Rich in biodiversity and natural attractions, the state is one of the best destinations for those who love ecotourism. Discover here which are the unmissable attractions in Mato Grosso

When searching for tourist destinations in Mato Grosso, you must have come across a multitude of tips for places and tours to do. But to make your life easier, we have prepared a list of 8 attractions that will make you fall in love with Mato Grosso.

So, in addition to having no difficulties in putting together an incredible itinerary and making your trip there even more special, you will want to come back more often to enjoy all that this Midwestern state has to offer.

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Discover what are the must-see attractions in Mato Grosso

Ready to discover the 8 attractions that will make you fall in love with Mato Grosso? Check out, below, which are the incredible places to visit in the state and you are already putting together your next travel itinerary.

blue Lagoon

Photo: Waldo Urquiza

The impressive Blue Lagoon, 25 km from Primavera do Leste, looks like it came out of a movie. But the truth is that this is a real paradise, which can be visited by everyone in Mato Grosso. It is located inside the Onça Pintada Farm and has increasingly attracted tourists from all over due to its surreal beauty.

The lagoon of blue and crystalline waters is perfect for the practice of diving, both professional and amateur. At about 10 meters deep, the lagoon is full of fish species, submerged caves, aquatic plants and spectacular rock formations. In its bottom of white sands, it is possible to see the bubbling springs.

The temperature of its waters is pleasant all year round – around 26 degrees -, which favors both diving and bathing in this incredible place. However, access to Lagoa Azul is paid and limited to 40 people per day, to preserve the area.

Serra Azul Waterfall

Serra Azul Mato Grosso

Photo: Chico Valdiner / Gcom/MT

Located within the Sesc Pantanal, in Rosário Oeste, Cachoeira Serra Azul is an imposing waterfall of 45 meters in height, which forms a beautiful pool of extremely blue waters. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mato Grosso.

Its blue water well is perfect for bathing and floating among the various fish that live there. With 30 meters in diameter, the natural pool is up to 6 meters deep.

To get to Serra Azul Waterfall, it is necessary to go through a trail, made only with the accompaniment of a guide. The place also has a zip line with 50 meters high and 700 meters of descent, which serves as a leisure option for those visiting the area.

Aroe Jari Cave

Cave Aroe Jari Mato Grosso

Photo: Celso Dorileo / Flickr

If you like adventure, it is worth visiting the Aroe Jari Cave, 46 km from Chapada dos Guimarães. It is a gigantic sandstone cave, 1.5 kilometers long, 10 meters high and 60 meters wide. And, in addition to its grandeur, it impresses with the beauty of its interior, full of rocks, cave paintings and some submerged sections.

One of the most famous spots in Aroe Jari Cave is the beautiful Blue Lagoon. Hidden at the end of the cave, the lagoon got its name due to its crystalline blue waters, illuminated by beams of sunlight that enter the place.

Although it is not allowed to dive in the Blue Lagoon, the visit is worth it only for the impressive view, which yields great photos. Located inside a property, both Aroe Jari Cave and Lagoa Azul can only be visited with the accompaniment of an accredited guide.

Dolina Miraculous Waters

Caceres Mato Grosso

Photo: Francisco Alves / GCom/MT

One of the most interesting and intriguing places to visit, Dolina Águas Milagrosas is one of the attractions that will make you fall in love with Mato Grosso. For starters, the beauty of the natural pool draws attention. Located at the entrance of a large cave, the sinkhole is 50 meters wide and has blue and green waters. 

The history of the place is surrounded by mysticism and mysteries. The name Dolina Águas Milagrosas was given because this was a place of healing for runaway slaves. According to historians, the miraculous waters served as a form of “baptism” into new life. Another theory claims that the fall of a meteor that hit the region formed the natural pool that, to this day, has no bottom. According to guides and local residents, divers have already reached 180 meters of depth without finding the bottom of the sinkhole.

Regardless of how it came about, Dolina Águas Milagrosas is a great option for a tour in Mato Grosso. To visit it, it is necessary to follow a 1.5 km trail that leaves from Fazenda Jacobina, in the countryside of Cáceres, and descend 154 steps that lead to the natural pool.

sad river

Rio Triste Mato Grosso

Photo: Bernardo Cassaro / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the city of Rosário Oeste, 86 km from Nobres, Rio Triste is the perfect place for those who enjoy diving and floating. The river has extremely crystalline waters, in shades of blue, and impresses with its beauty.

Floating on the Triste River is among the main excursions in Nobres and, during the descent of just over 1 km, it is possible to see several species of fish, aquatic plants and stones with unusual shapes – resulting from the action of the waters on the limestone.

To maintain the conservation of Rio Triste, the floating can only be done with the accompaniment of an accredited guide. It is not allowed to step on the bottom of the river, nor to use repellent and sunscreen. 

Enchanted Aquarium

Nobles Mato Grosso

Photo: Regina Alves / Wikimedia Commons

The Enchanted Aquarium is one of the attractions that will make you fall in love with Mato Grosso. It is a natural aquarium, where dozens of species of fish live - such as Dourados, Piraputangas and Piaus -, with extremely crystalline and blue waters, where it is possible to swim. 

Located in Recanto Ecológico Lagoa Azul, 12 km from Bom Jardim and 53 km from Nobres, the Aquário Encantado is very popular for snorkeling – surface diving and floating. And, despite being small, it is up to 6 meters deep.

The bluish color of its waters is due to the abundant minerals in this region of Mato Grosso and draws the attention of all who visit it. As it is in a reserved area, it can only be discovered after paying an entrance fee and the stay is limited to 30 minutes, with mandatory use of a life jacket and sneakers.

Turtle Waterfall

Mato Grosso

Photo: @julhosilva

Located on a private property in the municipality of Chapada dos Guimarães, Cachoeira da Tartaruga is an incredible place, tucked away in the middle of preserved forest and with little public access.

The beautiful waterfall forms a pool of crystalline and blue waters, perfect for refreshing baths. It is even a great option for those traveling with children, as the well is shallow.

The Tartaruga Waterfall is surrounded by rocks and lots of vegetation, on a farm 3.4 km from the city centre. To visit it, however, authorization from the owner is required, upon payment of a conservation fee.

Wedding Veil Waterfall

Chapada dos Guimaraes Mato Grosso

Photo: Shostakovis / Wikimedia Commons

postcard from Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park, the Véu de Noiva Waterfall is an imposing waterfall, 86 meters high, in the midst of sandstone walls. It is not possible to bathe in the natural pool formed at the base of the waterfall, but the view from this incredible place attracts many tourists.

To contemplate the beautiful waterfall, it is necessary to walk a self-guided trail of 550 meters from the park entrance. The route leads to a viewpoint in front of the waterfall, from where you can observe the waterfall, the large sandstone wall in the shape of a horseshoe and its surroundings.

So, did you want to visit any of these places? It is really worth checking out each of these attractions, I'm sure they will make you fall in love with Mato Grosso and want to come back there more often.

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