Cable camp it is one of those destinations that no matter how many expectations are created, there, in person, those shades of 'live' blue are real eye candy and difficult to describe. The city of Rio de Janeiro has beaches that resemble the Mediterranean sea, the intense blue oscillates between lighter and darker tones, but always varying within an impressive blue.

Anyone who has visited the trendy city of Região dos Lagos knows what we are talking about and knows that it is not an exaggeration. Cable camp is becoming more and more popular and because of its easy access, there can be overcrowding on weekends and long holidays, as in other major destinations. If you prefer something quieter, a good tip is to opt for trips on weekdays that tend to be more empty.

The destination with fabulous scenery, has become a favorite for travelers looking for an unforgettable dive in icy and absurdly crystalline waters.

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Praia Grande viewpoint

Arriving at the edge of Praia Grande – the largest beach in Arraial do Cabo, a narrow path on the left, after the residences, gives access to the ruins located right on the border of Praia Grande and Morro do Atalaia. Following the small trail, a privileged view shows the city from another angle forming a natural viewpoint best known by the locals, take the opportunity to enjoy the view while the sea paints the extensive landscape with the most varied shades of blue. It is worth enjoying this view both during the day, to understand the color variations of Arraial and during the sunset.

Photo: Carolina Maciel

Forno Beach

One of the postcards of Arraial do Cabo, Praia do Forno can be accessed by boat or walking along a small trail. Leaving the center of the village you will follow a path of 1.5 km. Halfway along the trail, a viewpoint overlooking the beach invites adventurers for a photo stop and contemplation. In addition to this access, tour agencies offer boat tours along the beaches of Arraial, which last about 4 hours. Praia do Forno is one of the stops for those who choose to complete this tour. Highly recommended!

Photo: André Costa

village and center

Bordering the sea, the shopping center does not hide the caiçara style, which despite its size, has a small village atmosphere. As you can see on the map below, the beaches are relatively close depending on where you stay. All accesses are quiet and easy to do even on foot. Close to the waterfront, several shops, tour agencies and diving operators are scattered throughout. There are also some small restaurants that offer dishes based on seafood, snack bars and bars for all audiences.

Photo: Publicity Arraial do Cabo City Hall

Pontal do Atalaia Beaches and View from the Hill

As well as Praia do Forno, Prainhas do Pontal are accessible by boat and by trail. With only one difference, at Prainhas do Pontal it is also possible to reach the beach entrance by car, before facing the 300-step wooden staircase that goes down through a good part of the hill. For those who walked from the center, in less than 40 minutes you arrive at the peak of Morro do Atalaia and follow the dirt road. In a few minutes, the most impressive viewpoints in Arraial begin to appear in the landscape. After the walk, there's nothing better than going down the stairs to the white sand beach and enjoying the turquoise waters. One of the trails that most pleases, but for those who want to know these points of Arraial do Cabo, there is no lack of willingness.

Photo: Gladstone Moraes

Farol Beach

Opposite Prainhas do Pontal, another paradise that resembles the beaches of the Caribbean is the famous Praia do Farol, with a less extensive strip of sand, only about 1 km long, all surrounded by white sand dunes and the blue sea. The only access to this beach is by boat, and it is only allowed with authorization from the Navy, so to get to know this beach, you can only close the tour with the agencies that leave on boats daily.

Praia do Farol was also elected for several consecutive years as one of the most beautiful in Brazil. The tonality of the water, the formation of the beach and the temperature were some of the items evaluated.

Photo: Mario Cabral

Boat ride

After getting to know Arraial do Cabo by land, another way to discover the beaches and landscapes of the city is through boat trips. The old fishing boats are traditional in Arraial and today they serve as a means of transport to take tourists to the most precious points of the destination. In addition to visiting the main beaches with stops for swimming, the boats also have guides who present some local curiosities.

Photo: Pousada Caminho do Sol

scuba diving

Arraial do Cabo is known as the Brazilian diving capital and it's not just for the perfect visibility of the crystal clear waters. A phenomenon known as resurgence is common in the Arraial Sea and it consists of the arrival of streams of icy water that come from the south through the ocean floor and surface to the surface. For this reason, a high concentration of nutrients attract different species of fish and seafood, consequently increasing the number of predators of these species and variety of marine life, making it one of the best diving destinations in Brazil.

Photo: Chaval Brasil

Vigia Trail in Praia Grande

This is the easiest trail in the region, the beginning of the path is made by the old beach of Praia Grande, on the right side of the coast. On the trail it is possible to observe the French Island up close. At the top, the visitor has a wide view of all Praia Grande and Lagoa Araruama.

Photo: via Flickr – Alana_rogerio

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