its churches and museums.

Among all that is possible to do in Pirenópolis, start by visiting its historic center, get to know Rua do Lazer, and then go deeper into nature. But get ready, Peri has at least 80 waterfalls accessible by trails that lead to true paradises.

Rio Quente

places to visit in Goiás

Photo: [email protected] / Flickr

the small town of Rio Quente, in southwest Goiás, is known for its huge hotel complex that attracts tourists from all over. Located at the foot of the springs of the Serra de Caldas Novas State Park, the city benefits from the largest hydrothermal spring in the world and has natural pools with water at 37ºC.

Rio Quente Resort is the perfect destination for family travellers. The place has water parks with natural pools with thermal water, waterfalls, water slides and artificial beach, in addition to seven hotels and a great infrastructure for you to enjoy your days without worrying about anything.

The main attractions of Rio Quente are the Hot Park, Parque das Fontes, Eko Aventura Park and Serra de Caldas Park. The nearest airport is in the neighboring town of Caldas Novas, 27 km away.

City of Goiás Velho

Goiás cities


THE city of Goiás Velho it is the former capital of the state and an excellent destination for those who enjoy cultural and historical tourism. With an interior air, the city has cobblestone streets and several extremely preserved baroque-style houses, dating back to the foundation of Vila Boa de Goyaz.

The historic center overflows with culture in its many centenary buildings and in the artistic demonstrations that are frequent there, such as soirees, jesters, plastic arts, literature, ceramics and cuisine.

Goiás Velho is also surrounded by exuberant nature, full of beautiful landscapes. Cut by the Rio Vermelho, the city is in the region of the Tocantins-Araguaia basin and has several rivers to discover.

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