Waterfalls are always great for renewing energy, getting in touch with nature and relaxing. We can say that Brazil is privileged for having countless waterfalls of different sizes and shapes, from north to south of the country countless waterfalls stand out with their peculiar characteristics. In this article we separate the ones that stand out the most, they are waterfalls with water so crystal clear that they give us the impression of being in a huge natural pool.

Discover the most crystalline waterfalls in Brazil:

Urucá Waterfall, Uiramutã – RR

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Santa Barbara Waterfall, Cavalcante – GO


Formiga Waterfall, Mateiros – TO


Blue Lagoon Waterfall, Capitólio – MG

blue Lagoon

Serra Azul Waterfall, Nobres – MT


Boca da Onça Waterfall, Bodoquena – MS


Poço Azul, Riachão – MA


Paraiso Waterfall, Cubatao – SP

Loquinhas Waterfall, Alto Paraíso – GO


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Photos: Kelson da Luz, Tom Alves, Fomtur, Gustavo Taouil, William Miranda Andrade, Henrique Nascimento.

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