In need of inspiration for your next trip? We selected 7 unusual destinations to visit in Brazil after the pandemic

The current moment calls for a much-needed break from travel, but that doesn't mean stop dreaming and planning itineraries out there. At least for now, there is no possibility of going back to experience adventures around the world, but this could be a good opportunity to define the next place to visit. 

At domestic travel, within Brazilian territory, will become a trend for the post-pandemic months. The reasons are diverse, but among them, the dollar high and domestic economic crisis may increasingly inhibit international travel, at least for the time being. 

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But anyway, this is not a big problem, as our country has an immense tourist potential and different places to guarantee the perfect vacation. Certainly, traveling to one of these destinations will be fundamental, including to improve income distribution and strengthen this market that has been immensely affected.

In addition, countless families depend directly and indirectly on tourism. Encouraging internal travel could be a decisive factor in the economic recovery of tourist cities, as these were the most affected by the pandemic.

Choose one of the many places to travel in Brazil, can become the best way to rest after the confinement time. Apparently, national trips will be the first to be released. Therefore, it is worth knowing some unusual destinations to visit once the pandemic is over. Incredible options and little explored touristy, full of nature and scenic landscapes are not lacking here. 

We selected unusual destinations to visit in Brazil after the pandemic. Check out some of them when planning your next trip. 

Serra da Capivara – Piauí

An indispensable place for lovers of archeology and history, Serra da Capivara National Park is one of the destinations you need to visit after the pandemic. Located in the hinterland of Piauí, the place houses the largest collection of open-air cave paintings in the world. There are more than 30,000 specimens to admire, in addition, there are still signs of human occupation up to 50,000 years old.

Among numerous points of interest for those who want to delve into the rich history of the region there is the Museum of Nature. The space offers 12 rooms accessed by a spiral-shaped ramp where visitors can truly immerse themselves in the past. The tour begins with the origin of the universe, passing through the ice age, the fossils of incredible giant animals and ends with warnings about the preservation of nature and the future of humanity. 

What to visit: Museum of Nature, Ceramics of Serra da Capivara, Museum of American Man, Circuit of Pedra Furada, Serra Branca, Toca da Entrada do Pajaú, Toca da Entrance to Baixão da Vaca and Toca do Inferno. 

Destinations in Brazil: unusual places to visit

More than a thousand cave paintings were found in Serra da Capivara. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Exotic destinations in Brazil

Human bones found in the Serra da Capivara region. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Cardoso Island – Sao Paulo

This true natural paradise still little known is located in the extreme south of the state of São Paulo, in the city of Cananéia. With an exuberant and untouched nature, it is necessary to take a boat to reach the island, which is located inside a state park and has no cell phone signal.

Instead of technology, untouched and practically deserted beaches, with the exception of an illustrious visitor: the gray dolphin, a species that inhabits the region and that even swims close to tourists. Perfect destination for those who want to disconnect in the midst of nature, the island still offers several trails, waterfalls and an abundant caiçara cuisine. A hint? Don't forget the repellent. 

What to visit: Cachoeira Grande Trail, Marujá Beach, Pereirinha Beach, Manguezal Trail, Morro das Almas Trail, Sambaqui Trail and Cambriú Beach. 

Different destinations to visit in Brazil

Aerial view of Ilha do Cardoso, on the coast of São Paulo. Photo: Publicity / Forest Foundation

How to get to Cardoso Island, SP

Cananéia is the gateway to visit Ilha do Cardoso. Photo: Reproduction / Cananéia City Hall

Terra Ronca – Goiás

Ready to be stunned by the grandeur and beauty of one of the most beautiful sets of caves in the Brazil? Located in the municipality of São Domingos in Goiás, 600 kilometers from Goiânia and 400 kilometers from Brasília, the Terra Ronca State Park offers more than 50 thousand hectares of practically unexplored area. There are waterfalls, rivers, trails and more than 300 caves, 5 of which are open to visitors. 

With trails that require different levels of experience, Terra Ronca reveals the best of the incredible Brazilian underground areas, presenting the most diverse scenarios sculpted by mother nature. When visiting the place, the accompaniment of an accredited regional guide is mandatory, in addition to the use of flashlights, long pants and shoes suitable for trails. 

What to visit: Caves of Terra Ronca, Angélica, São Mateus, São Bernardo, São Vicente (the most radical) and Lapa do Bezerra. 

