Find out about frequently asked questions about air luggage and better organize your trip

It is common that when travel by plane some doubts start to appear, such as weight limits, luggage size, materials that can be transported and many other questions.

Other questions that may arise are related to problems with flight cancellations and delays, lost luggage and overbooking. But to resolve this situation and seek compensation, there are companies that can help you, doing the entire digital process, such as I didn't fly, for example.

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Now to clear all your doubts when boarding, check out this mini guide with the most frequent questions about airplane luggage and learn to organize yourself better.

Checked airline baggage

First, checked bags are the larger bags that travel separately in the overhead compartment of the plane. Therefore, you must deliver your bag at the time you are checking in and collect it upon arrival at your destination. When dispatching your bag, the airline delivers a receipt that must be kept for checking at the airport or in case your bag does not arrive at its destination. Upon arriving at the airport, passengers head towards the arrivals hall, where their flight mats are located to wait for their belongings.

weights and dimensions

This information will be available on the website of the company you purchased the ticket from. But, if you can't find it, you can call the company and ask your questions about SAC services.

Firstly, on domestic flights the weight depends on the airline and the type of fare you purchased. Promotional segments generally do not include dispatch service and must be purchased separately from the website or check-in desk. The tip is to buy the service at the time of purchase of the stretch, since the service is a little more expensive, if purchased at the time of travel.

On the other hand, on international flights most companies allow you to check up to two bags at no additional cost. Few companies offer fares that do not include any checked baggage. TAP Portugal is one of them. Therefore, in order not to have a surprise at the time of the trip, it is always good to consult the company before going to the airport.

what is not allowed

Sporting materials, instruments and other items. On domestic flights, for example, they can be dispatched as long as they do not exceed the limit of 23 kg. However, each company has its own rules. Check yours before arriving at the airport!


In Brazil, food is allowed, but it must be shipped in packages that avoid leakage, opening and bad smell. In the case of flights to Europe, it is prohibited to transport products of animal origin. And finally, on flights to the United States, it is forbidden to bring fresh and easily perishable food.


There is a fee for bringing pets. In addition, you must present a health certificate for the animal and most airlines do not allow you to take them in the passenger cabin.


On domestic flights it is possible to transport plants as hand luggage or check in. But, in some cases, it is necessary to have the documents to be able to embark with the plant.

On international flights, the plants must be dispatched and it is necessary to consult the Ministry of Agriculture to verify the current legislation and the necessary documents.


Avoid shipping jewelry, cash and electronics. But if shipping is required, ask for a form to declare your goods.

What is prohibited?

Explosive materials, toxic products, flammable solids or liquids, in addition to weapons (fire, hunting or toys).

Weights and dimensions for hand luggage

In addition to checked bags, each passenger is entitled to carry a carry-on bag, purse or backpack during the flight. A tip is to ask the airline to measure and weigh your hand luggage during check-in, to avoid future inconveniences that may occur when boarding.

National Flights

Passengers who are flying in national territory can take a maximum of 10 kg of hand luggage. Also, its dimensions must be 40 x 25 x 55 cm (length + width + height). That's because it must fit under the plane's seats or compartments above the seats. Many countries allow a higher weight limit, reaching up to 18 kilos in business class, depending on the destination.

What if my carry-on is too large?

The airline may require you to check baggage. That's why you'll have to face the check-in line in advance so you don't miss your flight.

What if I have something restricted?

When checking your carry-on bag on the x-ray before the departure area, the airport employee will ask you to remove the item from your bag in order to travel.

Liquids on international travel

You can only carry a limited amount of liquids, creams and aerosol cans in your carry-on baggage. It is prohibited for the container of each of them to exceed 100 ml. Items must be placed in a clear, sealed plastic bag. In addition, the total volume cannot exceed 2 liters.

free shop

Perfumes, beverages and any other liquid purchased at the Free Shop must be kept in sealed bags and have the purchase receipt shown.

lost luggage

Hand luggage is the passenger's responsibility.


If you cannot find your luggage when you arrive at your destination, notify the airline while still in the Arrivals area. If located, the luggage will be sent to the address provided by the passenger. If it is not found within 30 days (domestic flights) or 21 days (international flights), the company must indemnify the passenger.

damaged luggage

Notify the airline while still in the arrivals area. You can also report any damage in writing and file with the company within seven days.


If someone takes your luggage or something is missing, notify the airline while still in the Arrivals area and file a police report. The company is responsible for the luggage from the moment it is checked in until it is returned to the passenger.

Excess baggage

Avoid buying tickets abroad separately

If you issue segments of your trip outside Brazil, you may be in for a very unpleasant surprise: the weight limit may be different from the 32 kg allowed on tickets purchased in Brazil. For example, if you traveled to England and from there you bought a ticket to Italy, the baggage allowance for that trip could drop to 20 kg.

Alternatives to not paying excess baggage

On internal sections of a trip abroad, you can use an airport locker to store part of your luggage. Then, on the way back, just pick up your belongings.

Low cost airlines in Europe and North America

Most of these companies offer lower baggage allowances, with weight limits that can go as low as 15 kg.

What happens if there is too much

You usually pay a fee for being overweight. But, nevertheless, the airline can compel the passenger to get rid of part of the luggage. It is also worth remembering that the fee can be very high, in some cases, exceeding the value of the air ticket.

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