Going to Morocco? Check out our restaurant tips in Morocco for those looking to taste the best typical dishes of the country

for many the gastronomy It's one of the best ways to truly experience a different culture. Known worldwide for its spices and cooking exotic and creative, the Morocco It is literally a full plate for travelers who want to try the flavors and ingredients typical of the destination they are visiting.

THE moroccan cuisine It is a combination of influences, the result of an ancient interaction between the Mediterranean, Africa, the Iberian Peninsula and Arab culture. Certainly, spices in this part of the continent are used in abundance and the flavors are truly unlike anything you've ever tasted.

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Without a doubt, every meal in the Morocco they are true feasts that present different flavors. It is easy to see that the country loves to eat well and the table is always full and can be found in different Moroccan hotels and restaurants. The destination offers great restaurant options cozy, good and cheap, regardless of the chosen destination. So, to help you who are looking for a tasty trip, check out this unmissable list of restaurants in morocco.

Kenzi Tower Restaurant – Casablanca


Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

The restaurant is among top 10 of Casablanca and is part of the ultra modern complex of the Kenzi Tower Hotel, a luxury accommodation option located in the commercial center of Casablanca. Flights departing from Brazil via Royal Air Maroc arrive in Casablanca. In other words, this is a well-deserved stop for those who disembark from a flight lasting about 9 hours.

With well-prepared dishes, the Kenzi Tower Restaurant It is located on the 27th floor of the building and features the main flavors of Moroccan cuisine. It offers dishes based on lamb and seafood finely prepared with African spices. Whoever chooses the restaurant is sure to have the incredible experience of eating in a pleasant atmosphere, with one of the most impressive panoramic views in all of Casablanca. Want to eat well? Order the tasting menu and get a closer look at the wide variety of Moroccan cuisine.

Address: 27 Etage, Kenzi Tower Hotel, Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni, Casablanca 20100, Morocco
Telephone: +212 5229-78000

Ricks Café – Casablanca


Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

Ricks Café is one of the most famous restaurants in Casablanca. The themed space is inspired by one of the scenarios from the movie Casablanca, a 1942 American classic directed by filmmaker Michael Curtiz.

In addition, the space has four fireplaces and a private restaurant overlooking the city's coastline. THE Rick's Café offers an unforgettable experience, with an international menu specializing in dishes prepared with seafood and some cuts of meat.

Address: 248 Boulevard Sour Jdid, Casablanca 20250, Morocco
Telephone: +212 5222-74207

Palais Zahia – Tangier


Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

Located within the medina of Tangier, Palais Zahia is one of the most charming accommodation options in this area of the city. That is, in addition to the structure and equipped rooms, the hotel has its own restaurant that creates reinterpretations of the country's typical dishes.

Finally, try the delicious moroccan harira, considered the country's national meat and vegetable soup. Another highlight of the house is the surprisingly famous Moroccan couscous and tagine with vegetables. You will surely have a blast!

Address: 76 Rue de la Marine, Tangier, Morocco
Telephone: +212 5399-34000

Riad Blanco – Tetouan 


Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

The restaurant has pleasant spaces and a great location close to the city's medina and the royal palace. In addition, the menu has options of exquisite salads, typical dishes and delicious desserts.

To those who want to discover the exotic flavors of Moroccan cuisine, our suggestion is the appetizing tagine of beef with plums. For those who prefer more contemporary dishes, the fish pastille (a type of stuffed puff pastry), can be a great option. 

The restaurant is located inside a charming hotel which, after all, can also be an excellent choice for lodging in the city of tetouan.

Address: 25 Rue Zawiya Kadiria, Tetouan, Morocco
Telephone: +212 5397-04202

Dardara – Chefchaouen 


Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

The Dardara restaurant is attached to the Alberge Dardara hotel, 20 minutes from the center of chefchaouen, being above all a great place to rest after walking through the blue streets and alleys of the “Blue Pearl”, as the destination is known. 

Located in the rural area of chefchaouen, the restaurant is mostly decorated with rustic pieces. It has a pleasant atmosphere overlooking the mountains that surround the region. The menu consists of delicious options for starters, organic salads grown in the nearby land and typical dishes of the country. In this way, with emphasis on the tagine of rabbit, roasted goat and the grilled chicken accompanied by couscous, roasted potatoes and vegetables. 

Address: 2 N2, Derdara, Morocco
Telephone: +212 661-150503

Riad Maison Bleue Restaurant – Fez 


Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

First of all, the restaurant is located in a charming, traditional Moroccan hotel close to the medina of Fez and is open to the public.

The restaurant offers famous dishes made with Ras el Hanout – a selection of the best Moroccan spices on the market, such as mrouzia, tagine or r'fissa. In fact, if you want to try all the delicious dishes that Fez has to offer, this is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in morocco.

Address: 33 Derb El Miter Talaa Kebira, Fes 30000, Morocco
Telephone: +212 5357-41839

El Bahia Restaurant, Riad El Amine – Fes

Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

Another option that enters our list of moroccan restaurants is El Bahia, located inside Riad El Amine, in Fes. After all, the house has dishes with various colors, flavors and aromas that will make your mouth water. Tajines, pastillas, lamb, poultry and fish are some of the options available on the menu.

Address: 94-96 Bouajjara, Derb Bab Jdid, Fes 30000, Morocco
Telephone: +212 5357-40749

Azzera, Four Season – Marrakech

Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

THE Four Season Marrakech It is undoubtedly a great option for accommodation in the most touristy city in Morocco. It certainly offers three wonderful restaurants with dishes that mix delicious Moroccan cuisine with Turkish and Lebanese cuisine.

Finally, the azzera it has a comfortable space and its menu is quite varied from grilled meats and fresh seafood, to the famous pistachio ice cream.

Address: Avenue de la Menara, Marrakesh, Morocco
Telephone: +212 5243-59200

L'Oriental, Michlifen Resort – Ifrane

Best restaurants in Morocco. Photo: Disclosure

THE L'Oriental is a restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine with Moroccan cuisine influences. In this sense, it is situated within the luxurious Michlifen Resort, in Ifrane.

With an Arab-Andalusian atmosphere, the restaurant has a luxurious atmosphere, in order to invite customers on a delicious gastronomic journey through the flavors of the country. To accompany the chef's cuisine, L'Oriental has an excellent selection of renowned wines, which can be tasted mainly with seafood and marinated meat dishes, with delicious combinations of salty and sweet fragrances.

Address: Ave Hassan II, Ifran 53000, Morocco
Telephone: +212 5358-64000

* This trip was made at the invitation of the Official Delegation of Tourism of Morocco together with the GTA – Global Travel Assistance who ceded the travel insurance to the columnist for Better Travel Guide.

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