Unusual places and destinations to visit in Brazil

Caves and grottos of Terra Ronca, in Goiás. Photo: Reproduction/ Márcio Bittencourt

Photos of Terra Ronca in Goiás

Photo via: Jornal Diário do Norte

São Miguel das Missões – Rio Grande do Sul

A little-visited place that should be on your list of unusual destinations to visit in Brazil after the pandemic is São Miguel das Missões. Located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, the place has one of the most preserved Jesuit ruins in the country. The monument, dating from the 17th century, can be visited at night through a real sensory show, a show of lights and colors that narrates the history of the place. 

During the day, however, it is worth walking and observing every detail of the ancient and imposing construction and its more than 30 meters high. On site there is also a museum with a large collection of indigenous artifacts, the Museum of Missions. Most hotels and restaurants are located in the city center.  

What to visit: Close to the city there are three other ruins that can also be visited: São Lourenço Mártir, São João Batista and São Nicolau. 

Different places to visit in Rio Grande do Sul

Historic Site of São Miguel das Missões. Photo: Wikimedia

Ruins of the 17th century Jesuit church. Photo: Jefferson Bernardes / Mtur

President Figueiredo – Amazonas

Presidente Figueiredo is known as the “land of Amazonian waterfalls”, as it offers more than 150 open waterfalls for visitors. A little over an hour from Manaus, the city is ideal for those who want to take a different tour full of ecotourism in the region. The city also offers caves, grottos and rapids in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, which allow a multitude of trails and activities in nature. 

Those who visit Presidente Figueiredo in May can still participate in the Cupuaçu party, the main cultural event in the place. During the event, which lasts about four days, it is possible to watch several shows of Brazilian popular music and taste traditional dishes from the region. 

What to visit: Sanctuary Waterfalls, Iracema, Pedra Furada, Mutum, Judea Cave, Maroaga Cave and Blue Lagoon. 

Unusual destinations to visit in Brazil

Mutum Waterfall, in Presidente Figueiredo. Photo via: Current Amazon

Unusual destinations to travel in Brazil

Presidente Figueiredo, the city of waterfalls in the Amazon. Photo: Rubens Curvelo / Wikimedia

Baixa – Bahia

One of the places still little explored in Bahia, the small village of Baixio is just over 150 kilometers from Salvador. A charming alternative for those looking for ecotourism in the region. The place belongs to the municipality of Esplanada and offers many options for trails and ecological activities. However, its main highlight is the paradisiacal lagoons with warm and calm waters for bathing: there are more than five of them formed by the springs of the region.  

If you literally want to relax in the lagoon, Baixio is a place to include in the list of unusual destinations to visit in Brazil after the pandemic. In addition to activities in nature, the city still offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere, good cuisine and a lot of hospitality.

What to visit: Panela Lagoon, Lagoa Verde, Lagoa Azul, Mamucabo and Ponta de Inhambupe.  

Unusual destinations and different trips in Brazil

Still little known, Baixio guarantees bathing in almost untouched areas. Photo via: Bahia Night and Day

Different trips around Brazil

Lagoas do Baixio, far from the disputed coast of Bahia. Photo: Maiana Belo/G1 BA

Aurora do Tocantins – Tocantins

To close the list of unusual destinations to visit in Brazil after the pandemic, we recommend a trip to Tocantins! With just over 3,000 inhabitants, the small town located in the southeast of the state is surprising for its beauty and bucolic atmosphere. Full of natural attractions, Aurora do Tocantins is home to the impressive Rio Azuis, considered the smallest in Brazil according to the Guinness Book of Records. With 147 meters in length, the watercourse becomes a giant in terms of beauty. With its incredibly crystalline waters in shades of turquoise, the place becomes a small oasis surrounded by native forest. 

Despite being an attraction aimed at those who love ecotourism, the Rio Azuis has calm and shallow waters, being a good choice for those traveling with children. The city of Aurora do Tocantins still offers other attractions, such as caves, waterfalls and even dunes. Reserve at least three days to explore the town and take the opportunity to be enchanted by the simple and captivating atmosphere of the place. Tip: because it is very close to the Veadeiros Plateau, it is worth combining the two attractions in the same itinerary. 

What to visit: Azuis River, Nilton Waterfall, Pequizeiro Beach, Douradas Municipal Bathhouse, Betim Slide, Sombra Waterfall, Recanto do Puçá Beach and Morro da Rainha.

What to do: Aurora do Tocantins

Aurora do Tocantins, 535 km from Palmas, hides little-explored beauties. Photo: Reproduction / Tourism Tocantins

Different trips to do in Brazil

Chapadões and natural landscapes around the small town. Photo: Tharson Lopes

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