Unmissable places to visit in Minas Gerais: Minas Gerais cities reveal history, nature and a special charm that you need to discover

Minas Gerais It is one of the most charming states in the world. Brazil. The land that exudes friendliness and lots of warm cheese bread reserves perfect regions for those who appreciate a preserved historical heritage, ecotourism, exuberant landscapes and bucolic atmospheres to rest. He doubts?

Check out 8 must-see places to visit in Minas Gerais:

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Must-see places in Minas Gerais

Must-see places in Minas Gerais: Carrancas. Photo: Paulo Zacca/ Meet Minas

frowns it is known as the land of waterfalls and in fact offers a huge range of waterfalls. There are more than 60 natural attractions mapped for visitation between mountains, caves, wells and waterfalls.

A little over 260 km from the capital of Minas Gerais, the city offers adventure, but also a lot of peace and quiet for those who do not enjoy a good dose of adrenaline. postcard of the city, the Smoke Waterfall is part of a complex that also includes visits to Bride's Veil Waterfall and Lucian.

already the Esmeralda Waterfall It has a greenish color and a refreshing swimming pool with lots of nature in the surroundings. In other words, a true paradise formed by several natural pools.


Photo: Ministry of Tourism

City that combines beautiful natural landscapes with a lot of history, diamond preserves much of its legacy as one of Brazil's main historic cities.

Among the main attractions is the Glory House, a beautiful suspended walkway that joins two large mansions. There are also open to visitors to Juscelino's house, where the illustrious JK and House of Chica da Silva, who lived in the city with his family.

Then, the unmissable tour with several natural attractions and very close to the city, the Biribiri National Park brings together waterfalls that are easily accessible to the visitor. There, there are two beautiful waterfalls accessed by very quiet trails, the Sentinel Waterfall and the Crystal Waterfall.

Continuing along the road, at the end of the tour, is the unmissable Biribiri, a completely uninhabited “ghost village” that houses the buildings of an old fabric factory that used to work there.

Serra da Canasta

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

THE Serra da Canastra National Park It is approximately 400 km from Belo Horizonte. The place is certainly a paradise for those who enjoy adventure tourism, and is full of beautiful natural landscapes.

There are ten waterfalls open to visitors, the Cascata d'Anta the one with the easiest access. It is also there that the source of the São Francisco River. very close to Serra da Canasta it is Capitol, base city for those who want to visit the Furnas Lake, known as “Sea of Mines”.

And on Serra da Canasta where the farms that produce the most awarded cheeses in the Brazil, do not miss the opportunity to taste this regional delight.


Photo: Lique Gávio/ Wikimedia Commons

the village of Conceição de Ibitipoca is the gateway to one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the country, the Ibitipoca National Park, which is located about 300 km from Belo Horizonte.

Full of natural beauties, the preserved space has signposted trails that lead to beautiful landscapes, such as the famous window of heaven, a rapid that follows a canyon falling into a 20-meter drop wall.

The trail is pulled, but there are also other paths that do not require as much effort, such as the Peon Peak, a little beach, a Travelers' Grotto it's the lake of mirrors.

Serra do Cipo

What to know in Minas Gerais

What to know in Minas Gerais: Serra do Cipó. Photo: Rodrigo Argenton/ Wikimedia Commons

Just 100 km from Belo Horizonte They are Serra do Cipo National Park, a huge space with a lot of preserved nature and with several trails traced for visitation that can be covered on foot or by bicycle.

The gateway to the reserve is the district Serra do Cipo, which belongs to the town of Santana do Riacho. THE Congonhas Waterfall, 20 meters high, is famous for the rappel practiced in its fall.

Also know the Flags Canyon, with several wells surrounded by stones.


Cities to visit in Minas Gerais

Cities to visit in Minas Gerais: Tiradentes. Photo: Rejane Sarmento/ Wikimedia Commons

One of the best preserved historic cities in the Brazil, straps it's just a call. With a cozy and romantic atmosphere, it is perfect for a Historic center and enjoy the good gastronomy of the place.

THE Church of Saint Anthony reserves the beauties of Brazilian baroque art. already the Casa Padre Toledo Museum allows you to delve deeper into the history of the inconfidente that bears the name of the city. Don't miss the tour Maria Smoke to the next town, São João del Rei.


Photo: Gabrielrvallim/ Wikimedia Commons

the municipality of Ayuruoca, in the south of the state, it is a true paradise for those who enjoy ecotourism. To give you an idea, there are more than 80 waterfalls, in addition to several peaks, mountains, valleys, woods and a charming view.

At bottom waterfalls, God forbid and of the fairies are perfect for cooling off. Accessing them, via trails, there are beautiful landscapes, surrounded by exuberant nature. The destination is also perfect for those who want to rest, as the peaceful atmosphere next to the charming inns are a real treat for peace.

São Thomé das Letras

Cities to visit in Minas Gerais

Cities to visit in Minas Gerais: São Tomé das Letras. Photo: Willian Ricardo de Oliveira Silva/ Wikimedia Commons

Famous for its mystical atmosphere, Sao Tome das Letras involves many mysteries and legends that are part of the city's attractions. known as the City of Stones, has only 7,000 inhabitants and an esoteric and unpretentious climate, but which also keeps a lot of nature and natural beauties.

Sao Tome has several waterfalls with wells perfect for bathing, such as the eubiosis, that of Flávio, the da Moon, a VI'm Bride and Vale of Butterflies. The famous Married Pyramid it is a stone construction on top of the mountain, at 1450 meters high, which offers a privileged view of the region.

Black gold

Places to visit in Minas Gerais

Places to visit in Minas Gerais: Ouro Preto. Photo: Gigi Peis / SHutterstock

A great open-air museum, Black gold was part of the gold path in Royal Road, that's why it holds true architectural treasures and almost endless attractions along its streets and slopes.

Among the most expressive places are the beautiful churches that exhibit works of art from the baroque period of Minas Gerais, such as the Church of Our Lady of Pilar, a Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and Church of Santa Efigênia dos Homens Pretos.

Black gold also keeps museums that rescue important memories of our country, such as the Museum of Inconfidence it's the Aleijadinho Museum. There are also old gold mines open to visitors, such as the Chico Rei Mine.

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