when we are in our place, everything is easier. We have so much information stored in our memory to guide us that sometimes we don't even pay attention to the way. We work kind of on automatic: we leave the house and suddenly we arrive at the destination.

Now, what to do when it's necessary drive in unknown cities? There's even a phrase that says "You have to get lost to find yourself.” This can even work in poetry, but when we need to reach the destination in a place we don't know, the best thing is to take the shortest way and take less time.

Therefore, in today's article, we are going to see some tips on how to drive in places you don't know.

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#01 Applications

This one is obvious, but I couldn't be left out for that. In the past, it was a lot of work to get around without knowing the streets, the returns, where to go… Now, all you have to do is inform the origin, the destination, choose the route and follow the movement on the map or follow the directions via audio. Good apps for that are Google Maps or Waze. For those who are going to rent a car, the Hertz, offers a GPS navigator service so you never get lost.

#02 Signaling

In an ideal world, a driver should be able to get from one point to another only with the help of signs, in the best style. subway signs. So, whenever you want to find the direction of travel, pay attention to the indications. They are usually reliable and, even if they don't let you at the door, will make getting to your destination easier.

#03 Intersections or Landmarks

Each city has its own way of giving directions. Where the urban layout is regular, like a chessboard, you can guide yourself by counting intersections and knowing where to turn or where to go straight. On the other hand, when the mesh is irregular and sinuous, it is more difficult to maintain the sense of orientation. In these cases, be guided by points of reference such as commercial establishments, squares, monuments, among others.

#04 Cardinal Points

There are times when you need give a scout and know where is north, south, east and so on. If you have a compass, fantastic; but since most likely no one is that prepared, you can use the sun as a reference, for example. At night, of course, it gets harder. But if there are visible mountains, broadcast antennas, or other landmarks that you've memorized during the day, you can get your bearings.

#05 Ask

They say who has mouth goes to Rome. When all else fails, ask. Brazilians are, in general, a very helpful people who love to give information. When you feel like you're lost or off the beaten path, look for a safe place and ask locals how to get to your destination. Want to be sure? Ask more people. Somewhere there is always someone willing to help.

We hope that reading our article will help you to have a ace up the sleeve when driving in unfamiliar cities. One way or another, everyone ends up finding their way: here, the phrase is valid in practical life and in poetry. Good luck with your journey and have a nice trip!

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