Airbnb and dating app Bumble have teamed up to offer online dating. Understand: 

In times of a pandemic, going out on a date with someone is an unfeasible program. However, thinking of providing romantic moments without the need for real contact, the booking platform Airbnb and the dating app Bumble teamed up to offer long-distance romantic experiences via the internet.

Airbnb has been operating for some time with Online Experiences, where it is possible carry out various activities around the world without the need to leave the house. You can now perform these activities together with a person you've met on Bumble.

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airbnb virtual dating quarantine

It's an innovative and fun way to have a first date in a different place – albeit in the digital universe. Among the options offered it is possible, for example, to take the “contatinho” to a wine class in Portugal or enjoy a secret jazz in Amsterdam. Other experiences include discovering the rhythms of Puerto Rico, making Italian pasta, and even tarot reading.

Experiences will be offered directly in the dating app. To access the platform and learn about the possibilities of online meetings, Click here.

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