Discover some of the main tourist attractions in São Paulo, the largest metropolis in South America

The city of Sao Paulo has a lot to offer, the largest city in Latin America has countless points that overflow history, culture and the spirit of being a paulistano. In the capital you can find a little bit of every place in the world in one place. The city is really big, but it's not hard to find tours and tourist places to visit in São Paulo. These tips will help you find the best tour to enjoy the leisure and cultural options that the city offers.

Ibirapuera park

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Photo: Leandro Rodrigues

Founded in 1954, the first and most important metropolitan park in Sao Paulo It is a corner of nature right in the heart of the gigantic city. A great destination whether to do the daily walk, picnic, bird watch, walk the dog and even go to the museum. Yes, inside Ibirapuera Park there are a variety of museums, such as the Afro Brasil Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) and the Modern Art Museum (MAM). Ibirapuera is also the most visited park in Latin America with around 13 million visits a year.

Lake Ibirapuera is the heart of the park. It is what separates the cultural area from the contemplation area and its famous fountains, which perform the most beautiful shows of water and light, are open every day of the week.

Museum of Art of São Paulo (MASP)

Photo: via Flickr – cyanopamine

The museum founded in 1947 by Assis Chateaubriand was the first modern museum in São Paulo and had the most important collection of European art in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, MASP has more than 10,000 works in the permanent exhibition, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, objects and clothing from all continents. Among the great names of art present in the collection are Picasso, Goya, Monet and Van Gogh as international examples and Almeida Junior, Candido Portinari and Anita Malfatti as nationals.

The MASP building is also a work of art. An architectural landmark of the 20th century, the museum building contemplates lightness and suspension. The radical design can be seen from the crystal easels on the second floor to the open ground under the building known as the “open space” that is often used by the population for demonstrations, film screenings, exhibitions and fairs.

Paulista Avenue

Photo: Silvano Rodrigues

Main avenue of the city, it contemplates all the best in São Paulo. There is no better way to contemplate the diversity of the capital of São Paulo than walking from Paraíso to Consolação. 3 km of commercial buildings interspersed with museums, cultural centers, bars, theaters, street cinemas and even shopping malls.
And if you're lucky, you can enjoy a show at lunchtime, Avenida Paulista is the stage for several street artists who spread out under the sidewalks riding the São Paulo soundtrack.

And for those who want a program without the coming and going of people on weekdays, the avenue is closed to vehicles on Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm and free for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the public space.

Municipal market

Photo: Marta Freitas

Better known as Mercadão, the Municipal Market of São Paulo is considered one of the most beautiful places in the city. Built in 1933, what stands out most in the building's architecture are the Greek-style columns, glass tiles, skylights and 32 panels divided into 72 beautiful stained glass windows that depict scenes from the reality of São Paulo at that time.

In addition to being stunning, Mercadão is one of the main gourmet spots in São Paulo. In its more than 290 stalls you can find exotic fruits, juices and spices to wines, meats and vegetables. The mortadella sandwich and the codfish pastel are famous local dishes, so famous that they are already considered typical dishes of the city of São Paulo. It is practically mandatory to try these delights, the difficult thing will be to choose which of the several stalls that serve the dishes to eat.

Sé Cathedral

Photo: Paulo Marques

The Sé Cathedral is one of the 5 largest neo-gothic temples in the world. It was inaugurated in the 4th Centenary of São Paulo, in 1954, still without the two main towers, these were completed in 1967. The current monument was built in the same place of the “old cathedral”, a church installed in 1591 when the chief Tibiriçá chose the land where the first temple in the city would be found.

In addition to the neo-Gothic charm of this tourist spot in São Paulo, the cathedral has a crypt with thirty burial chambers with sarcophagi of bishops and archbishops and the remains of cacique Tibiriçá, which is open to visitors.

In Praça da Sé, right in front of the cathedral, there is another tourist spot in the city of São Paulo. Marco Zero, a hexagonal marble monument, illustrates the map of the main roads that depart from São Paulo to other states and important cities, where each side represents a destination. Mato Grosso, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Goiás and the city of Santos.

The Sé Cathedral is open to visitors from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm; Saturday, from 8 am to 5 pm; Sunday, from 8 am to 1 pm.

Baixa Augusta

Photo: Nina Gazzi

The nightlife in São Paulo is considered the 4th best among the capitals of the world and the establishments of Baixa Augusta are largely to blame. Baixa Augusta is the region of Rua Augusta and surroundings where you can find cinemas, theaters, bars and some of the liveliest clubs in the city. It's a place where everyone can meet, it has a program for all tribes. From vegetarian restaurants and indie clubs to samba bars and music performance and poetry reading studios.

Light Station

Photo: Paulo Marques

One of the postcards of the city of São Paulo is one of the busiest stations in the city. Built as a railway station in 1901, Estação da Luz was once the most important train stop in the capital of São Paulo, being a mandatory stop for illustrious personalities who disembarked in São Paulo. The station reflects the historical moment in which it was built, highlighting the power of coffee in the city's expansion trajectory. Built next to Jardim da Luz, for decades its tower dominated part of the central landscape of São Paulo. His watch was the main benchmark for setting clocks in the city. Gradually, the station lost its importance with the growth of air and road transport.

Today, Estação da Luz is part of the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM) system on Line 11-Coral and of the São Paulo Metro on Line 1-Blue. And it also offers a tourist tour to other historic stations, the Tourist Express is a tourist line already in operation that makes trips connecting Luz Station, in São Paulo, Paranapiacaba and Jundiaí. It started in 2009, with locomotives with a capacity for 170 people, powered by diesel and running at about forty kilometers per hour.

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