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Geneva is indeed one of the most impressive cities I have ever seen, as it is rich in natural beauty, history, culture and still has a notorious geopolitical importance. I was in the city on my last trip to the European continent, in December 2019, and I was delighted with the place.

In this article I have separated 7 reasons for you to visit Geneva, this remarkable city.

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To enjoy the Jet d'Eau

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Lake Leman is one of the city's postcards, it is beautiful and very crystalline, but despite the lake itself already attracting attention, the Jet d'Eau manages to attract even more, being one of the best-known attractions in Geneva. The Jet d'Eau is a fountain that spouts about 500 liters of water at a height of 140 meters, attracting the attention of everyone who passes by. You can see the jet from different places in Geneva, from my bedroom window at Le Richemond, I could see it, for sure, this is an attraction that cannot go unnoticed on your trip to the city.

To take a boat trip on Lake Geneva 

Photo: Jose Manuel / Wikimedia Commons

In addition to walking on the shores of Lake Leman, I recommend taking a boat tour of it, as its beauty is so impressive that it is worth taking a boat tour of it. You have two main options there, the Geneva Tour Cruise, or The Mermaid's Cruise, which was the tour I chose. It is worth mentioning that both are free 100% with the Geneva Pass, which I highly recommend purchasing, as we save a lot with it.

The Mermaid's Cruise, is a boat trip lasting approximately 50 minutes, during which time the boat passes through landmarks in the city, starting with the Jet d'Eau, and following by several famous houses, international buildings and of course, the sculpture of the little mermaid from Geneva. This is a very quiet tour, you leave well rested, I recommend including it in your itinerary on a day when you are going to walk around the city a lot.

To stay in wonderful hotels

Photo: Disclosure

Geneva undoubtedly offers a great diversity of luxury hotels, among the 5 stars, several famous chains mark the city. I chose to stay at Le Richemond, an impeccable hotel, which in fact is among the best in town.

The wonderful and extremely comfortable hotel rooms, staying there was one of the highlights of the trip, in addition to all the service at the hotel itself, impressed me.

The location of Le Richemond is also privileged, as it is just a few steps from Lake Leman, and from several shops and restaurants. If you want to rest and relax, I recommend taking advantage of the hotel's spa, which is wonderful and well-known in the city.

To see the Reformation Museum and Saint Peter's Cathedral

Photo: Fenliokao / Wikimedia Commons

Geneva is also well known for its importance in the history of Protestantism in Europe and worldwide, and the Museum of the Reformation is the perfect place to learn more about this event that marked both the city and Europe in 1517. at the museum is also free with the Geneva Pass. Another very famous place that deserves a visit in the city is St. Peter's Cathedral, which was also so important at the time of the renovation.

In addition, it is worth visiting its towers, to climb there, there are 157 steps to reach the top, where you can enjoy wonderful views of the city. To climb the towers you must pay 5 francs, however, if you have the Geneva Pass, you are exempt from this fee.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the Geneva Pass is an excellent choice for those who are going to visit the city and want to know the main tourist attractions. The cost benefit of the pass is excellent, you can choose between the option of the pass being for 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours. 

To know and visit the UN headquarters

Photo: Groov3 / Wikimedia Commons

The United Nations complex in Geneva is also a remarkable place for the city, and indeed deserves a visit. The Geneva headquarters is the organization's second largest operational center in the world, the first being located in New York. 

You can book a guided tour through the official website of the UNO, they last about an hour and are mostly done in English and French.

The visit is really impressive, the guide takes you to several important rooms and explains the operation and history of the organization, note that the route can be changed on occasions of specific meetings.

For a day trip to Montreaux, and discover MP's Bar & Grill, one of the best restaurants in the region

Photo: Heidelbergerin / Pixabay

Montreaux is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, my visit to the city was even more special because I went at the end of the year, and I was able to visit the biggest Christmas fair in Switzerland, which in fact, is spectacular. Among the many reasons to visit the city, I could not fail to highlight the MP's Bar & Grill, a phenomenal restaurant at the Fairmont hotel, which is the best hotel in town.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were very well received, and after a brief presentation of the menu by the kind attendant who welcomed us during the night, we chose our dishes. To start I tried a delicious shrimp ravioli, which was very tasty, the touch of lemon made this dish even more delicious.

For the main course I chose Le Entrecôte Parisiense, which was impeccable, the meat couldn't have been tastier, I also tried the Steak fillet with lobster.

The desserts didn't disappoint either, they were all extremely tasty and impeccable, I had such a delicious and pleasant experience at the restaurant, they recommend you get to know Montreaux even if it's just to visit MP's Bar & Grill. 

To enjoy the wonderful shops in town

Geneva has a huge variety of stores, and shopping there can be a good option.

Initially I saw a lot of luxury stores, every possible designer store of jewelry, shoes, bags and clothes has a branch in Geneva, which is great if you want to shop, or find some more exclusive luxury item.

In addition to the typical brands, Geneva also has regular stores, such as Zara, Mango and others. 

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