It's easy to find amazing places to visit in Chile, as the country offers a great diversity in terms of geography.

THE Chile it is one of the most amazing countries in the world. Despite being small and narrow, it is quite long. Which means there's a lot what to know over there. In the south, Patagonia. In the north, the Atacama Desert. And along its length we find beaches, ski resorts, volcanoes, geysers and many incredible cities that do not remind us of the capital Santiago.

Therefore, finding excellent places to visit in the Chile turns out to be a relatively easy task. The hard part is choosing where to visit among these various options. So we will help you with this choice by presenting eight cities and regions of this wonderful Andean country.

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Atacama Desert

Surreal! This is the best adjective to define the Atacama Desert, located in the northern region of the Chile. It is the highest and arid desert in the world. And its diversity in terms of attractions are enormous. Wherever we go, we have volcanoes as a backdrop. And every local town we pass, a different landscape to contemplate.

Among the mandatory tours in Atacama we can highlight:

Valle de la Luna -> The park is located at an altitude of about 2,600m, with a relative humidity of around 7%. The site was declared a nature sanctuary in 1982, being carved by strange geological formations. The mixture of rocks and lots of sand, which form beautiful dunes, makes the landscape change all the time;

Geysers del Tatio -> This geothermal field of volcanic origin is considered the 3rd largest in the world, at an altitude of 4,300m. The geysers are at their peak at dawn, when waters boiling at around 85 degrees collide with sub-zero temperatures, forming a cloud of smoke across the countryside. In addition to many of them having a strong boiling, spouting boiling water to the top;

Lagunas Altiplanicas -> The Miscanti and Miñique lagoons are known as Lagunas Altiplanicas. They are at an altitude of about 4,200m in the middle of the Andes and surrounded by the volcanoes with the same names. The junction of the blue water lagoons, the volcanoes with the snowy peaks and the characteristic blue sky of the Atacama create a scenery worthy of painting. There we still find many wild animals, such as the vicuña;

Astronomical Tour -> The Atacama sky is considered one of the best on the planet to be observed at night. There are more than 300 nights of clear skies a year, in addition to being at an altitude of 2,400m. It is possible to visualize with the naked eye the most varied stars and constellations, clusters of galaxies, planets, nebulae, satellites and other celestial curiosities.

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The charming Pucón is located in the south of Chile and is considered by many to be the best inland city to visit. Pucón is famous for adventure sports and ecotourism. And also by the traditional and active Villarica volcano. In winter, it is possible to ski on the slopes of the snow-covered volcano. While in summer, climbing Villarica and getting as close to the summit as possible is, without a doubt, the most sought after tour by tourists.

Another traditional tour in the town is a visit to the Geometric Baths, which are 80km from the city. Due to the existing volcanoes in the area, it is possible to find parks with thermal waters throughout the region, with temperatures ranging between 32 and 45 degrees.

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Puerto Varas

Undoubtedly, Puerto Varas is one of those sensational places to visit in Chile. The city is located in the region of Los Lagos, in the south of the country. Puerto Varas is known for its low temperatures, with averages ranging from 7°C in winter to 14°C in summer.

Among his most popular tours are Lake Llanquihue, the third largest natural lake in South America, and an area visit to Osorno and Cabulco volcanoes. As it was founded by German settlers, its buildings followed the standards of this European country. Which makes the architecture of Puerto Varas another great tourist attraction for its visitors.

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Easter Island

Easter Island is considered one of the places most mysterious on the planet. Located in the Pacific Ocean, 3,700km off the west coast of Chile and 3,780 km from Santiago, the place has a small population of around 4 thousand inhabitants. Easter is a triangular-shaped volcanic island and is the most isolated piece of land in the world, on the edge of Eastern Polynesia.

In addition to its volcanoes and blue sea, the place really draws attention due to the existence of the famous moais. Moai are statues carved from volcanic stone that can reach 10 meters in height and weigh up to 80 tons. They were built around 1500 AD to 1200 AD No one is quite sure how these statues were made. What is known is that tradition says that these moai walked.

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Cajon del Maipo and Embalse el Yeso

Not so popular with tourism yet, but simply one of the most beautiful places to visit in Chile, Cajón del Maipo is a canyon in the middle of the Andes. Throughout Cajón we find breathtaking landscapes, extremely narrow roads bordered by cliffs and many options for extreme sports, such as trekking, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, among others.

