Discover 7 must-see tours in Budapest, one of the most beautiful and economical European capitals 

THE Melissa Freitas of @maladememorias, visited the capital of Hungary and reported his experience, indicating 7 must-see tours in Budapest. Check out!

Budapest is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in europe, but still little known by Brazilians. The city that was once the scene of many massacres and a sad history of persecution during the second world war, today stands out with its grandiose architecture and its remarkable history. A very curious fact about the Hungarian capital is that it is cut by the river Danube, and this divides it into two sides: buddha and plague, and each one has unique and striking characteristics.

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The two cities have very unusual contrasts, where a beautiful architecture sometimes shares space with very old buildings that seem to have stopped in time and space, like some train stations for example.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

visit a hot spring

visit a spa in budapest is in fact one of best tours that you can do in the city, there are more than 30 options for you to choose from, and going to Budapest and not visiting a Thermal Bath is the same as going to Rio de Janeiro without knowing Christ the Redeemer. The most famous in the city is the Széchnyi, which is also the Europe's largest hot spring spa, the place is huge and deserves at least 3 hours, there are several outdoor and indoor pools and saunas, so set aside as much time as you can to get to know it. The tip is to take your towel and personal hygiene items to save on the rental value of these items on site.

Photo: Disclosure / Zechenyibath

Discover Buda Castle and have one of the best views in the city

From afar it is possible to see the majestic Buda Castle, also known as the royal palace, a place that was once home to several kings of Hungary. THE buddha castle now houses the library Széchényi, the museum of history of budapest and the Hungarian National Gallery. The place, besides being wonderful in itself, offers one of the best views in Budapest, making the place even more impressive, combining history, architecture and amazing views. Undoubtedly, it is an essential tour during your visit to Budapest.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

To get to Buda Castle you have a few options:

Option 1: Go up the slope to the left of the funicular, it is the cheapest way to get to Buda Castle.

Option 2: Go up by the Budavari Sikló funicular, this is the coolest option, the route, although fast, has a beautiful view. The value is 1200 florins per way, that is, on the way back you have to buy another ticket, or buy both before going up.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

See the great Hungarian parliament up close

The famous Budapest parliament, or better, Hungarian National Assembly, is an iconic monument, and the main tourist spot of the city. What few people know is that more than 190 members of the Hungarian Parliament, in addition to its entire team, totaling more than 800 people.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

The tip is to try to see it from different angles, the best views are from the Buda Castle, of Fisherman's Bastion, gives Chain Bridge or even facing him. Another tip is to go nearby at night, the Parliament lights illuminate Budapest at this time. If you have free time in your itinerary, I recommend taking a guided tour inside the Parliament, just access the official website to schedule. The visit lasts 40 minutes and costs around 17 euros for people who are not residents of the European Union.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Cross the Chain Bridge

Other must-see tour in Budapest is to cross the Chain Bridge walking, the bridge that crosses the river Danube The link between Buda and Pest was once considered one of the wonders of the world at the time of its construction. In addition to the bridge itself being beautiful, the views when walking on it are also beautiful, making walking across it a must-see.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Discover the Fisherman's Bastion

THE Halászbástya, also known as Fisherman's Bastion is one of the monuments that I most enjoyed visiting in Budapest, it was built between 1895 and 1902, and was a tribute to the seven Magyar tribes who were responsible for founding Hungary in the year 896. The monument is on the hill of Buda Castle, as is Matthias Church, and therefore offers one of the most beautiful in the city to tourists and residents who pass by.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Shoe Monument on the Danube River

Walking along the banks of the river Danube, near the European Parliament, you can come across about 60 pairs of iron shoes, they represent the Jews who were murdered there. During the winter of 1944 and 1945, a Hungarian party of Nazi character lined up Jews on the banks of the Danube River and shot them. This simple gesture conceived by filmmaker Can Togay and sculpted by Gyula Pauer portrays the country's sad past, contaminated by Nazi ideals. I confess that it is difficult to contain the crying there, even today people leave flowers and candles at the monument as a way of honoring the lives that were lost there.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Appreciate the wonderful Gothic architecture of Matthias Church

THE Matthias Church It is a Catholic church that was built in the Gothic style in the second half of the 14th century and is opposite the Fisherman's Bastion. As well as other miscellaneous buildings in budapest, Matthias Church is imposing and grand, it's worth stopping by to appreciate it for a while.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Those are just 7 Budapest tours, but the Hungarian capital has much more to offer, it would take at least 3 full days to get a good idea of the city, take advantage of the fact that the city is much cheaper than other European capitals and put it on your next itinerary.

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