Fortaleza is close to many nearby towns and fishing villages with magnificent scenery formed by beautiful beaches and stunning dune fields.

The city of Strength it is among the northeastern capitals that receive the most tourists, and when you research a little about the destination, you can understand why. The capital is right in the middle of the coast of the state, making the destination a great base to visit other stations spread along the coast.

Canoa Quebrada, Cumbuco and Jericoacoara are some of the most coveted attractions in the state, but there are many other options to make a round trip from Fortaleza.

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Check out some tourist cities near Fortaleza:

broken Canoe

cities near Fortaleza

Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Vilarejo belongs to the municipality of Aracati and is just 166 km away from the capital of Ceará. broken Canoe It has a cool and rustic atmosphere, has a wide range of nightlife options, and is surrounded by fascinating natural settings.


Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

With a peaceful and rustic atmosphere, the small village of Mundaú It is located next to a peninsula in front of the meeting of the Mundaú River with the sea. The beach is a few kilometers long and has several natural pools on the sand strip and in the reefs inside the sea. In the late afternoon, tourists and locals climb the dunes behind the village to watch the sunset.


cities near Fortaleza

photo: Evaldoheber / Wikimedia Commons

Surrounded by coconut trees that meet a huge reddish dune that meets the sea, the Lagoinha beach it was “discovered” by European tourists and today it offers bars and restaurants with great structure and diversified menus. Praia de Lagoinha is located in the municipality of Paracuru, 124 km from Fortaleza.


Photo: Claudia Regina / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

In the extreme west of the state, the small village of Jericoacoara It is one of the most visited destinations in the state. The fame comes from the beautiful surroundings that surround the small oasis and the super busy night. Jericoacoara has sandy streets and has a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for recharging your energies. Be sure to check out the incredible coloring of Lagoa do Paraíso, stop by Pedra furada and spend a late afternoon at Duna do Por do Sol.


cities near Fortaleza

Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Another wonder you can visit on the west side of the coast, the Flecheiras beach, is famous for its natural pools that appear during low tide. The beach is located in a small village that bears the same name, in the municipality of Trairi, 145 km from Fortaleza.


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Icaraizinho is the newest tourist destination being worked on in the state of Ceará. The beach is in the municipality of Icaraí de Amontada and has natural landscapes that are still well preserved, without the presence of large buildings or structures. Despite being small, the village already has a very good infrastructure to receive tourists, with charming inns by the sea and great restaurants with rustic environments.


cities near Fortaleza

Cities close to Fortaleza. Photo: Maria Leda / Wikimedia Commons

Point of kitesurfers, the municipality of Cumbuco is a destination that almost all tourists who pass through Fortaleza usually visit. The city has an incredible hotel structure by the tide, and offers unforgettable buggy rides over the dunes and great bathing in lagoons and beaches scattered throughout the region.


Photo: Clediney Boeira / Wikimedia Commons

The main attraction of the municipality are the cliffs of Praia de Morro Branco. The cliffs of this beach come in 12 different colors and it is possible to walk between the multicolored walls. Those who stay in the city for more than one night can also check out the beauties of the meeting of the Choró River with the sea, and buy some souvenirs at the charming handicraft center, located in the city center.


cities near Fortaleza

Photo: Disclosure Beach Park

Aquiraz is the closest tourist town to Fortaleza. fate shelters the largest water park complex in South America and receives a large number of families, who find its resorts and beaches the perfect place to de-stress and enjoy their free time.

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