Inside the Cajón hides a rare beauty called Embalse el Yeso. The Embalse is a dam of turquoise water at an altitude of 2,500m, surrounded by the snowy mountain range. After the Embalse ends, a desert immensity begins, where motocross is practiced by Chileans. It is possible to find landscapes similar to those that exist in the Atacama Desert.

There are excursions on this tour that departs from Santiago, as the place is located on the outskirts of the Chilean capital. These tours usually continue to almost 3,000m altitude through the Andes, where we find very high mountains, very close to the border with Argentina.

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Chilean ski resorts

The ski resorts could not be left out among the places to visit in chile. After all, the most sought after are in the vicinity of Santiago.

The most visited of them is Valle Nevado, which has become the favorite station of Brazilians for a few years now. The place is just 46km away from the capital. With an altitude of 3,000m at the base of the station, and 5,430m at the highest top, Valle Nevado is known for having excellent quality snow. The place also has a resort for those who wish to stay in what is the largest center for snow sports in South America.

A little below, at an altitude of 2,340m and 36km away from Santiago, is Farellones. It is a town that has a park that bears the same name. In winter, the park becomes the favorite ski center for Santiago residents. The location is cheaper than Valle Nevado and allows amateurs to enjoy snow sports more peacefully. In addition to being a beautiful place to photograph.

El Colorado and La Parva are the other two ski resorts in the region and are close to Farellones. El Colorado is suitable for those who are new to snow sports. While La Parva is a very expensive village, it has a connection to the slopes of Valle Nevado.

150km away from Santiago, on the way to Mendoza, Argentina, is Portillo. The place once hosted a world ski championship. Portillo usually receives tourists who have more time to travel through the Chile and who wish to follow the route to the Argentine capital of wine.

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The Chilean capital has become one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians in recent years, taking some of Buenos Aires, Argentina out of the spotlight. With affordable airfare prices, and the unmistakable beauty of the Andes Mountains that embrace the city, Santiago has a lot to offer in terms of tourism.

Its center is surrounded by historic buildings, including the Palacio de la Moneda, the seat of the local government. And throughout the city, its numerous museums and parks make Santiago the perfect place for those who are thirsty for culture and quiet and romantic walks. Everywhere it is common to see the majesty of the Cordillera. And for those who want to see it from above, Cerros Santa Lucía and San Cristóbal are mandatory places to do so.

The Bellavista and Providencia neighborhoods set the tone for the Santiago nightlife. While the rich Chilean gastronomy and its restaurants spread through the Italia district. In fact, Providencia is a place full of tours to be carried out, with the Costanera Center at its highest point, the tallest building in Latin America, at 300 meters high. And it is in this building that we find the Costanera Mall, the largest mall in South America. And, at its top, the Sky Costanera, the largest viewpoint in Latin America.

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Arica is famous for being remembered as the first or the last city in the Chile, being a few steps from Peru, in the northern region of the country. It has a coastal desert climate. The Pacific Ocean there has warmer waters. Unlike the central zone, where the coastal cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar offer cold waters. It hardly rains in Arica. Which facilitates the practice of sports such as hiking, trekking, mountainbike, paragliding, recreational diving, surfing and windsurfing.

Its biggest tourist attractions are its casinos and more than 20km of beaches. Strolling through the town, we will discover its historic buildings, such as the Cathedral of San Marcos. In addition to the old Government Palace and the old train station that connects Arica to La Paz, Bolivia, also functioning as a museum. The Morro de Arica, which offers a panoramic view of the entire city, is its postcard.

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Torres del Paine

Located at the southern end of Chile in an untouched spot on the planet, Parque Torres del Paine brings together some of the most impressive scenery in Patagonia.

The destination is highly sought after by tourists with adventurous profiles and ecotourism sympathizers, as it is possible to undertake trekking, climbing, kayaking, hiking, animal observation and visits to glaciers. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1978, the park has an area of approximately 227,000 hectares. Its main attraction is the Paine Mountain Range.

places to visit in chile

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And you, know of others places sensational to meet in Chile? Enjoy and share with us your experiences about this wonderful South American country.

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