See an 8-day route traveling along the southern coast of the state and the charming cities located on the banks of the São Francisco River

Maceió it's the kind of destination that must be explored countless times in a lifetime. The considerably small state has numerous attractions spread over its nearly 28,000 square meters (which, by comparison, is the size of Haiti). Factor that helps the Alagoas capital, which is very well located by the way, to be a great base to know the countless beauties present in other areas of the region.

The destination is always remembered for the beautiful beaches, which intersperse the scenarios between coconut trees and immense multicolored cliffs. However, Alagoas has much more than beautiful beaches to offer. The eccentric destination is home to preserved colonial towns that played an important role in the country's history, as well as small treasures scattered across the iconic. São Francisco River. This is the case of the charming city of boulder, which offers wonderful baths in points along the São Francisco River, and the friendly town of piranhas, which, in addition to housing an architectural ensemble to fill your eyes, is the starting point for one of the most surprising scenarios in the northeastern hinterland: the Xingó Canyons.

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Check out this 8 days itinerary knowing the south coast of Alagoas and some cities of the emblematic São Francisco River:

Itinerary in Alagoas: Maceió – 4 days

Use the incredible city, which is among the most beautiful Northeastern capitals, to discover what the region has to offer. In addition to being able to enjoy the urban beaches, you can move to the nearest cities and enjoy other less crowded paradises.

Our hosting option was the Breeze Praia Hotel, which has a great structure and wonderful location, right in front of the Pajuçara beach. Start the day discovering the typical delicacies of the state, in the restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel. Cassava, couscous, tapioca, beef jerky and coalho cheese are part of the typical Alagoan breakfast. You can take advantage of this time to contemplate the panoramic view of the waterfront, which the space offers.

Reserve the day to take the quick tour to the natural pools in Pajuçara. The boats leave from the beach that bears the same name, and are offered in a part of the sand strip where numerous rafts are concentrated. After cooling off and taking many selfies with the colorful fish, you can walk along the shore towards the north, where the Farol de Ponta Verde. This part of the beach is where some of the most interesting gastronomic options on the shore are gathered. At night, be sure to check out souvenirs and typical products from the state at the Pajuçara Handicraft Fair.

itinerary in the south of alagoas

Pajuçara Beach, in Maceió. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Start exploring the south coast of Alagoas through the fascinating historic city of Marechal Deodoro. The destination was the first capital of the state, and it is just 30 km away from Maceió. Praia do Francês is the most coveted attraction in Marechal Deodoro. The tip is to arrive early and enjoy the attraction during low tide, when the coral wall submerges, protecting a part of the coast, forming a huge pool of calm waters. Kayak trips, stand up paddle rentals and a catamaran tour among the corals in the region are some of the activities that can be carried out on site.

From there, head to the Gastronomic Pole of Massagueira, a place that offers a large number of restaurants by the river. Take the afternoon to discover the historic buildings and monuments in the city center, among the highlights are the Museum of Sacred Art, attached to the beautiful Convent of São Francisco, and the Church of Santa Maria Madalena.

Catamaran tour through the calm waters of Praia do Frances. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Historic Center of Marechal Deodoro. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Set aside the third day to relax on the beaches of Barra de São Miguel. You can start the day enjoying the clear waters of Praia do Niquim and take a walk to the natural pools that appear when the tide is low. This tour is offered by the association of jangadeiros of the municipality, located right in front of the beach. On the way back you can relax and try some typical dishes and snacks at the Praero Beach Club, a super cozy and rustic bar restaurant. The space offers a swimming pool, showers, gazebos, sofas, beanbags, umbrellas and sun loungers with panoramic views of the beach.

It's time to get to know one of the main postcards of the state. Praia do Gunga is very close to Barra de São Miguel, in the municipality of Roteiro. The huge peninsula of sand dotted with coconut trees, divides the Atlantic Ocean from Lagoa do Roteiro, forming a paradisiacal landscape, which can be seen from above, at the viewpoint at the entrance of the attraction. Be sure to check out the beauties of the multicolored cliffs located further south of the beach. They can be accessed on a fun buggy ride with an estimated duration of 2 hrs.

itinerary in the south of alagoas

Natural pool of Barra de São Miguel. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Cliffs of Praia do Gunga Beach. Photo: Gustavo Albano

on the last day in Maceió, get away from the itinerary on the south coast of Alagoas and discover the peaceful Praia de Sonho Verde. It is in the first municipality of the north coast of the state in the municipality of Paripueira. The city is only 37 km from the center of Maceió and was once the main tourist resort in the state, thanks to the charm of the paradisiacal coast, full of natural pools formed by the coral barrier that follows much of the coast of Alagoas.


If you have the availability to extend one more day in Maceió, be sure to visit another point that is still little known among tourists who travel along the southern coast of the state. The municipality of Jequiá da Praia is located 68 km from the capital, and is home to 6 beautiful beaches: Lagoa Azeda, Duas Barras, Barra de Jequiá, Lagoa de Jequiá and Jacarecica do Sul.

