Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima, and Ballestas Islands are some of the most popular destinations in the world. Peru and receive visits from thousands of people from the four corners of the world every day, but the Peru I owned hundreds of attractions must-see, there are so many that some end up being “forgotten” by the great mass of tourists, who often have little time to stay in the region and prefer to know the main attractions of the country.

If you are going to the country and have a little time to spare or want to make a different excursion, check out these tips for places few known in the Peru you need to visit:

San Fernando Reservation

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Photo: via Flickr – Thaissa1989

The gigantic protected area of San Fernando has approximately 154,716.37 hectares close to the coast with incredible landscapes, being possible to see several animals that live in the region such as seals and penguins!

Huayllay Stone Forest

Photo: via Flickr – zug55

The forest is located 40 km from the province of Cerro de Pasco at 4000 meters above sea level. The attraction is considered one of Peru's natural paradises, the extremely rocky area with boulders of exotic shapes and sizes was formed over thousands of years by wind, water and the displacement of the region's glaciers.

Sarcophagi of Carajía

Photo: Edgar Asencios

Located in the Amazon region, the sarcophagi measure around 2.5m and have human shapes. The pieces were found by Peruvian archaeologist Federico Kauffman Doig in the district of Luya.

Caleta San Jose

Photo: Rio Cañete

Caleta de San José is considered one of the best beaches in Peru, this wonderful part of the Peruvian coast is close to Arequipa, a city considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Photo: Franti Huaman

This beautiful place is located in the city of Yaucos, very close to Lima and draws attention due to the color of the Cañete River, which forms several waterfalls and lagoons with crystal clear waters in the region.


Photo: Margerie David

Known as Machu Pichu Limenho, this incredible archaeological site is located on top of a mountain in Huaral, 8 hours from Lima.

Canyon of the Lost

Photo: Marc Cobelens

Ideal place for hiking and adventure lovers, Canyon dos Perdidos is located in the middle of the desert in the district of Santiago in Ica. To get to know the region it is necessary to hire a guide, since the place is located in an inhospitable region and without signs that indicate paths.

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