Are you looking for a place to spend time with your love? We separate 7 romantic dinner ideas that can give your relationship a boost. Come check it out and choose the ideal one for you!

1- Dinner on the beach

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Photo: Publicity Hotel Ponta dos Ganchos

This is the most sought after option by lovers who prefer to eat a good dish outdoors, connecting with nature. When it comes to having dinner on the beach, you have two options: bring your own food or look for a hotel that has this service included, such as the Tip of Hooks, in Santa Catarina.

The beautiful summer nights are sure to be unforgettable with an exclusive dinner to the sound of the ocean waves, lit by torches and moonlight. The price of the packages varies between R$3400.00 and R$6700.00, there you can opt for the famous dinner on the beach, where only 3 couples can enjoy the atmosphere and menu of Chef José Nero.

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2- Contemplating the stars on Mureta da Urca 

Photo Reproduction: Passionate about travel

For couples looking for modernity and watching the sunset in the middle of the city, the view from Mureta da Urca, located in Rio de Janeiro, is worth it. It is not for nothing that Rio de Janeiro was baptized as the Marvelous City, right? Its landscapes are breathtaking.

In front of the Mureta you will find some restaurants and bars with typical Brazilian food, how about making a toast looking at the stars? in restaurants and find dishes such as: crab, shrimp, squid, cod, among others. In addition to numerous drinks and drinks. It's also a great option to enjoy the view on a budget, if you don't live in Rio de Janeiro, one option is to look for viewpoints in your city.

3- Romantic and cozy dinner at home 

Romantic dinner

Romantic dinner ideas. Photo: Disclosure

A romantic dinner at home can go beyond commemorative dates, you don't have to wait for a Valentine's Day, or some special date to make one, just want to surprise your partner with delicious homemade food and a decoration with candles, flowers, photos of the couple or a plaque with something romantic written on it, so that everything goes well.

This is undoubtedly the simplest to do for the low cost, but perhaps the most cozy for most couples, at home you can make whatever food you want, with whatever seasoning you want and arrange your romantic space wherever and however you like. want, thus making the meeting as personal as possible.

4- A romantic night in the trailer 

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Photo: reproduction

Who has never seen an American movie where the characters make romantic encounters in their trailers and was dying to? Well, know that it is not necessary to go to the United States to fulfill this dream. There are some places that are super connected with nature where you can rent a trailer and have the perfect dinner with your love.

In Mairiporã, for example, there is a Turiscar Trailer, it has capacity for up to two people and is ideal for that couple who wants to disconnect from everything and just enjoy that wonderful night.

The Trailer is very complete, it has a kitchen, super comfortable double bed, fridge, bathroom with that heated shower, wi-fi and even television if you want to watch a movie on Netflix. In the outdoor area, guests can enjoy a floor fireplace.

5- Dinner in a transparent cabin in the middle of nature 

Romantic dinner

Romantic dinner ideas. Photo: Trip To Follow

Photos of couples who went to a cabin in the middle of nature have been circulating on social media, here you will find everything about this wonderful date.

The space is called Cabana Home and is located in Araçoiaba, there you can stay in a transparent cabin, which is in the middle of nature, giving you the pleasure of sleeping and waking up watching everything that is most beautiful there.

The place has the capacity for two people to be totally comfortable in the accommodations, with air conditioning, external bathtub, shower, parilla and wood stove. To improve even more, any daily rate already comes with breakfast included in the package, and if the couple wants it, it can be inserted directly into the cabin.

6- Dinner at Mirante do Arvrão 

Romantic dinner

Photo: Reproduction Mirante do Arvrão

Located in Vidigal, the hotel was designed by architect Helio Pellegrino and is 100% ecological, has rainwater harvesting, heating is done by solar energy and using renewable materials. The view of Rio de Janeiro from the hotel's balcony is incredible, now imagine a dinner under the stars.

Now let's talk about food, most people who stay at Mirante do Arvrão end up eating at Bar da Laje, which has a breathtaking view of a part of the city and the sea, with the menu more focused on snacks and drinks, but if you want something different, no problem, just call Ifood and they deliver there without any problem.

7- Paris 6 Restaurant

romantic dinner ideas

Romantic dinner ideas. Photo: reproduction

If your intention is to find a place with references to French cuisine, this is the ideal place. At Paris 6 you will find typical dishes from Parisian bistros and brasseries, reinterpretations and creations by the chef.

The restaurant was opened on September 26, 2006 by Isaac Azar, from São Paulo, in the city of São Paulo. It is famous for having dishes named after celebrities, sometimes the name is just a tribute, sometimes the famous went and cooked with the chef, making his dish unique.

Much visited by couples who want to have that special moment together, it is also located in several states. So there's no excuse for not knowing, right?

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