Scattered from North to South of the country, the historic Brazilian cities stand out as a huge tourist potential in Brazil. The charm and beauty of the attractions attract Brazilians and foreigners who have the opportunity to see old buildings and valuable items left as a heritage by our settlers, in addition to enjoying the well-preserved architecture of the time.

The southern region of Brazil is also home to some lesser-known historic cities, but they are not behind any other city like Ouro Preto in MG, Penedo in AL or Paraty in RJ. Meet some of them:

Lapa - PR

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The city has the largest preserved architectural complex in Paraná and is only 65km from the capital Curitiba.


Antonina – PR

The municipality of Antonino preserves the stone pavements and the dozens of colorful houses, around the beauty is on account of the Serra do Mar and the Bay of Antonina.

Antonio Prado – RS

The city is the guardian of the largest architectural collection in urban areas related to Italian immigration in Brazil.


São Miguel das Missões – RS

One of the most important Brazilian historical monuments, the ruins of São is the most visited attraction in the city. Listed by Unesco as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, they are almost on the border between Rio Grande do Sul and Argentina and were legacies left by the Jesuit missions in the 17th century.

Rio Pardo – RS

Rio Pardo is about 140 km from Porto Alegre. The city draws attention for its ancient architecture, predominantly Portuguese colonial.


San Francisco do Sul – SC

São Francisco do Sul is one of the oldest villages in the country. Its attractions are the colorful townhouses with colonial facades and the various beaches that surround the city.

Lagoon - SC

With more than 300 years of history, Laguna is a city full of palaces and beautiful houses with European architecture, mainly Portuguese, to fill your eyes. With around 600 buildings listed by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional, Laguna is practically an open-air museum.

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Photos: Rui Bittencourt, Jose Fernando Ogura, Lucas Brentano, Antonello, Caio Flávio, Constanza Liberatore, Carlos Colonetti Neto

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