Itinerary in Alagoas: Penedo – 2 days

After enjoying the wonderful beaches of the south coast of Alagoas in the first days of the trip, it's time to travel through the rich history and culture of the state and discover an important part of the tourist itinerary San Francisco roads. This little piece of destiny is home to charming colonial cities, cangaço stories and fresh water baths that will rejuvenate you.

Founded in the 16th century, on the banks of the São Francisco River, the city of boulder it is filled with imposing churches, museums and memorable natural settings. The city's cobbled streets lead to a beautiful walk through the preserved historic center of Penedo. Start the tour at Nossa Senhora da Corrente Church and the Paço Imperial Museum, house that received Dom Pedro II during his visit to the state, both located in front of the São Francisco River.

Other highlights of the destination are: the Convento de São Francisco, the Church of Santa Maria dos Anjos, the 7 de Setembro Theater and the house of the Timaia santeiro, very famous in the region for keeping alive the century-old tradition of producing wooden sculptures. End the day watching the sunset at Mirante da Rocheira, a place that offers one of the most beautiful views of Penedo.

Penedo Center. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Our Lady of the Current Church. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Leave the second day exclusively to enjoy the blessed waters of the São Francisco River. A great option to make the most of this point is to pay a visit to the neighboring city of Piaçabuçu, the closest point to take the tours that leave towards mouth of the São Francisco River.

The most classic tours leave by boat daily from the city pier. Our tip is to know the exclusive work offered by the agency Foz Lighthouse Ecotourism. They are the only agency offering this unique tour.

The tour is done in an adapted buggy and makes 3 incredible stops. The first is in the Golden Dunes of Piaçabuçu. At this point you can perform the famous Esquibunda, where tourists use a board to slide down the dunes that reach up to 30 meters high! The second point is a quick visit to a quilombola community that lives in the region, before arriving at a refreshing part of the river suitable for bathing. The tour lasts approximately 4 hours and the return is made in traditional fishing boats that sail through Velho Chico.

itinerary in the south of alagoas

Little church of the quilombola community in the Golden Dunes of Piaçabuçu. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Mouth of the São Francisco River. Photo: Gustavo Albano


There are other great beaches for swimming very close to Penedo, if you have a little more time, be sure to check out the wonderful view of Praia do Pontal do Peba.

Itinerary in Alagoas: Piranhas - 2 days

Known as the jewel of the São Francisco River, the captivating piranhas is in the middle of Alagoas cangaço. The municipality was built between two mountains that today serve as viewpoints to admire the beauties of the city bathed by the green waters of the emblematic river. The city is so perfect that it looks like a model from above. Its narrow, cobbled streets are home to charming, colorful and well-preserved buildings, taking tourists on a true journey back in time.

The city is known for being the place where the head of Lampião and his gang were exposed, shortly after the group's decapitation during an ambush at Grota do Angico. THE Cangaço Eco Park is a club on the banks of the São Francisco River, which has a great restaurant with buffet and à la carte options, in the midst of nature. The space also has bungalows in front of the São Francisco River and leisure options for the whole family: toboggan, climbing walls, slackline and a trail that leads to the famous spot where Lampião and Maria Bonito were found. The tour to Grota do Angico is carried out with guides, who, during the journey, explain important facts and curiosities about the history of the cangaceiro dressed in character. You can access Cangaço Eco Parque with your own vehicle or by boats that leave from the small pier in Piranhas.

itinerary in the south of alagoas

piranhas. Photo: Marinelson Almeida

Cangaço Eco Park. Photo: Gustavo Albano

To close the trip on a high note, go to the Xingó Canyons. The vessels leave the Restaurant Karrancas, which also offer helicopter tours throughout the region and private speedboats where you can explore some beaches scattered along the banks of the São Francisco River.

After 20 minutes of sailing, the first rocky walls in orange tones begin to appear. The tour has a stop for swimming in the river in a fenced area with nets at the bottom to delimit the depth, as the canyon has areas up to 150 m deep. At this point tourists can also choose to navigate the narrowest part of the canyons in small canoes.

itinerary in the south of alagoas

Canoe trip between the Xingó Canyons. Photo: Gustavo Albano

itinerary in the south of alagoas

Valley of the Masters. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Tip: If you are taking private tours with the restaurant's speedboats, be sure to visit the Vale dos Mestres, an arm of the river between the canyons that houses a delicious sandbar, perfect for peaceful bathing. Very close to Piranhas, it is also possible to visit the village of Entremontes, a peaceful village of artisans at the foot of the São Francisco River who produce lace manually in a still preserved tradition.

This trip was carried out with the support of the company destination Alagoas. A tourism agency that develops exclusive tours of the main attractions in Alagoas, with the support of accredited guides and options for private or group tours.

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